Dragonglass, a blockchain gaming company founded in 2017, has announced that it will close the Initial Coin Offering (ICO) on March 11th this year. The Dragonglass team said, "we are standing at the point when we have everything we need to make the next big step," alluding that the ICO has served its purpose.

A Brief History Of Dragonglass

Dragonglass claim to be the first company ever to build the world's first blockchain game for Android and iOS mobile devices. Immediately after the company's founding in November of 2017, the team started working on their first game, Dragonglass Miner. The game was built with casual gamers in mind, for the purposes of mass-market adoption.

You can see an interview we conducted with the Dragonglass CEO below:

After the game launched, the team worked together with the Dragonglass community and ensured that Dragonglass Miner is optimized, polished and ready for millions of users. During that 1-year period, the team worked on game manuals, UI and UX, and many other elements.

The Dragonglass ICO

To attract investors, gamers, developers, and designers, Dragonglass initialized the Dragonglass Token Sale, offering them a DGS token. Alternatively, they could earn the tokens while playing Dragonglass Miner. This encouraged many gamers to join the game and profit from not just their initial investment, but also from their game time.

Furthermore, the DGS token will play a critical role in the Dragonglass Ecosystem; a single token for the entire ecosystem. A DGS token holder will, therefore, be able to interact with the Dragonglass Platform and Dragonglass Hub, and also play the upcoming Dragonglass games.

Taking The Next Step

The Dragonglass team said that the ICO helped them learn a lot about blockchain games. More importantly, during the ICO, the team was able to collect data and solve problems posed by its community, thus ensuring that the game and other services run smoothly. And now that the game works well, and the platform has a big enough community to sustain itself, Dragonglass is deciding to close the ICO on March 11.

Dragonglass is currently developing their second game

The Dragonglass team is reminding all investors to join the family while they can, and help them bring blockchain and its benefits to millions of users. While doing so, investors can play Dragonglass Miner, interact with the community, join the Hub and develop games and assets.

The team also reminded all gamers and investors that they'd soon release their second game, Dragonfeed. The game is conceptually original and progressive, and will undoubtedly appeal to players who enjoy multiplayer co-op games. You can read the article we wrote about Dragonfeed and learn more about it.