Ever since the Cutieneers heard the news of Blockchain Cuties and TRON Arcade merger, they’ve been trying very hard to breed the very first TRON tribute cutie. Well, 2 days ago, 2 weeks after the TRON Arcade integration, Cutieneer by the name Papa produced Umka, the very first and extremely rare TRON tribute cutie.

Umka The Tribute Cutie

Tribute Cuties are unique cuties inspired by pop culture. According to the devs, there are roughly 30 tribute cuties in the game which players can breed. The problem is, there are no guidelines or formulas by which these cuties can be produced, meaning that the players have to figure this out by themselves.

Umka is cute, lucky and extremely rare!

Yesterday, Blockchain Cuties unveiled that Papa (Blockchain Cuties player) managed to breed Umka. Umka is a polar bear from an old Soviet cartoon. Aside from being adorable, Umka is also very friendly, its superpower being the ability to make friendships with people worldwide.

Plot Twist!

One would assume that a polar bear would have polar-bear-like parents, but that wasn't the case with Umka. Consequently, Umka doesn't feature a PolarBear attribute, which was introduced to the game roughly 4 months ago.

Instead, Umka boasts Ursa, Umka and Teethed attributes. Of these 3 attributes, Umka attribute is the most potent one (Golden attribute), bringing 5% increase in experience (EXP) and drop chance (loot gain probability), among other things.

Umka parents don’t have PolarBear attributes 

Knowing that it’s difficult to produce tribute cuties, the Blockchain Cuties development team asked its community a simple question: “Cutieneers, do you think Umka can be easily replicated?”

On Blockchain Cuties And TRON Arcade Integration

Thanks to the partnership between Blockchain Cuties and TRON, Blockchain Cuties became the first DApp to run on 3 blockchains: Ethereum, EOS and finally, TRON. This is a historic achievement not just for Blockchain Cuties, but the DGaming industry as a whole.TRON Arcade is calling upon all interested parties to join their platform and together work on improving the DGaming industry. They believe that TRON Arcade will play a critical role in this, which is why they're offering their unrestrictive support to all interested parties.