Over the past couple of months, EOSBet has been making changes to their product to help them achieve the mass-market adoption. They recently made changes to their platform, and in this latest move, they’re concentrating on their branding.

What Are The Reasons Behind The Change?

EOSBet is one of the largest betting DApps on the market. Its early adoption went better than expected, allowing EOSBet to grow its community, as well as to improve its product and on-platform services even further. However, EOSBet encountered the same problems as many other growing companies have in the past; they failed to reach mainstream users.

The problem wasn't the product, nor the services EOSBet is offering on its platform. Instead, it was the brand quality. As EOSBet Design Team said, "A great product wins the early adopters, but the great brand wins the mainstream." In other words, no matter how good the product is, it needs to be appealing to reach the mainstream.

The evolution of the EOSBet logo

A Series Of Changes

This isn't the first time EOSBet ass changing its branding, which you can see from the image above. Version 1.0 of the logo dates back to May 2018 and was designed by an unnamed freelancer. Since then, EOSBet has been polishing its website, UI and gaming experience.

Roughly 2 weeks ago, we wrote an article on EOSBet new account system. The new account system, aside from being more intuitive and polished, is also more decentralized. Furthermore, it doesn't require CPU, RAM or NET staking from the users. All of these changes will undoubtedly help EOSBet on their way to reaching mass-adoption.

Pushing The Boundaries

EOSBet is always looking for new ways to improve their platform and products. This blockchain betting giant has an active community, with which they have a transparent and open dialogue.

The new EOSBet logo

The new logo is unconventional, in the sense that it doesn't follow the traditional path of many other casinos. It's more dynamic, which better reflects the EOSBet products and service. And if we may add, the new logo better reflects the DGaming industry as a whole, for the industry itself is changing and proliferating.

The team also said that having a consistent and professional brand is an integral component of any business, without which business won't be able to reach the mainstream. They’ve also hinted the idea of changing the name of the platform, but for now, they wish to keep it as it is. Having said all this, we can expect new and exciting ideas from the EOSBet development team and its community!