Territory, a turn-based strategy game is yet another game to join TRON Arcade. Though the game features simple gameplay mechanics, it demands a lot of strategy and planning from the players, encouraging them to think ahead and outsmart their opponents.

The Rules Of The Game

Territory is a player versus player game (PVP) turn-based strategy game with a simple rule: get as many domain badges in a row as possible. Players can arrange badges horizontally, vertically or diagonally. Think of tic-tac-toe but 4 in a row!

The beauty of Territory lies in its simplicity

When a player arranges 4 badges in a row, he/she receives a point. Naturally, the player that earns the most points wins the game. To play the game, a player has to either host the game or join the game that other players already hosted (i.e. Accept the challenge).

Hosting And Accepting A Challenge

To host a game, you have to go to Territory and click "Host Challenge." There, you can select a dragon, which acts as your avatar. Once you select your dragon, you should decide how much fullness will be deducted from the 2 participating dragons. Minimum fullness is 10 (anything above 10 will subtract 1 prestige point from the host). When you're ready, just click the Host button and complete the transaction.

Alternatively, you can go to Territory and select Accept Challenge option. By doing so, you'll see the list of all the games that are currently being hosted. You'll also see the potential reward you can win if you beat your opponent. Note that you can only play the game vs. dragons of a different domain/element. For instance, if your dragon is a fire dragon, you can only play a game vs. earth, air or water dragons.

Playing The Game

The player that hosts the game has a 66.66% of having the first move. Each player has 2 moves per turn, meaning that you can put 2 badges on the map when it's your turn. Because the game runs entirely on the blockchain, each move counts as a transaction, meaning that players have to confirm each move they make via DApp browser.

Beat your opponent to earn Gold coins and XP points

To get a point, you have to arrange 4 badges in a row. If you manage to arrange 5 or 6 badges in a row, you'll receive additional points. When players fill the map/board, the game is over. Players also have the option to surrender if they wish to do so.

Furthermore, players have 3 minutes to make their move. If the timer runs out, the waiting player can claim win according to the rules of the game. Alternatively, a player can also choose to wait for their opponent. And most importantly, the player that wins the game receives XP and gold coins. If it's a draw, the prize pot is shared equally between the 2 players.