Nestables released its first pre-alpha gameplay trailer, and it looks great! In it, we can see core gameplay features, including the generation of Cubes, resource gathering, researching, relaxing, and resting. Read below to see what we've extracted from the trailer.

Generating Cubes

You can't play nestables without your Cubes. So, when you first join the game the #1 thing on your agenda will be the Cube generation. If you watch the trailer you'll see that each generated Cube is unique.

Take a look at Nestables’ first pre-alpha gameplay trailer

Cubes have a base color, with a randomized pattern applied on top of it. Aside from the color patterns, Cubes also have unique eye colors and shapes, as well as uniquely shaped ears and head decorations. All of these things make Cubes unique. Keep in mind that this is a pre-alpha trailer and that the Nestables team will continue to add more options regarding Cubes' customization later down the road.

Researching & Resource Gathering

In the second section of the trailer, you can see Cubes gathering resources. They’re chopping wood, jumping into the mines to collect stones, and reading books to obtain new knowledge and skills.

Aside from animations, the Nestables team also demonstrated an intuitive UI which shows details about specific actions. For example, the UI tells you how long will it take for your Cube to gather wood, or how many resources your Nest currently has. In the video, you can also see Cubes researching new things.

Cubes collecting resources

Researching will, like resource gathering, significantly impact your in-game progression. For example, telling your Cube to study woodworking will improve its ability to collect wood. Researching will also allow you to specialize your Cubes in a way that fits you the best.

Resting & Playing

In the pre-alpha trailer, you can see Cubes playing with a ball and taking a bath. Happy and well-rested Cubes are productive Cubes, which is why you need to ensure that your Cubes get enough rest if you want them to be efficient at their tasks.

Don't forget that your Cubes don't have to play with the ball all by themselves! Nestables is also a social game, where your Cubes can join forces in work and rest. So, if you have a ball and at least two Cubes, they can enjoy their playtime together.

Cubes having fun in their Nest

Though brief and first of its kind, the Nestables pre-alpha trailer gave as an excellent presentation of how Nestables will look like in the future. Moreover, the Nestables team said that they're already working on their next video in which they'll go into more details regarding specific in-game features, such as gathering resources and Cubes' happiness.

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