Ether Kingdoms is preparing for mass adoption. The game, which has been around for just over a year now, gained a lot of traction within the DGaming industry. Now it seeks to go mainstream and capture the hearts of non-crypto gamers. How will it do that?

Preparing For Ether Kingdoms 2

The way Ether Kingdoms is set today is appealing to crypto gamers. It counts 300 daily active users (DAU) and roughly 3000 monthly daily users (MAU). The numbers are excellent for a crypto game but not when we compare it to regular, non-crypto games.

Old (on the left) and new (on the right) graphics

To attract a mainstream audience, the Ether Kingdoms team will expand upon the existing game mechanics and features and deliver Ether Kingdoms 2. The team is already working on the solutions that will appeal to regular gamers. These are:

  • Better graphics
  • More game modes, such as MOBA and card battlers
  • Playable mobile version
  • Free-to-play (F2P) game module
  • Stable viral mechanics
  • More liquidity for in-game achievements, items, and cards

New Tokenomics and Mining Limits

From the start, the Ether Kingdoms mining pool was set at 9 million tokens; now there are only 1.8 million left. If the players continue to mine at this rate, all the tokens will be mined within 8 months. To prevent this from happening, the team decided to reduce the rate at which players can mine tokens by 5 times. Why?

Well, the team wants to ensure that Ether Kingdoms 2 is out by the time all tokens are out of the circulation. They will also leverage token-buyback programs to ensure a stable in-game economy.

The good news is that you can now mine more tokens by sending up to 250,000 Imps to the mines with just one MetaMask account. You can also upgrade the mines by 5 levels, with each upgrade costing you 0.1 ETH, with level 5 mines giving you the ability to mine ET Artifacts.

A sneak peek into new in-game footage

Why Is This Important?

So, the mining speed is lower, and the limits are higher. Why? These decisions will buy the EK team enough time to develop and release Ether Kingdoms 2.

This new version will, they hope, transcend common elements that are attractive to crypto players, such as mining and tokenization. But mainstream players need more than that. They require better graphics, interesting game modes, friendly UI and an immersive gaming experience.

Without these factors, crypto games will struggle to reach the mainstream. The EK team knows that, which is why they're already working on a new and more attractive version of the game. And judging by their success thus far, we're sure that the team will achieve its goals on time.

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