Though not over yet, it's fair to say that this week was one of the most successful ones for the Crypt-Oink team. Crypt-Oink did not only release their brand new Crypt-Oink iOS and Android DApp but have also sold their Diamond Cryptons, each for 100 ETH!

The Story of Crypton Diamonds

Many of you probably don't know that GoodLuck3, the founder of Crypt-Oink’s parent company, also happens to be a jeweler. Eight days ago, GoodLuck3 offered 3 real and shiny jewels to top 3 participants of the Crypt-Oink Diamond Cup. But the story didn't end there…

Is it a diamond? A Crypton? It’s a Diamond Crypton!

Building upon their diamond event, the Crypto-Oink team created 2 one-time, limited-edition Diamond Cryptons. And yesterday, we heard the news that each Diamond Crypton sold for 100 ETH. Moreover, the owners of these precious Cryptons will also be able to participate in the above mentioned Diamond Cup, together with other participants who purchased a Precious Stone Crypton of the limited Jewelry Collection.

About the iOS and Android Launch

Thanks to their partnership with tokenPocket, Crypt-Oink was able to successfully launch the iOS and Android Crypto-Oink App. To celebrate this major achievement, Crypt-Oink will award the first 2000 players that download the apps with 0.01 ETH.

Be aware that it's not enough to just download the App; you also have to backup your account. You can find the account backup instructions in this Crypt-Oink blog post. And if all this wasn't generous enough, Crypt-Oink launched an additional ETH giveaway campaign:

  1. When you successfully login to your Crypt-Oink account, you'll automatically enter a 0.1 ETH lottery. This campaign will end on April 25th, at 15:00 UTC.
  2. Additionally, if you retweet the Crypt-Oink App release campaign, you'll also enter a lottery to win 0.5 ETH.

One Giant Step for Crypton Kind

Having sold 2 of their Diamond Cryptons for 200 ETH, Crypt-Oink quickly became the number 1 ETH DGame by volume at DappRadar. Crypt-Oink also became #3 DApp in 7-Day overall volume across top 3 blockchains (Ethereum, TRON, and EOS).

#1 by volume in ETH

Keeping in mind everything that has been said in this article, it's fair to say that Crypt-Oink is on the right path. This is also the perfect time for new players to try the game, and potentially earn free ETH! So head on over to our DGaming store to start building and racing your band of Cryptons for both fun and profit.