It is now three weeks since we launched the MVP for The DGaming Store. We were blown away by the reaction to our product and grateful for all of the valuable feedback we’ve received. As promised, we are working hard on the development of the product, with lots of changes planned for over the coming months.

We will publish regular development updates to keep you up to date with all changes following each sprint.

What’s new?

Below, you will find the things we have been working on over the past few weeks.

1.  Horizontal slider for mobile resolutions in featured apps.

2.  Split daily players and monthly activity in the table in the game list.

3.  For mobile, when the filter is set, the button turns bright turquoise so you can visualize that you're viewing the games that go by the selected filter.

4.  We have changed the Play game button for testing to ensure the best experience, on mobile only. When the scroll takes place, you’ll see it at the bottom, and it's now clearer.

5.  To optimize the performance we have hidden the animation of game selection and the screenshot animation (while game is selected in the games list).

6.  We have spotted and fixed the horizontal scroll in the game card that appeared in some browser versions.

Final words

All changes have been deployed and are live. As already mentioned, we value all feedback, so please direct any feedback you have to

If you’re a developer and you haven’t already done so, if you would like to add your game to the store, you can do so by entering your details into this typeform.

And if you’re a player, what are you waiting for? Discover your new favourite DGame in our store! You can also join us in our Discord and Telegram communities, and get updates from our social media channels, which are linked below.