We have been blown away by the feedback we’ve received from the community about The DGaming Store. We are working hard to implement changes, fix bugs and widen the collection of games listed in the store.

Here you’ll find the changes we made in our latest update.

What’s new?

  1. New links added for game pages to so that game title is clearly displayed in URL

2.  Listed 9 new games that were submitted by developers to the typeform.
-  0x Universe
-  Cheese Wizards
-  CryptantCrab
-  Hedgie
-  Crypto Constellations
-  MXRT Tribes of War
-  Token Warriors
-  Nifty Football
-  CryptoServal

 3. Reworked the statistics graphs.

Bugs Fixed

  1. Certain games would show a 404 error when navigating to the game page.
  2. One game was showing statistical data from an incorrect time period.
  3. Optimized the horizontal scroll, resolution and screen size for different devices.

Other Tasks Completed

  1. Refreshed the API call back on the main page for the addition of new games.
  2. Initial server setup.
  3. Updated the game data.
  4. Enhancements to the statistics server.
  5. Updated the readme.
  6. Integration test for the backend release.

All changes have been deployed and are live. As already mentioned, we value all feedback, so please direct any feedback you have to info@dgaming.com.

If you’re a developer and you haven’t already done so, if you would like to add your game to the store, you can do so by entering your details into this typeform.

And if you’re a player, what are you waiting for? Discover your new favourite DGame in our store! You can also join us in our Discord and Telegram communities, and get updates from our social media channels, which are linked below.

The next product journal will be published on June 12th, so stay tuned for further updates.