The DGaming team jetted across Europe to attend the Crypto Games Conference in the beautiful city of Minsk, Belarus, last week.

There were over 600 attendees, with 100 games showcased and 65 speakers. Over 25 different countries were represented. That is quite the turnout!

Attendees were there to participate in 4 main areas of discussion:

1) Crypto Games

Leading developers gave demonstrations of their games to help the spread of ideas and spark innovation in the industry. Talks also took place in the Yellow Hall where business and marketing tactics and strategies were discussed.

2) Crypto Game Services

The Green Hall in the conference held speakers who discussed the specific use cases of blockchain and cryptocurrency in their services and speculated on the impact this has on the global gaming industry.

3) Gaming

The Green Hall also featured influential speakers, including senior gaming and casino execs, who discussed their experience with integrating cryptocurrencies, and how they approached creating new services in the real-money gaming industry. They explored the issues surrounding regulation, as well the provision of SaaS solutions.

4) Crypto Funds and Platforms

Key crypto funds were in attendance to meet with the teams behind high-potential projects. Projects had the possibility to pitch their ideas and discuss them during private meetings.

The main focus for the DGaming team was to interview influential people from the industry. We were keen to learn more about some of the most exciting projects that promise to revolutionise gaming. Also, we wanted to gauge the industry mood and see what the future holds for DGaming.

We are delighted that our mission was well received, and we’re pleased to say that we conducted some excellent interviews with some of the brightest minds in the industry. These will be posted the second our video wizards edit the footage.

Overall, the conference was a huge success. It was organised extremely well, held in a fantastic location, and the speakers shared some highly valuable information. Oh, and the party was pretty good, too!

The thing that was most evident, was the passion shown by the attendees towards the DGaming industry. While there are some notable challenges on the horizon, it was clear that people are very excited about the direction in which the DGaming industry is headed.

So rest assured, the future of DGaming is in the hands of some super talented and hard working people. They are striving to harness the power of blockchain technology to create something special and dramatically improve the experience for both gamers and gamblers.