Launched in 2017, Decentraland is still one of the most ambitious DGaming projects. The vision of its founders is to create an immersive decentralized platform owned and created by its users. The platform aims to become a virtual alternative to the real world, where users can live a complete life: go to a casino, watch a live music show or even attend a workshop. Check the video below to get a better understanding of Decentraland’s vision.

Land ownership mechanism is a crucial part for the project and the team at Decentraland has made quite a bit of progress in this realm. In August of this year, the first version of LAND Estates was released. It allowed users to group multiple parcels together and transfer them from one address to another. In the latest release, Decentralized Marketplace 2.0 was revealed to the public. The new update adds the ability to buy and sell LAND Estates, which is essential in creating a virtual world. This is a massive step forward for Decentraland, stay tuned for more updates.