A few days ago, Venrock, Samsung, and Alphabet invested $15 million into the Dapper Labs (the CryptoKitties developers). The team has no intention of wasting or saving that money. With it, they'll fuel their ambition of bringing the blockchain's benefits to the mainstream.

What Are These Benefits?

Decentralization is the primary benefit of the blockchain. Dapper Labs believes that individuals will benefit from the decentralization more than businesses. With the help of smart contracts, they’ll have an undeniable proof that what they own is theirs and theirs only!

The CryptoKitties is a perfect example of the mentioned benefits. In it, users own their assets. That’s not a thing in the traditional gaming industry. Just last year, 2.3 billion users wasted $80 billion on digital assets they don't even own. That's not the case with blockchain powered CryptoKitties.

Players own and control their assets. They can trade them, buy and sell at any time (to anyone). There's no mediator taking percentages on each trade, and there're no trade restrictions. Players control the market and therefore determine the value of each item.

Why Are CryptoKitties So Important?

CryptoKitties go beyond the gaming. By playing the game, users are having fun, investing, but also learning about the blockchain. To someone that would like to learn more about the blockchain (but avoid technicality and jargon), CryptoKitties came like a blessing!

Everything regarding CryptoKitties is stored on the blockchain. This inspires security and safety, but also allows third-party users to participate in game development. And because everything is pre-programmed (rules, mechanics, breeding system), there's no room for error. In short, every change made to the game is an upgrade and unique addition to the game!

It is therefore no surprise that CryptoKitties has one of the most active communities. Designers from around the globe are making unique assets, breeding kitties, developing scenarios, and so forth. And most importantly, everyone retains asset ownership!

Plans With The Investment Money

Thus far, Dabber Labs gathered roughly $28 million in the investment money. Some of that money will circle back to the game itself. The team plans to expand the CryptoKitties world, invest in their existing community, and make their game more user-friendly. Specifically, they want to make it more attractive to the outsiders.

Furthermore, they want to bring more players to their game. For that, they'll need tools that will work on the blockchain. Again, the game's community (consisting of game developers, system developers, and designers) will play a huge role in this.

And lastly, Dapper Labs plans to attract big names from the entertainment industry to the blockchain. They hope that their communities will recognize all the benefits the blockchain can offer them and hopefully join the movement.