Today we're going to take a look into the Blockchain Cuties Universe (BCU) roadmap. We'll talk about mercenaries, PvP chests, raid system, in-game news system, and much more. Also, in this article, you can find more info about BCU's latest custom cutie!

About the Mercenary System

Mercenaries are certainly one of the most anticipating features to arrive in BCU. When they arrive, Cutieneers will be able to hire them should they need help in their adventures.

Here's a brief recap of how the mercenaries will work:

  • Cutie mercenaries will be level 10, meaning that you'll be able to send them to the most challenging adventures.
  • Being lvl 10, mercenaries will have the ability to go to any BCU adventure.
  • You'll be able to hire regular and elite mercenaries, all according to your budget. They won't be cheap; that we can guarantee.
  • Mercenaries will be hireable with CUTE coins.

Looks like a cutie that can carry out any tasks, doesn’t it?

An Updated PvP Chests System

Before we say anything about the new system, we should point out that it is already in power. In essence, the new system allows players to receive rarer items when opening their hardly earned chest and loot boxes.

With the previous system, Cutieneers were practically unable to receive the rarest items, which are incidentally the most valuable ones. The BCU team listened to their community, redesigned the system, and implemented in on April 24th. You can read more about it in this article.

On Other In-Development Features

The BCU team also plan to add a new raid system to the game. The new system will feature an improved user interface (UI), new rules, stronger bosses, but also better rewards.

Furthermore, the devs plan on adding an in-game news system, which will allow players to find the latest news while playing the game. And last but not least, Gen 0 cuties are said to receive a boost. Specifically, all Gen 0 cuties will receive a special skill, which you'll be able to transfer on a cutie of your choice.

Baba Yaga is Here!

The latest addition to the BCU custom cutie collection is John Wick, aka Baba Yaga. John Wick is a representative of the Bear race and is seen with a silenced pistol in his right and his boxer dog in his left hand. Interestingly, Baba Yaga is the first cutie in the game to be carrying a firearm!

Baba Yaga is a Cutie of focus, commitment, sheer will...

If you're into crypto collectibles, we encourage you to join BCU via our DGaming store. It's a very cool game with a highly creative community and backed by devs that do listen to them! And of course, there are many ways by which you can make a profit in BCU.