Today, Cubego decided to unveil their updated roadmap. The announced changes will impact player assets, the in-game market, and lab. The development team also announced that they are planning to add 3 game modes to their game.

On Player Assets & The Market

In Cubego, players acquire Cubegoes (in-game building blocks) and Cubegons (in game characters made of Cubegoes). The value of these assets is backed by a token, which can be traded on the Ethereum network.

The game is currently in the presale stage, allowing users to acquire 12 types of Cubegoes, some more valuable than others (and some extra valuable). When players have enough Cubegoes, they can use the in-game Build tool and create 4 types of Cubegons.

The value of their Cubegons will be affected by various things, the most contributing factor being the underlying value of the Cubegons' Cubegoes. Players will also be able to trade both Cubegoes and Cubegons on the market.

Limited Cubegoes And Game Modes

The Cubego development team announced that Limited Cubegoes will be available for purchase only during the pre-sale. This means that once the sale ends, they will no longer be purchasable at the store. The team also announced that they plan on releasing 3 new game modes in the upcoming months. The modes are:

  1. Arena Mode & Rank Battles (PvP) - Players will fight 1v1 in Cubegon arena. Winners earn points, and with them, they can unlock other arenas and progress to the top.
  2. Dungeon System (PvE) - Players will also be able to fight their environment, raid dungeons, combat bosses, and so forth.
  3. Clan War System (PvP) - Players will be able to join forces with their friends and form clans. Moreover, they'll be able to share resources with their teammates. Cubego team also announced that clan wars will always be followed by rewarding in-game events.

Changes Made To the Lab

The Lab is a virtual in-game space where players can upgrade their Cubegons by equipping them with better items. Players will also be able to train their Cubegons and teach them new moves and skills.

The lab implementation will be an excellent addition to the game because it will take all modes to another level. Players are encouraged to choose materials for their Cubegons with care and strategy.

They are also encouraged to Think outside of the cube when creating a Cubegon. This means that the players should try to create unique Cubegons, the kind of Cubegon that everyone else will want to have; and then, it will be precious.