Cubego, a LEGO-inspired blockchain game, officially launched on November 25th. It calls upon soon-to-be creators to join the pre-sale, acquire resources and build unique 3D characters.

What Is Cubego?

Cubego is a blockchain game with elements of creativity and turn-based combat. The game allows users to buy or collect Cubegoes (in-game building resources) and build Cubegons (unique 3D characters).

The game emphasizes creativity and calls users to "think outside of the cube." Cubego doesn't impose strict rules on the gamers (creators) because it allows them to create any type of character they want, using tools and resources that are at their disposal.

How Does The Game Work?

Cubego has 2 primary elements:

  • Collecting resources. Users can obtain resources via the presale. In future, users will be able to buy these resources or earn them by playing the game.
  • Creating characters. Once the users gather materials, they may build their Cubegons. Users will use the in-game building tool, and will also be able to sell or buy Cubegons on an open market.

On The Game's Specific

Cubego's building tool is simple, allowing everyone to create Cubegons easily. But, despite its simplicity, the tool holds limitless potential. Every character is special and is owned entirely by its creator. Furthermore, players can choose skills and abilities for their Cubegons, which is what makes Cubego so unique.

Each Cubegon is made of Cubegoes. On the surface, Cubegoes are 3D building blocks, but beneath that surface, they are ERC20 tokens. Not all Cubegoes hold the same value. Players can obtain 5 types of Cubegoes: Basic, Common, Rare, Epic and Legendary.

Naturally, Cubegons made of more scarce Cubegoes will be more powerful and valuable. However, the value is also determined by the character's looks and abilities. Each Cubegon is an ERC-721 token. Both Cubegoes (materials) and Cubegons (characters) are tradable on the marketplace.

What Happens When You Create Your Cubegons?

When Cubeon is created, it's time for combat! Players will fight each other in the arena, earn experience, improve their Cubegons and collect rewards. The combat system will be turned-based Players versus Player (PvP).EMONT Alliance (Cubeon development team) also announced that it'd soon add more advanced ranged combat system to their game. Furthermore, they plan to introduce clan wars to make the game more exciting. The team also plans to implement VR and AR technology into their game. EMONT Alliance believes that these technologies will provide their users with unforgettable experience because they'll allow users to create their Cubegons in an entirely new way.