The first is the KittyVerse, a place where CryptoKitties can progress, breed, grow and interact. In it, players can shop for KittyHats, make a Kotowars card deck, or play Papa's Memory Game with cards made of their CryptoKitties. The second is the newly added Make an Offer feature, where players can now bid on Kitties and expand their CryptoKitty collection with ease.

What Is The KittyVerse?

CryptoKitties are digital cats, with unique genes, looks, and stats. Each CryptoKitty is a Non-Fungible Token (NFT) residing on the blockchain, which means that they can also be bought and sold on the market.

Since CryptoKitties (the game) holds an NFT licence, it can join forces with other games, as long as those games are cryptographically optimised to support CryptoKitties. Developers can use the game’s public Application Programming Interface (API) and expand upon the existing CryptoKitties.

Many Developers are Already Doing It

CryptoKitties development team said that there are more than 50 KittyVerse games in development. For now, users can take their kitties in these 3 games:

  • KittyHats offers in-game accessories for kitties. Users have to download the KittyHats extension and navigate through its website, where they can try and purchase accessories for their CryptoKitties.
  • Kotowars is a collectable card game. Users can build decks of their CryptoKitties (each card will represent your kitty, and will, therefore, be unique). For now, players can compete with each other or play versus the computer (offline mode is still in Beta).
  • Papa's Memory Game allows users to play a memory game with cards made of their kitties. Users are encouraged to play the game with more than 1 kitty (playing with only one kitty card won’t really sharpen your memory)!

Introducing The Make an Offer Feature

In the past, players could obtain a CryptoKitty only if it was up for sale. Now, thanks to the newly added Make an Offer function, players can bid on the kitty they like! If the offer isn't accepted or declined, it will expire in 3 days.

The owner that receives the offer can see top bids only. Furthermore, players will be notified if someone outbids them, allowing them to up or withdraw their offer (this is to ensure a fair bidding process).

Furthermore, those that make an offer will have to pay a 9% fee of the entire offer value. Here's how the process works (depending on whether the offer is accepted):

  • If the owner approves an offer, you (the bidder) have to pay a 9% fee. If you decide to cancel your offer, you won't pay for the kitty but will still pay a 9% fee.
  • If another player outbids you, or if your offer expires, you'll have to pay 0.008 ETH.
  • If the owner declines your offer, all of your funds are refunded.

All the payments are paid up front, meaning that the accumulated funds (fees, rates and offers) will be distributed depending on the offer outcome.