The Gods Unchained V0.15 update is finally out! This latest update brings several major and minor changes to the game, including a completely redesigned UI, smoother UX, card balancing, and new cards. Read below to find out all about it!

New Game Board, Better UX, More Intuitive UI

The new game board was arguably the biggest change that came with the V0.15 patch. Now, when the game starts, both the Mulligan and the God Power selection screens appear at the forefront of your screen, allowing you to make faster decisions.

It’s now much easier to select your God power

When you select your powers and discard unwanted cards, the match starts. Here you'll notice new colors, more depth, better rendering, and better graphics overall. And the board looks much cleaner and easier to read.

Also, the mana pool indicator has been completely revamped. It's now displayed in a diamond-like icon and unpacks when you click on it. The God power and God weapon features have also been redesigned, allowing you to see the nature and quantity of your weapons and powers more seamlessly.

And the Void looks nicer too! Now when you select the cards from your Void or just check to see what cards are in the Void, it'll show all of your cards on a much bigger screen.

Even the Void looks beautiful in Gods Unchained

New Cards Are In, Some Cards Are Out

Gods Unchained calls this Early Access period the Balancing Beta. The purpose of it is to test the cards, spells, weapons, buffs, and so on. The introduction of new cards always has the potential to disrupt the meta, and so does the balancing process.

For example, many Gods Unchained players felt that Aeona (the God of Nature) was op. Her Flourish power would randomly give each friendly creature Health +1 or Attack +1. Many players would just play the Portable Fortress, a frontline card with 0 Attack and 8 Health.

Kudos to the Gods Unchained artists!

And then every turn you would just spam Flourish and buff the Fortress with 1 Health or 1 Attack until it became virtually invincible. But things have changed. Now, at the end of each turn, Portable Fortress' Attack resets to 0. Also, the OP Flourish no longer randomly gives each friendly creature Health +1 or Attack +1. Instead, it gives +1 Attack to two different random friendly creatures.

And this is just one of the examples of how the Gods Unchained team ensures that the game is balanced. Be sure to read the official blog post to see the full list of changes and newly added cards. To start playing this magnificent card game, go straight to our DGaming Store.