Yesterday, Chainbrakers announced the next stage for their public crowdsale. The next stage is scheduled for April 2 and will introduce Gen 2 smart contracts, which will bring major changes to rare and epic items, as well as to their honor rewards system.

Visual Changes

The Chainbreakers team unveiled that all newly minted Gen 2 items will have a slightly different visual appearance in comparison to Gen 1 items. Specifically, the newly minted Gen 2 items will be less colorful and slightly dimmer than the currently available Gen 1 items.

Comparison between Gen 1 and Gen 2 items

In the above image, you can see the difference between old (Gen 1) and new (Gen 2) items. Both items are Rare and will have equal in-game stats, it’s just that the Gen 1 items look visually more appealing. It's also reasonable to assume that the Gen 1 items will be more valuable due to their appearance.

Armor Changes

When the Chainbreakers crowdsale was launched, the team decided to mint Epic armor with 10% bonus attributes. However, now that the Gen 2 items are arriving, which will be powered by Gen 2 smart contracts, all the newly minted epic armor will have 9% instead of 10% attribute bonus.

The Chainbreakers team is advising all the players who wish to purchase Epic armor to do so prior to April 2. After the Gen 2 smart contract update is implemented, Epic armor with 10% bonus will no longer be purchasable (the same goes for Gen 1 items with more appealing visuals).

Honor Rewards

The Chainbreakers honor rewards system will also experience changes once the Gen 2 smart contracts are implemented. Specifically, the honor rewards system will be tweaked in such a way that would benefit early adopters.

The difference between Gen 0, Gen 1 and Gen 2 awards systems

To those that don't know, Chainbreakers did a very similar thing when they were shifting from Gen 0 to Gen 1 smart contracts. For instance, for purchasing Gen 0 common items, players would receive 4 rewards points, 3 points for Gen 1 items, and 2 for Gen 2 items.

Chainbreakers players receive the most amount of points for purchasing Legendary items. Early adopters who purchased Legendary items while Gen 0 smart contracts were powering the game, received 300 points for their support. Purchasing the available Gen 1 Legendary items will earn you 250 points, and the newly announced Gen 2 items will give you 200 points.

As you can see, there's a significant disparity between Gen 1 and Gen 2 honor rewards, which is why it is recommendable that you purchase these items prior to April 2 in order to get the best rewards.