Yesterday, a blockchain grand strategy game, Blocklords, released its mainnet version on the TRON blockchain. Read below to see what steps you must take to play the game and what you can expect from the Blocklords mainnet launch.

The Testing Is Over

Over the past few months, Blocklords has been running the closed beta on both TRON and NEO. The main purpose of the closed beta was to allow Blocklords players to test the game and its features, as well as to report bugs and provide their thoughts on how the game could be improved.

Testing is over; it’s time for the real Blocklords deal!

But now that the stress-testing and bug fixing is more or less over, all Blocklords players may now play the mainnet version of the game on TRON. And, according to the Blocklords team, players will also soon be able to play the game on the NEO blockchain.

Getting Started

Interested in playing Blocklords right now? Here's what you need to do:

  1. Download and install the Chrome desktop browser.
  2. Download and install the TronLink web wallet.

Once you've completed these steps, go to the Blocklords’ official website. There, you'll be able to instantly join the game, go through tutorials, read the roadmap, and so forth. If you're new to the game, we suggest that you can check out Blocklords’ written and video tutorials in order to have a successful start.

Choose your heroes and items wisely!

Since the game runs on the TRON network, you'll also need some TRX to perform certain in-game actions, such as hero creation, item purchasing, and so forth. You can find more info about this on the official website. When you're all set and done, click on "Play".

Playing Blocklords on TRON

The first thing you have to do in Blacklords is to select your hero. Keep in mind that heroes vary in stats and appearance, so choose wisely. Most importantly, never forget that Blocklords is a blockchain game and that your selection of heroes and items is irreversible; once it's on the blockchain, it's forever on the blockchain!

Blocklords official trailer

By creating your hero, a TronLink notification will pop up and ask you to confirm your transaction. At the time of writing, it will cost you roughly $13 to create a hero (500 TRX). Once you've created your hero, you can play the game. And as we said, if you're new to the game, you can watch and read tutorials on the Blocklords landing page. Lastly, feel free to join the Blocklords Discord and Telegram channels to converse with other community members.

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