Blockchain Cuties has unveiled their partnership with Contentos, a decentralized global content ecosystem. Aside from collaborating on multiple projects, the two are also hosting a giveaway of a single cutie with perfect Gen 0.

A Strategic Partnership

In Blockchain Cuties, players can own, collect, breed, send to adventures, sell and buy digital pets (cuties). But they aren't just digital; they are non-fungible tokens that you can trade just as you can any other cryptocurrency. Cool, right?

The most important thing, however, is that players truly own their cuties. This means that no one can take away your cutie, and no one but you can determine its value, potential, and fate.

Contentos aim to build a decentralized, global digital content community

So, if we look at this from a broader perspective, we can look at cuties as digital content, whose value is determined by the player(s). Now Contentos, the new partner of Blockchain Cuties, has a platform that offers users to truly own and share digital content with other members of the Contentos Ecosystem. This content can be produced, traded, sold, and rewarded for.

Effectively, this means that Blockchain Cuties players can trade and sell their digital pets in COS Tokens, an underlying currency that runs the Contentos ecosystem. It's worth noting that COS tokens are ERC-20 tokens and can be traded on the Ethereum network.

On Giveaway

To celebrate this partnership, the two will be giving away ‘Cat in a puffy vest’, a cutie with perfect Gen 0. As you can see from the image below, Cat wears a trendy T-shirt with matching sunglasses and a puffy orange vest.

Cat's coolness is undeniable

The rules are simple: the player that makes the most transactions with COS tokens will win this powerful Gen 0 cutie. As we said, you can purchase almost most cuties with COS tokens. And, if you mark yourself as a content creator or a person who's thinking is in line with the idea of unique and protected content, each time you buy a cutie with COS token a COS token logo will appear right next to it.

Why Should You Participate?

With COS tokens, you can also interact on the Contentos platform. For instance, you can publish videos or music and get rewards for it. You can also reward other artists for their content, and thus promote the content you find valuable.

Ultimately, you can purchase cuties with COS tokens in order to play one of the most popular DGames in the market.