Blockchain Cuties Universe (BCU) was the first game ever to launch on 3 different blockchains. And now it's preparing for an expansion to the 4th blockchain, NEO. BCU plans to leverage NEO's dual-token system and deliver the BCU gaming experience to the NEO community.

Expanding the Blockchain Cuties Universe

You can buy cuties in EOS, ETH, and TRX. Not a lot of games can say the same thing, for they rarely run on 3 different blockchains. But BCU isn't within that category. To make things even better, the BCU team is dancing with NEO, with a plan of delivering the ultimate BCU gaming experience to all NEO players.

Cuties are coming to NEO!

On June 4, the BCU team said in their blog that they've already started developing their game on NEO. The team will use NEO's open source, which utilizes blockchain technology and digital identities, to make BCU playable on the NEO blockchain.

Arriving This Summer

The work has begun, with several cuties already emerging on the NEO test network. The process will take time, naturally, but the BCU team has proven numerous times that they're more than capable of pulling this off. After all, the game already exists on 3 separate blockchains.

The game should arrive on NEO this summer. The BCU team said, "Prepare yourselves, Cutieneers! There will be changes, presales and maybe even giveaways!" If you're a Cutieneer, make sure you write that down somewhere. If you aren't a Cutieneer, well, consider becoming one!

What Does This Partnership Mean?

Let's start with NEO. When BCU arrives on NEO, they can expect a significant influx of players, more transactions, and more token utilization. Having BCU onboard isn't a small thing since BCU is growing and has a loyal community.

For BCU this means more work, but also more players and more cuties. And perhaps most importantly, launching on NEO also means better liquidity, a broader market, and greater cutie diversification.

Welcome to Blockchain Cuties Universe

Players will benefit the most from this news. They'll be able to trade, buy and sell cuties in additional currency, NEO. They can also expect more cuties, including custom cuties, special edition cuties, NEO-themed cuties, and so on. And if we gaze into the future, when the Cutieland update arrives, Cutieneers will also be able to trade land assets in additional currency.

If you haven't started playing BCU, now is the time to do it. To start breeding, adventuring and profiting, visit our DGaming Store!