It's official; Blockchain Cuties is the first gaming DApp to provide support for two blockchains, EOS and Ethereum! Blockchain Cuties promised to make some ground shaking changes to their game, but this change really is promising. The 1.05 update will have a huge impact on the DGaming industry as a whole, but it is still too early to make concrete predictions. So for now, let’s just focus on the present, shall we?

EOS Beta Stage And The Functions That Come With It

As of today, Blockchain Cuties supports the EOS wallet. Keep in mind that the EOS wallet is in Beta stage, which means that some in-game mechanics are absent. The Blockchain Cuties team promised to lift those restrictions in the upcoming update (you can find more info on that below).

The core concepts and functions are already available! EOS users can breed, buy and sell their cuties. Players can also enjoy core in-game mechanics, such as boss raids, customization, itemization, and so forth.

The absence of some non-core mechanics (such as youth and aristocracy potions) is somewhat limiting, but as we said, the Blockchain Cuties team is working at full power to make them available for EOS users.

EOS users also have access to the game market, through which they can obtain cuties. Each cutie is associated with one of the two blockchains, their loyalty represented by EOS or Ethereum logo (in the bottom left corner!)

What Changes Have Been Made To The In-Game Wallet?

All the features mentioned above wouldn't be possible if it weren't for the new in-game wallet expansion update. Now, players have two options:

  1. Users can log in with their EOS account (Beta)
  2. Users can log in with their existing Ethereum Private Key

Players can also import their EOS accounts in the same way they would import Ethereum accounts. Of course, there is also the option to create new wallet via platform service function.

The newly added "Attach EOS" action enables Ethereum users to merge Ethereum and EOS accounts. Players can also play the game on both platforms (with both accounts) to enjoy EOS and Ethereum cuties.

Currently, EOS users can’t attach an Ethereum account to their EOS account (there is no "Attach Ethereum" action.) Those that wish to play the game on two accounts will need to use Ethereum as their primary, and EOS as an auxiliary account.

How Is This Update Helpful To New Users?

The 1.50 Blockchain Cuties update is all-inclusive and friendly towards new players. Those that want to play the game can use the game's newly integrated function for the EOS account creation.

We should point out that new users can’t create a new account on their own. Instead, a user that is already on the EOS blockchain can create it for you. Names are stored on the blockchain, together with all account data. New accounts can be either individual or team accounts (depending on the configurations).

Hardware Customization

Once the users register and successfully attach the wallet to their accounts, they can take further actions. One of the most exciting features is the ability to allot the hardware resources.

Players can decide how much CPU, RAM, and NET they want to allot to the game. Players can, at any given moment, change these numbers according to their preferences.

The Blockchain Cuties team recommends that new players seek information regarding blockchain hardware requirements. Good understanding of these requirements is essential if the players want an optimal experience without stressing their gaming rigs.

What Will The Future Update Bring?

The Blockchain Cuties team promised a new update (following this one). The next update will allow players to migrate their Cuties between two blockchains. Also, the team plans to enhance in-game wallets even further.

Furthermore, some current restrictions for EOS users (such as the use of elixirs) will be lifted. And perhaps most importantly, the developer team announced that the upcoming update would introduce unique EOS cuties to the game!