Yesterday, Beany Studio announced their partnership with one of the leaders in the DGaming industry, Enjin. Thanks to this partnership, Beany Studio will be able to grow their influence, attract more attention and expand their services. Integration with Enjin will also play a huge role in the development of Beany Studio’s upcoming game, Beany Beanie.

What Is Beany Studio?

Beany Studio offers and creates solutions based on advanced IT technologies. The company focuses on charitable and environmental causes and is most notable for its ALVABA project.

Though Beany Studio focuses most of its energy to various charitable and environmental projects, it also provides its services to retailers, restaurants, and pharmacies. Most importantly, at least for the DGaming community, the studio is also interested in developing DApps. Their upcoming AR/VR-compatible action game, Beany Beanie, is expected to launch in Q4 of 2019.

Partnership With Enjin

Just recently, Beany Beanie tweeted about their new partnership with Enjin. The studio is more than excited to join forces with the industry giant and together develop and deliver various solutions to their users and clients.

Partnership with Enjin will help Beany Studio  reach mass adoption

The studio will incorporate Enjin's ERC-1155 tokens to develop games and digital assets. Assets will be available on the Enjin platform, and will also be featured on the Beany Studio’s MagicEspejo advertising platform.

With ERC-1155 integration, Beany Studio seeks to improve community engagement and expand its user base. Gaming aside, Beany Studio will also use Enjin's NFT to expand its market presence in Central America. Aditionally, with the power of Enjin Beam, they’ll be able to effortlessly deliver digital assets to their clients across Central America.

What Is Beany Beanie?

Beany Beanie is an upcoming multiplayer AR/VR compatible RPG with elements of combat and strategy. In Beany Beanie, players will fight Doom villains, whose goal is to pillage and destroy planet Earth. To stop these vicious creatures, players will join forces with beanies, upgrade them, complete missions and cooperate with other players.

Beany Beanie will also feature items and boosters, which users will use to upgrade their Beanies and power up their gameplay. Aside from fighting Doom villains, players will also be able to challenge each other and win prizes. And, since Beany Beanie will be AR/VR compatible, players will be able to enjoy the game and explore its content with AR/VR compatible devices.

Beanies tend to be… impulsive!

Beanie players will be rewarded for their in-game efforts in various ways. Completing missions, protecting Earth's treasures and helping your friends will net you various in-game rewards and assets. Each player will also receive a supply box, which contains various materials and boosters. Users will be able to use the box contents to upgrade their beanies and equip them with better items, giving them an advantage over Doom villains and other players.