After partnering with Chainbreakers and Axie Infinity, Decentraland announced that they’re now joining forces with Altitude Games. If the partnership proves to be successful, soon the users will see racing cars zigzagging through and across Decentraland universe.

Image from Battle Racers

On Altitude Games

Altitude Games is a successful Philippine-based game development studio. They are known for making some very successful games, such as Dream Defense and Run Run Super V.

Shortly after the company's foundation (2014), the team received support from Xurpas, Philippines' largest consumer technology company. With the stable financial situation, Altitude Games focused on developing unique art style and gameplay.

Altitude Games creative director Luna Javier said, "Partnering with Decentraland is an excellent opportunity. They're (Decentraland) one of the pioneers in the blockchain gaming industry, and will undoubtedly help us create our very first cryptogame."

Not Your Typical Racing Game

Humans have always been fascinated with racing cars. It’s this fascination that made the games like Mario Kart and Hot Wheels so successful. Having said that, it made perfect sense to bring Battle Racers (made by Altitude Games) to Decentraland.

Battle Racers are fun and arcade racing game. Players design, tune, customize and race their cars on arcade and wicked racetracks. The game starts in the car garage, where the players will design and build their first Battle Racers.

At the start, players will only have access to essential parts. As they progress (by winning races and collecting points), they'll unlock better parts that’ll allow them to create more powerful cars. With more powerful cars, players will have an easier time on the road and be able to outplay their opponents by mixing strength, talent, and tactics.

Battle Racers Gameplay

Players win points by finishing races. Then they use the points to purchase better car parts, such as bumpers, engine, wheels, weapons, etc. Better parts give better stats and advantage on a racetrack.

Racetracks and garages will be laid out in a public space (Battle Racer), thus allowing everyone to observe other players as they tune their cars and battle for the 1st place in a race.

The tracks are uniquely designed, each with its own theme and elements. Most tracks defy the ordinary laws of physics, having vertical roads and loops. Players will have to dodge rockets, utilize the nature of the track and use boosters in an efficient way.

Players will also have the ability to convert their cars into a non-fungible token. Each token will contain information regarding the Battle Racer racing history. Most successful cars will be on the top of the game’s leaderboards, and they’ll receive unique rewards for their success. Players will be able to exchange tokenized Battle Racers (cars turned into tokens) for MANA via the Marketplace.