Lucid Sight, the developers of MLB Champions, is undergoing major changes in preparation for the MLB 2019 season. For 2019, Lucid Sight changed the official name for the game, and also plans on introducing new items and item rarity system to make the game more balanced and entertaining.

New Season, New Brand

For 2019, Lucid Sight did some rebranding, changing from MLB Crypto Baseball to MLB Champions (MLBC). The new name, in our opinion, should resonate more with a casual audience. Furthermore, Lucid sight announced that MLBC, which is currently available for web users, should be available to iOS and Android users by mid-2019.

A new logo for a new season

On The New Bases

In 2019 MLBC season, players will be able to acquire and enjoy new, freshly designed bases. The new bases will be categorized as Standard, Bronze, Silver, Gold, and Legendary, with Legendary bases being the most scarce and valuable. Each category also has a unique color, allowing players to quickly recognize the statue's value and scarcity level.

New bases will arrive in 2019!

Additionally, MLBC 2019 will also feature two new bases; the Classic Wood base and the Metallic 2019 Rose Gold base. These new bases aren't only as rare as other Legendary bases, but also have their own unique effect similar to 2018 Legendary bases.

On The New Stances, Bats And Gloves

In addition to all 2018 stances, MLBC 2019 will also feature 30 new stances. Lucid Sight will ensure that each position receives at least 1 new stance, some being more rarer and cooler than others.

2019 MLBC will introduce some very cool-looking bats

Furthermore, Lucid Sight announced that they plan on adding 3 new bets and 8 new gloves for MLBC 2019. The bats and gloves from 2018 will also be available to the players. The new items come in many shapes, forms, and colors, and will certainly attract a lot of attention among the MLBC community members.

A New Season Is Coming

MLBC 2019 will not only feature new items, but also other important in-game changes. For 2019, Lucid Sight plans on adding Player Rarity Index (PRI), new game cards, new game events, as well as new rewards and ways to use your Caps (MLBC reward in-game currency).

It's clear that Lucid SIght is leaving nothing to chance, making sure that all in-game elements, functions, and features are in one way or another rejuvenated, rebalanced and enhanced. For more info about the upcoming MLBC 2019 changes, read this article.