The most anticipated Blockchain Cuties Universe (BCU) updated, the Lands update, is on the horizon. The team recently gave us a sneak peek into the update and announced what they call a Mega Presale.

What's For Sale?

The Land will be the most important asset you can purchase for the upcoming update. There will be 4 types of land, from small cozy islands to gigantic capitals, which you'll be able to buy depending on your goals and preferences. Note that if you’ll need Land in order to participate in the Wars of Cutieland!

Cuties look cute, but they too are capable of waging wars

You'll also need Scouts, which will help you find discover land and adventures. They’ll be your eyes and ears in the Cutieland. You'll also need Governors, wise cuties that will act as your right hand and help you manage your kingdom.

Lastly, you'll need Generals to lead, guide and inspire your cuties into battles. You don't want your cuties wandering around Cutieland looking for a fun time in the midst of war, do you?

More Info On The Mega Presale

Once the Mega presale goes live, you'll be able to obtain all of the above-mentioned assets. We still don't know the exact date of this presale, but it should go live pretty soon. The BCU team said, "We are super excited to share this with you. Watch out for our announcements, because the amount of lands and special heroes is limited."

What we do know is that you should start preparing for it, now! Considering the popularity BCU received over the past year, it's highly probable that Land assets will start selling like crazy as soon as the presale goes live.

Why Is This Update So Big?

We wrote extensively on this subject roughly 2 months ago. In essence, the Lands update will not only add an extra layer to the game but will also change the way things work right now.

For example, you won't be able to access all adventures from the start because someone will first have to discover them on the map (this is where Scouts come into play). Cuties will also be able to complete many new roles, instead of just adventuring and breeding.

You'll also fight battles, wage wars and collect valuable treasure within the Cutieland. CUTE tokens will be a big part of the new Lands update, so it might be a good idea to start accumulating.

The presale is just around the corner!

All in all, the Lands update is going to be huge, which is why we encourage you to start amassing your army in BCU. To do so, head on over to our DGaming store!