Over the past year, the MegaCryptoPolis (MCP) DApp generated more than $2 million in NFT trades. The MCP team believes that these numbers will only grow after the announcement of an entirely new 3D world, which will be built on top of the existing gameplay. How will it look? Read below to find out.

On The MCP Demo Release

For now, MCP players can view a demo version of the newly announced 3D Microeconomy layer. The MCP team pointed out that they’re very proud of the fact that the game runs on all mobile devices.

The 3D Microeconomy demo version is finally out!

Indeed, many crypto games aren’t featured on App stores and run only on browsers. Furthermore, many devs develop games in Unity, and Unity doesn’t run on mobile DApp browsers. So, having a game with this level of detail and beautiful graphics is undoubtedly a plus for MCP.

The Road To Success

The MCP project has been growing since its launch in May 2017. According to their latest report, MCP has become one of the most popular DApps in the market, with new players joining the game on a daily basis.

Having completed all the milestones they've set for themselves, the MCP team now turns to the future. They've already unveiled a new roadmap, which should introduce improved visuals and a completely new 3D Microeconomy layer. If you haven't heard of it, you can find more about it in one of our previous articles.

The 3D macroeconomy layer will bring significant visual improvements as well as new in-game assets, including citizens, pets, appliances, and resources.

How Will It Work?

The new layer will add more depth to the game and enrich the existing gameplay. For example, players will be able to appoint Citizens in Factories, where they'll be able to produce Resources and make Appliances. Furthermore, Citizens will also be able to work in Offices and earn salaries, or work in supermarkets and offer their services to other citizens.

You’ll need resources to construct and manage your buildings

Players will also need resources, such as Wood and Brick, to construct and operate in-game buildings. Furthermore, each in-game action will be verified on the blockchain, and each in-game asset (ERC-721) will be stored in the players' wallet. It's important to say that players are able to trade these assets without any 3rd-party intervention or regulation.

About The Presale

The MCP presale will launch on March 18, 2019. MCP will distribute a limited number of assets to their community in order to incentivize their new Microeconomy layer.

The team also said they'd create a maximum of 20,000 Gen A citizens, which is a quarter of what is needed by existing buildings to operate to their full capacity under the new Microeconomy layer. Generation will affect Citizens’ qualifications and will determine their productivity and usability.

Only 10 Astronauts will be minted during the presale

To acquire citizens, players have to purchase MCP presale packs. The packs will also contain random tokens, such as pets, resources, and appliances. Note that each unboxed pack is in itself an ERC-721 token and will as such be tradable on the market.

Lastly, MCP will mint 10 Astronauts, ultimate Gen A citizens which will have the best possible qualifications. These citizens will only be minted during the presale; the only way you can acquire them is by purchasing presale packs.