The Crypto Sword & Magic team has announced that the Crypto Sword & Magic item presale would start on May 15. The presale will allow players to purchase limited-edition assets that will in many ways be distinguishable from items that will be earnable in-game. The presale will also be followed by an airdrop event which will reward registered users with one item chest!

The Reasons Behind the Presale

Item presales are a common theme among cryptogame developers. One the one hand, they allow gamers to purchase items at the rarity they want.

For example, the Crypto Sword & Magic presale will offer several packages, including Epic and Legendary. Understandably, items found in Epic and Legendary chests will be the rarest ones and therefore very difficult to obtain in-game. Effectively, purchasing these chests is the easiest and the most convenient way of acquiring the most powerful items in the game.

The presale is on the horizon

Secondly, item presales are also an excellent way to support the projects you believe in. That is, purchasing presale items benefits both you and the devs, for they'll be able to use the accumulated funds and further develop the game that both you and they want to see grow and succeed.

What's for Sale?

During the presale, you'll be able to purchase 4 types of chests: Special, Rare, Epic and Legendary. The items you can obtain from these chests can be normal, magic, rare, epic and legendary. We've covered this topic in more detail in one of our articles, so be sure to check it out if you want to learn more about Crypto Sword & Magic items.

Each Crypto Sword & Magic chest has a price tag and a determined number of items you can get. This includes:

The Special chest

  • price - 1 EOS
  • items - 1 Magic item or higher
  • exclusive pre-sale special effects (item must be of Rare rarity or higher)

The Rare chest

  • price - 5 EOS
  • items - 1 Rare item or higher / 4 Magic items or higher
  • exclusive pre-sale special effects

The Epic chest

  • price - 15 EOS
  • items - 1 Epic item or higher / 4 Rare items or higher
  • exclusive pre-sale special effects

The Legendary chest

  • price - 50 EOS
  • items - 1 Legendary item / 1 Epic item or higher/ 3 Rare items or higher
  • exclusive pre-sale special effects
Equipping heroes with powerful items will give you an early advantage

Prepare for the Airdrop

To celebrate the item presale, the team has also decided to reward each player with one chest worth 1 EOS. To ensure that you receive this item chest, you have to log into the game when it launches. To apply for the airdrop, please, fill out the Crypto Sword & Magic Google form.

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