Yesterday, the BLOCKLORDS team announced that the game's closed beta would launch by the end of this week. During the closed beta, players will be able to create heroes, fight battles and test the in-game market. The aim to receive feedback which will help the devs optimize and polish the game before the full launch.

On The Closed Beta

The BLOCKLORDS closed beta will take place on the NEO testnet. So what does that mean? For starters, the beta testing will be entirely free, meaning that actions such as hero creation and battling won't cost any fees.

To be a lord is to have honor, courage, and strength

Furthermore, all the progress players make during closed beta will be lost. The purpose of the closed beta is to try the game and explore its contents, report bugs and make suggestions. The devs plan on running the closed beta for 2 weeks, during which they'll monitor server behavior, server capacity, gameplay mechanics, and other functionalities.

How Can You Join The Game?

To play the game, you'll first need to sign up for your BlaCat wallet. The BlaCat platform features a built-in wallet, which can store all your NEO-based assets and monitor their progress. When you sign up, you'll have the option to import an existing wallet. Alternatively, you may allow for BlaCat to create you a brand new wallet.

Since this is a closed beta, not everyone will be able to join the game. The BLACKLORDS team will send a game link to the selected users, presumably to those who joined their project early. Players that get access to the game will be able to create a hero and attack enemies on the map, as well as trade items on the market.

On Beta Rewards

Closed beta testers will not only get a chance to explore the game contents but will also help the devs polish the game. In return, the devs will reward them for their efforts with unique content once the game launches on mainnet. The team will inform the users about the specifics of these rewards once the game nears the full launch.

Blocklords allows you to build your armies and create notable dynasties 

As we said, the closed beta should launch by the end of this week. So, if you're interested in trying this game out, be sure to sign up for the BLOCKLORDS email list; the sooner you do it, the higher your chances are for participating in the closed beta.

To those that don't know, BLOCKLORDS is a grand strategy game that takes gamers back to a medieval period, where they can create lords, build armies and control territories in the pursuit of wealth, power and glory. For more info, feel free to visit the BLOCKLORDS official website.