Yesterday, the Crypt-Oink team added a brand new feature to their game; betting! Effectively, players may now bet their Wager Chips on their favorite Cryptons via the Wager Center and experience their favorite crypto game in an entirely new way.

About the Wager Center

When you join Crypt-Oink and navigate to the Gran Ton Rismo page, you'll now be able to see a new feature called Wager Center. Wager Center is a central spot for players who wish to bet on Gran Ton Rismo races, manage their Wager Tickets and see their betting history.

A preview of the Wager Center

Through this feature, you can wager on two types of races: Wager and Normal. Wager races are a new addition to the game and are designed specifically for players who wish to bet with their Wager Chips. While you can’t participate in Wager races, you’re able to spectate them once they start.

Normal races include the finals of Season, Monthly and Special races. All users can participate and bet on these races.

How to Use Your Wager Chips?

Wager Chips are Crypt-Oink’s new in-game currency. These chips are used for betting only, and can be obtained via the following methods:

  • Login bonuses - active users will receive Wager Chips for their loyalty and everyday involvement with the game
  • Race rewards - users will receive Wager Chips based on their race performances
  • Users may also obtain Wager Chips via the Wager Center

While Wager Chips can only be used for betting, you have the option to convert them into Coinks, Crypt-Oink's main currency.

Wager Chips are Crypt-Oink’s new in-game currency

How to Bet?

Crypt-Oink features two betting modes:

  • Win - you bet on Crypton you think is going to win
  • Exacta - you bet on Crypton you think will end up in the 1st and 2nd place

Each mode requires that you first fill out your betting card. To do so, you select the number of Wage Chips you wish to bet, with the minimum bet being 100 Wager Chips. Keep in mind that you may manage and change your bets 1 minute prior to the start of each race. Each Crypton feature different odds, so be sure to calculate your chances and potential wins accordingly.

The Crypt-Oink team hopes that the new betting feature will not only make the game more entertaining and exciting but also allow players to net bigger gains! To try out the new Crypt-Oink betting system and build your team of Cryptons, visit our DGaming store.