The Axie Infinity land sale starts on January 22nd. Terra owners will have various options on how they want to manage their land plots. They’ll be able to to build, upgrade and customize their plots, rent them to other players, or sell them on an open market. The question is, how will all this play out?

The Time Has Come To Build Your Kingdom

Life on Lunacia was once simple. You, the player, would build your Axie army, strategize and send them to battle. You would also breed them, take care of them in Terrariums, and experiment with their genetics. But now, things have changed.

Chimeras are coming and they mean you yes harm

Princess Silvergale, the ruler of Lunacia, is calling upon all Axie players to defend Lunacia from vicious Chimeras. To do so, you'll need a kingdom, and to build your kingdom, you'll need land. However, owning an empty plot of land won't do you any good if you don't have the resources necessary to run it as a true lord.

How To Build Your Kingdom?

Terra is a tokenized piece of land in Lunacia. As a landowner, you’ll be able to rent, expand or sell it. You’ll also be able to build and host shops, produce resources, and perform other customization and upgrade actions. Moreover, you’ll even be able to construct Chimera summoning beacons and build house NPC's.

Lunacia will spawn various types of resources, including herbs, wood, stones, goo, and so forth. The Axie Infinity team said that resources are more likely to spawn in certain environments. For example, dirt land is more likely to spawn wood and herbs. Lunacia also has 7 moons, and specific resources will spawn depending on which moon is shining.

Landowners can do all sorts of cool things with their Terra

Real-Time Battles

When Chimeras arrive, they'll be everywhere, which will make resource gathering very challenging. The good news is that you won’t have to face them alone; partner up with other Axie players and gather your resources together. However, if your Axie army is mighty, and if you prefer a lone-wolf gameplay style, you’ll have the option to face them on your own.

Chimeras will drop items on their death, including resources and blueprints, which you can use to upgrade your structures and Axies. It’s therefore wise to join forces with others and forge alliances in order to increase your power. Moreover, alliances will be able to combine their land, share loot and resources, and produce Artifacts, powerful buffs that apply to all guild members.

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