When DGaming.com burst onto the scene just a month ago with our DGaming Industry Report, we were very clear with our mission. We believe that the DGaming Industry will be a disruptive force, and we promised to be pioneers in helping to spread the word of this burgeoning industry.

We’ve already have had some success with that. Our DGaming Industry Report - the first of its kind, was showcased by the likes of Yahoo Finance, VentureBeat, PCGamer and many more.

To continue with our mission, we’re delighted to announce we will host a session at the SiGMA Conference 2018 in Malta on November 30th.

We have an exciting schedule planned. Around 25 notable speakers will discuss the birth of an industry that will disrupt gaming.

SiGMA is a prestigious iGaming event, one of the largest in the world, and takes place between 28-30 of November. Around 12,500 attendees, 400 sponsors and exhibitors and 200 speakers are expected to attend the event.

This is an amazing platform for us to showcase DGaming to the world, and we hope you will join us. Further announcements will be made when our schedule is finalized. So stay tuned!

About DGaming.com
DGaming.com is a media and research company that seeks to bring the DGaming industry to the awareness of a mass audience. We believe the DGaming industry will disrupt traditional forms of gaming and gambling. DGaming is creating new game mechanics that provide players with greater control over their in-game experience.

If you would like to schedule a meeting at SiGMA, please contact Editor-in-Chief, John Robery - JohnRobery@dgaming.com