Following their partnerships with F1® and MLB Champions, Animoca Brands now turns to Football. Today, they bid €1 million for Stryking Entertainment, a German sports entertainment platform, and developer of Football-Stars.

A Strategic Move

Stryking Entertainment is a German next-gen fantasy sports platform that combines traditional sports with digital technology. Specifically, they hold an official license from Bundesliga, which grants them the rights to use clubs' logos and banners, as well as players' pictures, stats, and data.

Stryking holds an official Bundesliga license

Moreover, Stryking also has a strategic partnership with Bayern Munchen, arguably the most successful German football club. Through this partnership, Stryking can use Bayern's brand and assets in order to deliver an array of digital content within Football-Stars. And now Animoca Brands wants to buy them out, for no less than €1 million (~ $1.6 million), payable in shares.

Why Is This Big For Both Sides?

Animoca Brands has already shown interest in traditional sports, including Baseball and Formula 1. Nine days ago, we wrote about their partnership with F1®, through which Animoca Brands will develop an official F1 blockchain racing game, F1® Delta Time. Also, Animoca Brands has already partnered with MLB Champions, an official blockchain MLB game, in order to distribute MLB Champions in Asia.

The decision to acquire Stryking Entertainment aligns perfectly with Animoca Brands' long-term strategy. By acquiring Stryking Entertainment, Animoca Brands can leverage the power of blockchain and NFTs and integrate them with Football-Stars.

What Does This Mean For Football-Stars Players?

The CEO and co-founder of Animoca, Yat Siu, said, "Fantasy sports is a 7 billion dollar industry and a perfect use case for blockchain and NFTs." By leveraging blockchain technology and NFTs, Animoca Brands will be able to take Football-Stars onto another level.

Games built with blockchain grant users true asset ownership

This would mean that all in-game content would have not only have sentimental value but also a monetary value since each in-game player would be unique and stored on the blockchain. Effectively, players would not only have fun while playing their favorite football game but would also be able to profit from their in-game actions.

To deliver the best possible content to Football-Stars players, the Animoca Brands team will work alongside Stryking management team. Stryking's founder and CEO, Dirk Weyel, has more than 20 years of experience within the gaming industry and will certainly use his expertise in the field of gaming. As for financial support, Animoca Brands will work closely with Stryking's CFO, Hong Thieu, a financial expert with 20 years of experience in finance, investment, and PR.