Welcome to the DGaming industry news digest. We have compiled news from around the industry between December 5th - December 18th.

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Axie Infinity

Aleksander Leonard Larsen, COO: “We are constantly looking for ways to improve the user experience for our players. The tutorial is great for both our existing userbase and reaching new players since they can try it for free.”

December 14th - Axie Infinity announce a partnership with TomoChain. Among the things being explored are cross-chain integration, and the acceptance of TOMO

December 10th - Axie Infinity release battle tutorial. The tutorial seeks to make the process easier for new players to start playing the game.

Blockchain Cuties

Vladimir Tomko, CEO: "Time before Christmas is always a busy one. The market becomes even more lucrative as people are entering the context of holidays and gifting activities. We at Blockchain Cuties value such time and try to provide our players with special Christmas events, gifts and ability to create new unique creatures. We’ve launched a month-long event series for everyone to enjoy Christmas! The Game even has an Advent Calendar with different real Blockchain Cuties players' characters, so people would feel our appreciation.
Besides that we’re concentrating on adding TRON blockchain to the game and overall are looking towards Asian markets. We plan to release full TRON version till the end of 2018 and become the world first real cryptogame on TRON Blockchain."

December 15th - Blockchain Cuties release transcript of discussion on Blockchain games and dApps in the Jinse WeChat group. Jinse is one of the leading blockchain news platforms in China.

December 14th - Blockchain Cuties announce that their in-game population of cuties has doubled. The total number of cuties now stands at 35,000.

December 13th - Blockchain Cuties release update 1.56 patch notes. These include changes to the contribution point system, the launch of the TRON presale, and performance optimizations.

December 13th - Blockchain Cuties announce launch of TRON presale. The unique TRON cutie is the Fairy Dragon.

December 10th - Blockchain Cuties post video from the Asia Tech Podcast. Blockchain Cuties CEO, Vladimir Tomko, discusses the game and the wider DGaming industry.

December 5th - Blockchain Cuties release update 1.54 patch notes. These changes include Christmas themed updates, changes to the cutie cards as well as general bug fixes and improvements.


Rene Schmidt, Project Manager: “While game artists and developers at Chainbreakers are working on the game, the community grew by 400% since the crowdsale was kicked-off. The whole team has always been very focused on building a core community. One major step was the implementation of an official honor system which already enabled the Christmas give-away and limited pets..

Some of those limited baby pets are still available - Players and investors can get their hand on those by referring friends or purchasing items themselves. The recently announced epic armor sets open up new opportunities to invest into the game and gain honor.”

December 13th - Chainbreakers announce the introduction of armor sets. These are released in limited numbers from December 15th and added to the marketplace.

December 11th - Chainbreakers release some game information. This post discusses the utility of Chainbreakers items and the game’s smart-contract enabled economy.

December 10th - Chainbreakers announce their Christmas give-away. Rewards can only be claimed through the discord community, and require players to be at least rank 1 in their honour system.

December 4th - Chainbreakers unveil limited edition baby pets. These baby pets will accompany avatars of early Chainbreaker community members while they hang out in the Chainbreakers parcels within the Decentraland metaverse.


December 17th - CryptoMotors announce the launch of their first design competition. Participants will have to design a race car for a VR world.


December 11th - CryptoRome announce daily tournaments. Starting Monday, December 17, every competitor will receive 5,000 troops every 12 hours.

December 10th - CryptoRome discuss their upcoming v2.0 launch. This article mainly focuses on what will happen to player assets after the release.

Crypto Space Commander

December 11th - Crypto Space Commander unveils its December update #1. The piece discusses upcoming features, game modes and events. Most importantly, the team announced that Alpha 0.5 should launch on December 19th.

December 10th - Crypto Space Commander goes live on Twitch. The stream demonstrates gameplay functions, missions, and touches on Alpha 0.5.


Gleb Skibitsky - CEO: “It has been exciting two weeks for us because we have made a big step towards integration with other blockchain games. Everyone is talking about blockchain as a common space to unite games and share items/progress, but very few projects actually do that. We announced partnership with World War Goo and launched CryptoBundle in collaboration with 4 developers. Dragonglass once again has proved the benefit of using blockchain in gaming.”

December 16th - Dragonglass announced CryptoBundle event.  In collaboration with Blockchain Cuties, Ether Kingdoms, Chibi Fighters and World War Goo Dragonglass is launching a collective blockchain item sale. All partners are providing items from six games for discounted prices.

December 11th - Dragonglass announced partnership with World War Goo. The sequel of the first blockchain based idle game EtherGoo, will feature DGS clan as one of 20 clans in the upcoming game. Clan members will receive additional rewards in DGS token fighting for the clan.

December 8th - Dragonglass reveals more details about DragonFeed. Their next mobile game aims to reach traditional players being free-to-play with smart blockchain integration. The game has a strong cooperation feature gathering players together to feed the common dragon and get unique rewards stored on blockchain.


December 12th - Decentraland discuss their LANDscape. This article details what LAND actually is, how it’s useful and why it’s different from other crypto-collectibles.

December 11th - Decentraland discuss their integration with The Kyber Network. The Kyber Network made it possible for them to open their LAND auction to 8 different tokens.

December 10th - Decentraland announce the start of their LAND auction. The land auction runs until December 25th, 2018.

December 10th - Decentraland announce acceptance of ELF in the Land Auction. ELF, from Aelf, is the latest addition to the list of ERC20 tokens that LAND buyers can choose from when purchasing LAND.

December 7th - Decentraland collaborate with Zilliqa. This partnership means that users can purchase LAND using ZIL in the Decentraland LAND auction.

December 6th - Decentraland team up with Status.im. This deal means that Decentraland now support use of their dApp browser and SNT tokens.

December 6th - Decentraland announce imToken support. Users will be able to use imToken and dApp browser in the Decentraland LAND auction.

December 5th - Decentraland announce CoinGecko partnership. Decentraland will be listed on CoinGecko. They'll also help CoinGecko to develop their own virtual location in Genesis City.


December 10th - Cubego Marketplace integrates with OpenSea, enabling users to buy and sell characters for both Ether and EMONT. To celebrate this achievement, Cubeo launched a special edition sale.

December 7th - Cubego unveils its roadmap. The roadmap explains player assets, new game modes, market functions and Lab, an in-game area where players will prepare their characters for battle.


December 14th - Everdragons prepare their users for TRON integration. The development team explain the key points regarding the integration, including Tronpay (for browser users) and MathWallet (for mobile users).

December 9th - Everdragons co-founder Jacqueline Hardy provides an in-depth analysis of Ethereum, POA Network and TRON transaction fees. Information shared is of great value to Everdragon players because the game runs on Ethereum and POA Network (and will soon run on TRON).

MLB Crypto Baseball

December 17th - MLB Crypto Baseball gets mentioned in a SportsPro article. The article discusses how MLB Crypto Baseball is successfully bringing crypto to the mainstream by merging traditional sports with blockchain.

December 13th - MLB Crypto Baseball is featured on the BitCoin podcast. The podcast actors predict that 2019 will be the year of crypto assets and collectables.

My Crypto Heroes

Kokushi, My Crypto Heroes: “Regarding the sale of the new battle mode, at the previous pre-sale, the sale reached to 694 ETH. And surprisingly, the total amount of sale for crowd-sale hit 962 ETH. In addition to the PvE battle(Quest), PvP battle has been set. You can learn other players' strategy there, and besides, you could get rewarded if you rank top.”

December 18th - My Crypto Heroes release yet another update. The update introduces shop changes, new sale system and minor hotfixes.

December 17th - My Crypto Heroes release the new update. The update changes how daily bonuses work and adds changes to the art-editing feature.

December 11th - My Crypto Heroes compensate players for issues that occurred during the hero sale.

December 11th - My Crypto Heroes add new market functions. The new update also allows users to withdraw extensions, as well as to add a new name to original extensions.

December 10th - My Crypto Heroes make changes to its Trade and Shop functions. New functions enable users to purchase heroes, obtain GUM (in-game currency), and trade heroes and extensions with other players.

December 7th - My Crypto Heroes unveil the trial of their Duel mode. The players can test the mode and explore its current features.

December 5th - My Crypto Heroes announce their new update. The update features a modified Lab system and referral program. The game also compensates players with 200 GUM for experiencing problems with Team Formation function.


December 12th - RiotCats announce that it's now featured on ProductHunt. ProductHunt is a platform that enables users to share and discuss product news (such as websites, apps, games, etc).

December 10th - RiotCats start their pre-sale. Players can obtain rare and exclusive items 50% off.


Jeff Banks, Chief Marketing Strategist: "Over first few weeks in the launch of our ecosystem at Legacy Game, we've seen worldwide support and interest in the platform. Our focus has been on maintaining a core group of amazing supporters to foster a healthy ecosystem during the launch of our first game Tron Block. We've seen the community step up in a big way over the first few weeks. They answer each other's questions, suggest new games to implement, and share the platform with others. We will continue our focus on fostering this community growth as we roll out our next few games. We are extremely excited to see such an explosion of growth in the Tron Dapp ecosystem. This is just the beginning of something truly remarkable with Legacy Game and we want you to join our community on the ground floor as we build the future together."

December 15th - TronBlock announce that it is live on the TRON mainnet. It also walks you through how to get started with the game.

December 10th - This article describes why you should participate in the pre-sale. Benefits listed include token appreciation and dividends.

December 5th - Ahead of the pre-sale the team release a 'Get Started' guide. It walks through how to get a TRON wallet and how to purchase the LEC token.

War of Crypto

December 18th - War of Crypto launch their Christmas update. The update features 6 newly added Christmas skins, all available in the War of Crypto early access sale.



December 14th - BingoBet integrates with findex.pro, a decentralised exchange for the EOS community. Findex.pro announced a special giveaway to celebrate the partnership.

December 12th - BingoBet announced that players can now play BingoBet games with MEET.ONE and TokenPocket wallets. The development team said they plan on planning more wallets in the future.

December 5th - BingoBet provide in-depth analysis of their economics model. This is done for transparency reasons as BingoBet wants to ensure that all players can understand how the platform operates.


Aleksandra Fetisova, Project Manager: “The last two weeks have been exciting for DAO.Casino. At Sigma we shared relevant and valuable information about our company’s projects, recent developments and goals with each stand visitor. Our latest Game Channels report was highly recognized by the media and exhibition visitors were greatly interested in our Gambling 3.0 idea - something we believe will change the iGaming industry.”

December 18th - DAO.Casino announce improvements to their dev updates. They are improving the updates they release to better inform their audience of the DAO.Casino products that are growing in complexity.

December 11th - DAO.Casino release a summary of their experience at SiGMA. This update discusses how they showcased their casino platform to a potential audience of over 12,000 people.


December 17th - Edgeless unveil an improved and announce the upcoming New Year’s surprise. The new design polishes the interface, and should make it easier for new users to enjoy the platform.


December 12th - FunFair release Bounty on the High Seas, their newest game. The game runs on smart-contracts and features high-spec animations, immersive audio and innovative mechanics. FunFair claim that Bounty on the High Seas is the first cascading slot to run on the blockchain.

December 6th - FunFair release their latest product update. In it, the company discusses past and future challenges, and the potential solutions to these challenges.


Konstantin Katsev, CMO & Co-founder: “The special Xmas game is available exclusively on Trueflip.io - as a part of the general story we’re building around own platform. Within the last years, we’ve created a whole separate universe, where True Flip’s characters and their stories exist. With numerous game mechanics in work and those planned for release, True Flip has become a theme park, but one for grown-ups. We’re really impressed with the level achieved to date, but 2019 should bring us even more captivating products.”

December 13th - TrueFlip unveiled their special Christmas game. The game embodies Christmas spirit, requires little to no effort and rewards players with free gifts.


Lyudmila Krilla, CEO:The biggest challenge of every gaming business today is the question of trust. Online casino players have no evidence that the results of games are true. Put that way, blockchain can become a real changer for the whole iGaming industry. Along with the capabilities to secure bets and transactions, digital assets have a solid bunch of advantages for those who want to play for money. All personal and financial data are secured and protected, there are no limits for transactions and no extra fees. Read more about the blockchain revolution in iGaming in our latest interview for Forbes.

December 10th - Trueplay were interviewed in an article published by Forbes. The article discusses how blockchain may change the iGaming market, with the transparency offered being a key factor.