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Industry Pulse

Discover  the news events in the DGaming industry over the past 14 days.

Animoca Brands

June 4th - Animoca Brands publishes the white paper for F1 Delta Time. The white paper outlines critical aspects of F1 Delta Time and explains how the game will work as a  collectible and racing crypto game.

Axie Infinity

June 7th - Axie Infinity partners with the Maker Foundation. Per the partnership agreement, Axie Infinity players can now earn Maker’s currency DAI in-game. Also, for a limited time, Maker’s Collateral Debt Position (CDP) owners can claim unique, DAI-themed Axie Infinity NFTs.

Battle Racers

Luna Javier, Creative Director and Co-Founder, Altitude Games: "We've had great success so far in our item pre-sale, selling 530 ETH of crates in three weeks. As a thank you to our Discord community, many of whom are Axie Infinity players, we made limited edition Axie cars and held a special crate sale last June 7. There were only 150 Axie crates and they sold out in seven minutes! It's been humbling to see such active participation from our community, and we'll be having another Closed Multiplayer Beta so they can play the game with the car parts they bought. The pre-sale ends on June 20."

June 11th - Battle Racers announce their second closed multiplayer beta. The second multiplayer testing event will accept 100 new users. The goal of this event is to test server and game stability, as well as to allow the players to experience the multiplayer racing environment.

June 5th - Battle Racers reminded the public that the Axie Infinity crate sale will start on June 7. During this time-limited sale, users will be able to purchase 150 crates, with each crate containing 4 car parts.

Blockchain Cuties Universe

Tehn, Community Manager: "The early June was a team effort to bring more content to the players, and fix some bugs along the way as well. The Presale Launched sucessfully with a lot of people diving in to the info and asking for more about the future of the "War of Cutieland"  update, that is being developed.

June 4th - Raidboss v2 Hotfix
June 5th - Translation texts updated, Achievement rewards have been hotfixed. Also Inventory visual representation of pages has been fixed, additional tweaks to Raidboss fight limits have been adjusted.
June 13th - War of Cutieland Presale launched, following the launch there were a bit of hotfixes.
June 17th - Ghostface inspired customcutie Launched. (https://blockchaincuties.com/pet/82968 )
June 18th - Dropdown menus are fixed, cosmetic Cuties fixes, Presale page optimisations for all platforms,even more lightweight and responsive!"

June 15th - Blockchain Cuties Universe talked about the bug that occurred during the Lands presale. The bug, which wrongly calculated Lands prices for TRON users, has been fixed. Also, the BCU team made amends with all the users that were affected by the bug.

June 14th - Blockchain Cuties Universe announced the winners of the BCU & HitBTC giveaways. The BCU team said they’d give away 20 Trade Bull cuties to the lucky winners in the course of the next week.

June 13th - Blockchain Cuties Universe starts its Lands presale. Effectively, users can now start buying various types of Lands and Heroes. The BCU team also points out that users need to have at least one Land parcel if they want to participate in the upcoming Wars of Cutieland update.

June 12th - Blockchain Cuties Universe announces its partnership with EOS Lynx. This new collaboration will enable those BCU players who play on EOS to access the game safely and seamlessly via the Lynx wallet.

June 11th - Blockchain Cuties Universe unveils a partnership with Decentraland. Thanks to this agreement, the BCU players will be able to decorate their Decentraland scenes with Cuties.

June 7th - The Blockchain Cuties Universe team provided more information about the BCU Lands presale. The article explains the importance of the upcoming Land update and describes in what ways will it change the game.

June 6th - Blockchain Cuties Universe announced the Mega presale. During the presale, users will be able to purchase 4 types of Lands, scout cuties, general cuties, and governer cuties.

June 5th - Blockchain Cuties Universe starts its giveaway in collaboration with HitBTC. All users that enter the giveaway will have a chance of earning HitBTC Trader Bull, a Gen 1 unique cutie. BCU will distribute 20 HitBTC Trader Bull cuties.

June 4th - Blockchain Cuties Universe launches on the NEO blockchain. BCU is now the only game in the DGaming industry to be running on 4 different blockchains.

June 3rd - Blockchain Cuties Universe lowers the prices of the ETH Lottery transactions. The BCU team hopes that this move will encourage more users to try and enjoy ETH Lottery.

Caesar’s Triumph (Formerly CryptoRome)

Jon Parise, Co-founder/CMO: "We completed an exciting rebrand of the game, from CryptoRome to Caesar’s Triumph. The general thinking behind this is that the new name better captures the essence of the game, both the military and economic strategy that goes into it. CryptoRome, at face value, could sound like a cryptocurrency or a knockoff version of CryptoKitties set in Rome. This was our intuition but we also received this feedback from players. Blockchain games will win when all gamers come on board, not just the crypto-savvy. The name change is the removal of one such potential barrier.

We’re excited! It’s a step along the path towards growth. We’re also making solid progress on the next iteration of the battle game: moving from daily battles settled in 3-hour sessions to an ongoing (never-ending) battle where land defense becomes vitally important. This was the initial vision for the game and we’re closer to realizing that then ever. Players are still actively upgrading their Centurions and leveling up barracks in preparation for this epic next step!"

June 6th - CryptoRome changes its name to Ceaser’s Triumph. The Ceaser’s Triumph team believes that the new name will, for various reasons, resonate better with the mainstream gaming community.


June 3rd - Chainbreakers released a report for their crowdsale. From November 1st until the end of the crowdsale, Chainbreakers managed to raise roughly $130,000 through numerous rounds, offers, and sales. Also, Chainbreakers grew its community and gave away plenty of NFTs to the most loyal members of the community.


June 14th - Crypt-Oink announces its time-limited collaboration with Dapper, the developers of CryptoKitties. For a limited time, users that play Crypt-Oink with the Dapper wallet and participate in Dapper-sponsored races can win Kit-ton, a Crypton with a CryptoKitty on its back.

June 11th - Crypt-Oink announced the winners of the 3rd ETH cup. The cup saw 6 finalists, the best of which was the player named Greeen Owner.

June 3rd - Crypt-Oink starts the Energy Milk Present campaign. During the campaign, users can obtain special items that can enhance the training process of their cryptons.


June 15th - CryptoKitties release a guide for breeding Kitijira, a new Fancy Monster. The guide explains what genes and tools the players must combine in order to breed Kitijira.

June 4th - The CryptoKitties team explains how the players can decorate Decentraland’s scenes with CryptoKitties. The team also said that the CryptoKitties and Decentraland plant to collaborate on more projects in the near future.


June 14th - The CryptoMotors team spoke about their experience at the Startup Autobahn’s “Production 4.0 & Digital Business” event. At the event, the CryptoMotors team shared their work and participated in meetings with major automotive industry giants, including Porsche and Daimler.

Crypto Space Commander

June 4th - Crypto Space Commander unveiled its Star Trek-themed NFTs. The CSC team said they’d mint unique Start Trek ships and auction them to the players. The team also said that the Star Trek-themed sale should start later this summer.

Crypto Sword & Magic

Crypto Sword & Magic team: "We have been running pre-sale for a month and sold 1000 items. Among them only 115 items are legendary. In-game legendary drop rate will be extremely low (at most less than 1%). We fixed our game release date to 6/28 and currently in full-swing to finalize our product for the release. We are making an extra effort to improve gamer experience. We take pride in rich game experience and originality of contents (we bring the intellectuals of the game that was massively popular in Facebook from 2012-2015 with MAU of 700K.)"

June 7th - Crypto Sward & Magic released an in-depth guide to its legendary weapons. The guide discusses the origin, stats, value, and nature of the Crypto Sword & Magic legendary weapons.


June 12th - The CryptoWars team releases more information about the new Experience Points system. The article discusses the new tier system, profile badges, rewards, benefits, and more.


June 14th - Decentraland updates its LANDRegistry and EstateRegistry features. These changes will enable users to better optimize and manage their LANDs and Estates while using Decentraland.

June 7th - Decentraland teams up with major blockchain gaming projects to deliver NFTs to Decentraland’s scenes. Effectively, NFTs from CryptoKitties, Axie Infinity, Blockchain Cuties, My Crypto Heroes, MLB Champions, Chibi Fighters, and HyperDragons are now deployable on Decentraland’s scenes with the help of Decentraland’s Picture Frame technology.

June 4th - Decentraland announces that users who use Dapper can decorate their scenes with CryptoKitties. Also, Decentraland will, in partnership with Dapper, award each user with 1 CryptoKittie if they sign up for a Dapper Wallet through Decentraland’s Builder.

June 3rd - Decentraland released the SDK 6.1. The newest version of the SDK was built a new engine (Unity) and brings better graphics, more optimization, and new features to Decentraland’s SDK users.


John Robery, Editor-in-Chief: “It has been an exciting few weeks for DGaming as a business. When we first launched with our media website, we were working towards the goal of making decentralized gaming accessible to a wider audience. It’s great that we’re now able to show the community some of the important things we’re working on to help us achieve that. But watch this space because there is lots more to come.”

June 11th - DGaming announce their new mobile wallet. The DGaming Wallet is a mobile application that helps decentralized gamers manage cryptocurrency and in-game assets.

June 12th - DGaming announce The DGaming Arcade. The DGaming Arcade is an open-source Tendermint-based blockchain engine with built-in PRNG for the gaming industry.

June 12th - DGaming’s CTO explains a bit more about The DGaming Arcade. This is a technical look about how the Arcade will work.

June 14th - DGaming release an article explaining why mobile DGaming products are important. The article also explains how you can use the wallet.


June 3rd - Dynopoly launches the Gleam campaign. The Gleam campaign will award 50 winners with a “Buy 1 Get 1” discount on Dynopoly Portals. The Dynopoly team will also award its community members with unique content if they achieve Dynopoly’s milestones.

Ether Kingdoms

Mopsik, CIO: "Hello! In last two weeks we made the most important announcement in the project’s lifetime: we revealed our future plans! What’s going to happen next? It’s time to move on and open the doors of our crypto-community to regular gamers, drawing them into our ever-engrossing world, and giving them an opportunity to monetize their game time, providing liquidity to their game objects and achievements.
Thus, we announce Ether Kingdoms 2! We plan to keep all of the best features of the first part, but will have completely reworked graphics and gameplay, as well as F2P monetization, making it very attractive to the casual gamer.

We are also looking for partners for our new project. If you would like to receive a part of the profit from Ether Kingdoms part 2, write us at cio@imptoken.io or in our Telegram chat!"

June 8th - Ether Kingdoms discussed the future of the game and how will it function once the mining ends. The EK team said that they’re working on Ether Kingdoms 2, a newer and better version of the game. The team hopes that EK 2 will be more appealing to traditional gamers.

June 6th - Ether Kingdoms add a new event to the game; Treasure Hunt. The event will last for 10 days, during which the players will be able to fight against Green Imp and earn Imp tokens.


Yaron K, Product Manager: "After announcing that ExoPlanets will be deployed on the Thundercore blockchain and will be playable on it, the ExoPlanets team has announced that it will launch a new presale on the Thundercore blockchain on the 1st of July, with brand new planets and some special ones as well that will function as fighting arenas on their upcoming game - ExoBattles - a battle royale crypto game."

June 11th - ExoPlanets provide more information about their presale on Thundercore. During this presale, ExoPlanets will also offer unique planets that will be used for ExoPlanets’ upcoming BR game, ExoBattles.

Forest Knight

June 7th - The Forest Knight team updated their community about the game’s progress through May. The team discussed Mentorship Programm, Enjin Multiverse items, Forest Knight’s lore, and more.


June 14th - Three IOST DApps reached the top 10 rakings on DappRadar. According to the Dapper analysis, in 24 hours Endless Game IOST grew by 35,32%, IOST Play 121,49%, and IOSTWin 225,88%.

June 12th - IOST officially launches IOST Legend. IOST Legend is a blockchain version of one of the most popular Chinese RPG games in which players engage in PvE and PvP combat and earn items and coins.

June 11th - The long-awaited IOSTLAND launched on IOST. The opening of IOSTLAND was celebrated with the Candy War event during which the players could earn lucrative rewards.

June 10th - IOST launches the IOST DApp Exploration program. The goal of the program is to engage the IOST DApp community and help users find engaging gaming DApps.

June 6th - Gunner Story launches on the IOST platform. Gunner Story is a fast-paced, action-packed DGame developed by DAppBirds.

June 5th - IOST partners with Utopia to build a bridge between traditional and blockchain gaming industries. Through this partnership, Utopia will develop and bring numerous DApps to IOST.


MCP Team: "We'll be launching "Citizen as an Avatar" mode June 25 that will allow players to use their Microecnomy Citizens as an avatar for current version of the game, super cool announcements coming, will keep you posted!"

June 12th - MegaCryptoPolis celebrates its first anniversary with a time-limited bundles sale. Users who purchase the Mega bundle will also receive a unique Lion pet, which boosts Citizens’ ability by 5.

MLB Champions

June 13th - MLB Champions introduce Steel packs. The Steel packs will be on sale until June 17 (5 pm PST). During this event, users can acquire unique MLBC Steel-themed assets via the MLBC’s Draft Sale page.

My Crypto Heroes

Kokushi, Business Development: "We have disclosed about new refferal program. Previously you get 10% GUM (in-game currency) when someone uses your referal code. From the new update, you will get 5% of ETH instead of GUM!"

June 14th - My Crypto Heroes add two new heroes to their hero pool; Taira No Masakado and Wyatt Earp. While Wyatt Earp is available for purchase to all users from the start of the sale, only MCH Prime users will be able to purchase Taira No Masakado during the first week of the sale.

June 13th - My Crypto Heroes make changes to their referral program. Effectively, referral partners will now earn 5% of the total amount of ETH their invited users spend on GUM purchases.

June 10th - My Crypto Heroes share more information about the problem related to acquiring new art edit skills. The problem, which causes newly acquired art edit skills to disappear, will be resolved by the MCH team per user request.

June 5th - My Crypto Heroes announced major sales and events for June. The MCH team also said that they’d hold large promotions in order to help new MCH players.

June 4th - My Crypto Heroes explained how users can claim copyright for art sold on the markets. The team provided users with a guide that describes the process of claiming ownership over digital artwork.


June 13th - NeoWorld provides users with an in-depth guide to IOSTLAND. The guide explains the relationship between NeoWorld and IOSTLAND, IOSTLAND parcels, mining pool, buildings, work income, and more.

June 11th - NeoWorld discusses the rules of the Open Day Candy War event. The event, which celebrates the opening of the IOSTLAND, awards random users with valuable rewards.

June 10th - NeoWorld releases its latest weekly report. The report talks about NeoWorld’s latest product developments, marketing activities, collaborations, and more.


June 11th - Splinterlands introduce Korean and Chinese translations to their platform. The Splinterlands team believes that the newly added translations will help Splinterlands reach more users worldwide.

June 6th - Splinterlands released their latest development update. The report discussed private tournaments, new languages, asynchronous tournaments, and guilds. The update also announced the Splinterlands mobile app.

Unlimited Tower

June 5th - Unlimited Tower unveils its partnership with Contentos. Per the agreement, the two will work together in order to explore and deliver new gamification options and experience to their users.

War Riders

June 9th - War Riders launch Reconnaissance, their first multiplayer test. During this phase, War Rider players will stress test the servers, explore multiplayer gaming environment and help improve the game.


June 6th - ZED introduces its Product Board. The Product Board is imagined as a web-based product management tool for gathering and sharing development progress with the ZED community.

June 6th - ZED releases an in-depth article that explains how ZED calculates its minimum breeding prices. The article discusses minimum breeding prices, breeding limits, offsprings, allocation of breeding prices, and more.



June 4th - DAO.Casino releases the DAO.Casino 1.01 TestNet of its native blockchain project. All beta testers can join the testing phase and explore 1.01 TestNet’s features, including RANDPA, the Block Explorer, and LIB.


June 16th - Edgeless explains key factors regarding the 5th round of the Edgeless staking. The article explains what conditions the users must fulfill in order to partake in the 5th round, and also outlines the key dates for the 5th round of EDG staking.

June 3rd - Edgeless changes its staking reward from 5% to 40%. The Edgeless team hopes that this decision will encourage more users to join the Edgeless platform. Edgeless also changed its Staking Royalty program in order to reward heavy rollers.


June 8th - EOSBet unveiled its first jackpot winner. The EOSBet team also informed their community about the changes they made to the platform (minimum bet changes, bankroll changes, and other updates).


June 5th - FunFair launches its latest gaming title; Astro Wilds. The game follows the design of FunFair’s last gaming titles and features immersive gameplay that appeals to both high rollers and casual players.

June 3rd - FunFair’s #1 partner, CasinoFair, launched its affiliate program. The program will net numerous benefits to its partners, including commissions on each bet, lifetime affiliation, fair and transparent payments, and access to the broader blockchain gaming audience.


June 5th - The TrueFlip team announced its new game; Robby the Illusionist. TrueFlip said that there are over 30 people working on this game in 3 different offices, indicating that the company is putting a lot of effort and energy into Robby the Illusionist. TrueFlip also said that the game should be released in July this year.