Welcome to the first DGaming industry news digest. We have compiled news from around the industry between October 31st - 13th November. Moving forward, our news digest will be published bi-weekly and will include news updates from every source we can find.

If you feel we have missed something and would like to be included in our next digest, please send an email with the news you’d like to be featured here.

DGaming Industry Numbers

EOS Total Volume, AU & AVPU - October 31st - 13th Nov

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The below EOS - USD Exchange rates are calculated using the monthly closing value issued by Bitfinex.

Volume, EOS Active Users Volume, USD AVPU USD
154,855,647 528,342 811,443,593 1,535

ETH Total Volume, AU & AVPU - October 31st - 13th Nov

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The below EOS - USD Exchange rates are calculated using the monthly closing value issued by Bitfinex.

Volume, ETH Active Users Volume, USD AVPU USD
169,345 136,025 33,648,948 247

Ethereum Top 5 Gaming DApps

Ethereum Top 5 Gambling DApps

EOS Top 5 Gaming DApps

EOS Top 5 Gambling DApps

Industry Pulse

In this section, you’ll find an overview of the news events in the DGaming industry over the past 14 days.

Gaming Industry

Axie Infinity

November 7 - Axie Infinity announce a partnership with Decentraland. To start, Axies will be placed in Decentraland, and it’s up to players to find them.

November 12 - The Axie Infinity team released a community update. The update discusses their growth, and details their plan for the coming months.

Blockchain Cuties

October 31 - Blockchain Cuties announce EOS launch. Blockchain Cuties will now provide support for both Ethereum and EOS blockchains.
November 1 - Blockchain Cuties announce partnership with CryptoBots. The partnership will be one of the first to explore how in-game assets can transcend one game.

November 2 - Blockchain Cuties showcase EOS cuties. Following their announcement of EOS integration, the Blockchain Cuties team give users a preview of their EOS Cuties.


November 12 - Chainbreakers release an official teaser. The teaser shows items featured in the Chainbreakers crowdsale as well as a secret. They also announced that all legendary items have sold out.


November 1 - Dapper Labs raise $15million. The team behind CryptoKitties has attracted investment from the likes of Venrock, Google GV and Samsung Next.


November 6 - CryptoRome release dev update. It details their Trajan Market release on November 14th.

Crypto Space Commander

November 8 - CSC release dev update. The Update discusses the progress made on their Alpha 0.5 build.


November 8 - CryptoPioneers make beta announcement. The announcement reveals that they’ve begun the Beta for their Stone-Age release.


November 9 - CryptoWars dev update announces that in less than one month, they’ll open their private alpha to a few hundred users.


November 9 - CubeGo is a new game from the makers of Etheremon. In this update they discuss some of the in-game possibilities.


November 2 - Decentraland team release details of a bug in the LAND smart contract. The team detail the vulnerability, and steps taken to resolve it.

November 5 - Decentraland announce RCN partnership. The partnership with the Ripio Credit Network provides the option for users to obtain smart contract-based mortgages for LAND purchases.

November 12 - Decentaland announce community poll results. The community voted in favor of removing the ability to pause MANA transactions, and in favor of holding a second LAND auction in Q4 of 2018.


October 31 - Enjin announce mintshop launch. The Enjin ERC-155 minting service is now live.

November 6 - Enjin announce Korea collaboration. The partnerships with Korea Mobile Game Association & Korea Blockchain Contents Association aims to foster Enjins presence in South Korea and boost the country’s blockchain industry.

MLB Crypto Baseball

November 9 - MLB Crypto provide game updates. These include the addition of a bench and ballpen to game cards, news that game cards will accumulate game card points, and their planned visual updates.

Lordmancer II

November 6 - Lordmancer II Release Notes - Build 1.89. The Lordmancer II detail the changes made in their 1.89 release.

Reality Clash

November 7 - Reality Clash releases open beta. The beta is open for a select number of players on iOS and Android.

War of Crypto

War of Crypto Announce World’s First Playable Multiverse Item. Utilizing Enjin’s blockchain technology, ‘Goard’ will be the first character that users can progress and advance by playing multiple games.

Gambling Industry

Bet Construct

November 5 - Betconstruct Launch their blockchain solution - Fasttoken. They claim that Fasttoken is the first all-in-one, fully decentralized and Ethereum-based blockchain solution.


November 3 - BetDice adds support for MEETONE. BetDice players will now be able to use MEETONE to wager and will begin to receive MEETONE payouts.

November 5 - BetDice launch Baccarat game. The initial release is in beta mode, as they’re trying to resolve some bugs.

November 5 - BetDice add TPT. BetDice users will now be able to gamble using TokenPocket Token.


November 1 - DAO Casino provide SDK dev update. They announce the addition of Windows support and an Ethereum testnet selection feature.

November 2 - DAO Casino provide an update on their Sandbox project. The sandbox officially opened on November 5th, with developers beginning development with the use of their protocol.

November 6 - DAO Casino provide dev update.  DAO.Casino provide a changelog for their SDK, website, platform and lottery.


November 12 - Edgeless.io provide a monthly update. The update includes details of progress made with marketing, a few financial statistics, coming design improvements and some 2019 blockchain predictions from Co-founder Tomas Draksas.


October 31-November 12 - Endless release daily updates. This includes news of their Beta release for ‘Endless Millions’.