Welcome to the  DGaming news digest, covering the final 14 days of 2018!

As promised, we have been working on how we publish data. This edition of our digest includes data from the Ethereum and EOS blockchains for the period December 17th - December 30th.

Previously, we compiled data from Etherscan and Bloks.io, but our hands were tied with how we were able to present it.

However, our tech wizards have been working hard behind the scenes, and we're happy to announce we are compiling our own data directly from EOS and Ethereum blockchains.

Over the coming months we'll become increasingly more creative with the data we provide and how it's presented. We aim to create an incredibly broad snapshot of what is happening in the DGaming industry every 2 weeks.

DGaming Industry Numbers

Below you will find data we have compiled for both Ethereum and EOS DGaming dApps for December 17th - December 30th.

ETH Volume USD, Volume ETH, Total Transactions & Average Volume Per Transaction - December 17th - December 30th

Text Example

The below ETH - USD Exchange rates are calculated using the monthly closing value issued by Bitfinex.

Volume, USD Volume, ETH Total Transactions AVPT, USD
6,360,551 47,115 207,050 30.72

EOS Volume USD, Volume ETH, Total Transactions & Average Volume Per Transaction - December 17th - December 30th

Text Example

The below EOS - USD Exchange rates are calculated using the monthly closing value issued by Bitfinex.

Volume, USD Volume, EOS Number of Transactions AVPT, USD
401,559,612 158,719,215 14,760,213 27.21
Source: Ethereum Blockchain
Source: Ethereum Blockchain
Source: Ethereum Blockchain
Source: Ethereum Blockchain
Source: Ethereum Blockchain
Source: EOS Blockchain
Source: EOS Blockchain
Source: EOS Blockchain
Source: EOS Blockchain
Source: EOS Blockchain

Industry Pulse

Discover the news events in the DGaming industry over the past 14 days.

Blockchain Cuties

December 29th - Blockchain Cuties discuss the challenges they faced launching the TRON update. They say there are still a few bugs to eliminate, and things to add, but the launch has been successful.

December 28th - Blockchain Cuties celebrate their 1st anniversary and announce the launch of the Blockchain Cuties Universe. The Blockchain Cuties Universe will be the “go to” information source for everything Blockchain Cuties related.

December 28th - Blockchain Cuties announce the Industry Leaders award. Every year, just after Christmas, they plan to celebrate the most prominent figures in the industry. Each award winner will have a custom cutie created.

December 26th - Blockchain Cuties show off the custom cutie they created for TRON’s CEO Justin Sun. This cutie was created to celebrate their launch on TRON.

December 20th - Blockchain Cuties release 1.58 patch notes. These includes the second part of their Christmas update, as well as Mobile UI improvements.

December 19th - Blockchain Cuties make announcement about Tribute Cuties. The Blockchain Cuties team rectified concerns their community had with the Crypto Bundle.


December 21st - Chainbreakers publish article giving an insight into attributes and game design. This looks at how the attributes of different armors and weapons affect the outcome in Chainbreakers game modes according to the current state of game design.


December 28th - Cubego release presale updates. They state that the Cubego presale didn’t meet their expectation in raising funds for development, so refunds will be issues by Jan 4th. They are also suspending the game and improving mechanics before re-releasing.

Crypto Rome

December 28th - Crypto Rome provide an update on their game. This update includes numerous dev updates, and details the features players can expect to be included over the coming months.


December 22nd - Dragonglass announce that the CryptoBundle is live. The CryptoBundle provides players the opportunity to purchase assets from a number of DGames in one pack.


December 24th - Decentraland announce the end of their LAND auction. This article details how many parcels were purchased as well as how much MANA was burned.

December 20th - Decentraland release article about ERC20 tokens. They provide a technical look at the safe and secure use of ERC20 tokens during the Decentraland auction.

December 18th - Decentraland announce two new employees. They have added Zynga co-founder Justin Waldron to Decentraland’s advisory board, and Thor Alexander, former Executive Producer at Zynga, as their new VP of Production!

Forest Knight

Behfar Iranmanesh - Founder, Chrono Games: “The winter sale is the start of new chapter for Forest Knight. It is going to kickstart the launch of Forest Knight in 2019 and help with the very last obstacles which are still on the way. By choosing to be transparent as possible how we want to use the money and let the community know where their support is going to, we want to make the supporters be sure that their trust in Forest Knight is directly affecting the development and the success of Forest Knight.

December 31st - Forest Knight announce their winter sale. This is the first sale of Forest Knight’s unique items.

My Crypto Heroes

Kokushi - My Crypto Heroes: "We are so excited to reach more than 1500 Daily Average Users by collaborating with Blockchain cuties, and holding our special sale for New Year. Our next goal is over 2000 Daily Average Users."

December 30th - MCH announce a sale to celebrate the new year. This gives players the chance to purchase Legendary Heroes.

December 30th - MCH release a game update. This includes updates about their weekly cup, legendary campaign, and bug fixes.

December 26th - MCH release a roadmap. The roadmap details new functions and competitions from December until February.

December 23rd - MCH detail a Blockchain Cuties collaboration event. The event was held from December 23rd - 28th.

Ever Dragons

December 28th - Jacqueline, the co-founder for Everdragons discusses how to use the Everdragons ERC721 Bridge. These bi-directional bridges make it easy for Everdragon players to move from ETH, POA and TRON blockchains.

December 26th - Everdragons announce TRON launch is live. To celebrate the launch, they added special offers to the marketplace.

December 23rd - Everdragons announce TRON pre-sale. This article discusses what players can expect in the pre-sale.

War of Crypto

December 18th - War of Crypto provide a Christmas update. This includes the addition of 6 Christmas skinned heroes to their early access sale.



December 24th - BingoBet announce a new game for players. Lucky Draw will give players a chance to win 50 EOS or 75000 BINGO tokens.

December 21st - BingoBet provide an update regarding the mobile version of their games. This article also includes other updates such as BitPie and PocketEOS wallet support.


December 28th - DAO.Casino provide dev update. This update includes details about the sandbox, marketing, and community.

December 27th - DAO.Casino publish article discussing the Bankroller App. One of the things they discuss is how the Bankroller App provides the opportunity for bankroll backers to act as their own bank when playing.

December 18th - DAO.Casino announce an extension to the sandbox project. This is due to the high workload of its participants during the holiday period.


December 22nd - Edgeless provide an overview of 2018. They also discuss the things they’re currently working on, as well as providing a roadmap for 2019.


December 31st - Funfair CCO Stefan Kovach reviews 2018. He also looks ahead to the next 12 months and the things that Funfair have planned.

December 19th - Funfair announce that the first casino on their platform, CasinoFair, launched their Millionaire Maker campaign. Millionaire Maker was a giveaway campaign over the festive period, with one of its lucky players becoming a crypto-millionaire. It ran from 25th Dec - 1st Jan.