Welcome to the DGaming digest for April 8th - 21st.

In this edition, you will find data from EOS and Ethereum blockchains, as well as news from around the industry over the past few weeks.

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DGaming Industry Numbers

Below you will find data we have compiled for both Ethereum and EOS DGaming DApps for April 8th - 21st.

Ethereum DApps

ETH Volume USD, Volume ETH, Active Users, Average Volume Per User & Average Volume Per Transaction - April 8th - 21st.

Text Example

The below ETH - USD Exchange rates are calculated using the monthly closing value issued by Bitfinex.

Volume, USD Volume, ETH Unique Wallets AVPU AVPT
Gaming 276,444 1,626 9,366 $30 $5.10
Gambling 43,094,888 253,425 10,747 $4,010 $500


EOS Volume USD, Volume ETH, Active Users, Average Volume Per User & Average Volume Per Transaction - April 8th - 21st.

Text Example

The below EOS - USD Exchange rates are calculated using the monthly closing value issued by Bitfinex.

Volume, USD Volume, EOS Unique Wallets AVPU AVPT
Gaming 44,740 8,522 84,979 $3.40 $0.53
Gambling 145,994,031 27,808,387 5,602,258 $310 $26

Industry Pulse

Discover  the news events in the DGaming industry over the past 14 days, and what  prominent figures from some of these projects had to say.


April 9th - AlterVerse discloses more information about its Elite Lifetime Citizenship. The AlterVerse’s Lifetime Citizenship will grant its owners numerous benefits, such as free access to all AlterVerse games, free Aces, and limited crypto assets.

Animoca Brands

April 12th - Animoca Brands acquires a Hong Kong-based award-winning game studio Skytree. Effectively, Animoca Brands will integrate its blockchain technology with Skytree’s notable gaming titles, predominantly trading card games (TCGs) and collectible card games (CCGs).

Battle Racers

April 16th - Battle Racers announce their first item presale. During the presale, players will be able to purchase item crates that contain limited car parts of various rarity. The presale is scheduled for May 15th.

Blockchain Cuties Universe

April 19th - BCU launch their Easter event. Cutieneers that participate in this event are able to collect unique items and contribution points by sending their cuties to adventures.

April 18th - BCU unveil their partnership with Auctionity. Soon, Cutieneers will be able to auction, buy and sell their cuties on the Auctionity platform.

April 17th - The BCU team explained why Wasteland item chests refused to drop rare items. The team promised to review and fix this issue and advised their players to hold onto their chests before a fairer system is implemented.

April 16th - BCU announce their plans for this year’s Easter holidays. During the holidays, Cutieneers will be able to claim free rewards, participate in challenges, collect special Easter cuties, and much more.

April 15th - The BCU team opened up about the bug that came with the Group Sending update. The team said that they’ve made necessary steps to mitigate the damage caused by the bug, and have also awarded each Cutieneer with a CatBob cutie.

April 12th - BCU talk about a new Dark Cuties mod update. The new update enables Dark Cuties users to use a new adventures level-up helper, differentiate cuties’ power thanks to the new power measurements, and even tell the birthday of their cuties.

April 11th - BCU make changes to the Champion Chests. Thanks to these changes, Cutieneers can purchase the chests at a lower price and also receive new items.

April 10th - The BCU team discloses additional information about the upcoming Land update. The highly-anticipated land update will allow cuties to become soldiers, generals, scouts, and even politicians.

April 8th - The BCU team published an article about the Land update. The team said that the introduction of land will fundamentally change the way Blockchain Cuties Universe is played.


April 20th - The Blocklords team discusses Blocklords item quality and generations. The guide should help Blocklords players better understand the value of Blocklords items.

April 16th - The Blocklords team officially release the mainnet version of their game on the TRON blockchain. Effectively, users across the world are now able to play Blocklords, earn TRX and aspire to become the ultimate Blocklord.


April 15th - Chainbreakers explain which exclusive bonuses await users who became Chainbreakers early supports. Among many other things, early supporters will get access to all Chainbreakers franchise games, be able to claim limited-edition pets and use their presale items across all Chainbreakers games.

April 12th - The Chainbreakers team announces the Chainbreakers franchise and discusses its future. The article talks about Chainbreakers NFTs, Chainbreakers franchise, interoperability with Decentraland, and more.

April 12th - Chainbreakers schedule Celestial Ring airdrop for May 15. Celestial Rings will grant its owners numerous benefits, including early access to the next Chainbreakers game and priority purchase in future cosmetics sales.


Maximilian Weber, CEO: "We just hit a major milestone for ChainMonsters! Now you do not need any  gas in your Ethereum account to start playing which has caused a huge  spike in new players. Since public beta release end of March we just hit  more than 30.000 matches played ever since, and 10.000 of them in the  last few days alone! Connecting with streamers on Dlive.tv has proven to  be extremely successful."

April 17th - Chainmonsters launch their first public raid. Players can now earn coins by attacking the raid boss and chipping away his global health pool.

April 12th - The Chainmonsters team share some information about the upcoming 0.6 update. The 0.6 update will eliminate account creation gas fee, introduce public raids and introduce cross-chain gameplay with TRON.

Coins & Steel

April 9th - Coins & Steel provide an in-depth guide for their demo release. The guide explains the benefits of playing the Coins & Steel demo version and provides instructions on how the players can join the demo.


April 13th - Cryptokitties publish a guide that helps collectors breed Furbeard, a unique pirate fancy cat. The guide also explains how the players can breed the Purrstege traits that come along with pirate cats.

April 9th - The Cryptokitties team explains how users can create and host their own Cryptokitties event. Cryptokitties allows players to host various events to challenge other community members and bring them all together.


April 19th - CryptoMotors finish the first visualization of their GEN1 Virtual Racer. The article also discusses the process of creating CryptoMotors vehicles and explains why the CryptoMotors team is investing a lot of energy into vehicle design and visualization.


April 17th - The Crypt-Oink team reveals results of their Diamond cup. The winner of the cup is the player named Devil Horns.

April 16th - Crypt-Oink launches a special campaign to celebrate the release of their Android and iOs apps. The first 2,000 users that install the apps and back up their accounts will receive free ETH.

April 16th - Crypt-Oink sold 2 of their Diamond Cryptons for 200 ETH, each for 100 ETH. The team also released Android and iOS versions of their game, allowing users to play Crypt-Oink on the go.

April 15th - The Crypt-Oink team shares more information about their NFT buyback program. The program will allow users to sell specific Cryptons for their original value in order to return their initial investment.

April 12th - Crypt-Oink announces that it will no longer allow users to play Gran Ton Rismo with their Twitter accounts. However, users will still be able to access Crypt-Oink markets via their Twitter accounts.


April 12th - CryptoRome provides in-depth information about its in-development Roman Conquest. The highly-awaited Roman Conquest will fundamentally change the way CryptoRome is played and will deliver grand-scale battles, resource utilization, new political system, and many other features.


April 17th - Decentraland announces the winners of its Creator Contest. This officially concludes the Contest, which has successfully demonstrated that everyone can develop creative scenes with Decentraland’s Builder.


April 17th - Enjin joins forces with Foundation for Interwallet Operability (FIO) to further advance the UX and usability of the Enjin wallet. Enjin will also work closely with FIO to push blockchain gaming towards mass adoption.

April 10th - Enjin releases an update for the EnjinX browser. Thanks to this update, all ERC-1155 tokens are now public, transparent and browsable via EnjinX.


April 12th - Etheremon makes its 3 starter mons completely free by moving them off the chain. This step will allow new Etheremon players to experience the game at zero cost.

HyperDragons GO

April 10th - HyperDragons GO unveils its prize pool boost plan for the Dragon Competition. To make this campaign successfully, HyperDragons Go players have to join the game’s Telegram channel and retweet the news.

Gods Unchained

April 18th - Gods Unchained release a game-changing v0.11 update. The update adds new content to the game, including new 1st/2nd turn mechanic, new keywords, new cards, and various bugfixes.


April 20th - An RPG blockchain game, CryptoNinja, joins IOST network. CryptoNinja players may now play the game on IOST by creating an IOST account with iWallet.

April 14th - IOST found a new PvP strategy game on their blockchain; TransformRedPacket. The game is simple, immersive and fast-paced, and also rewards new users with 10 IOST.

April 12th - A dice game GameABC joins IOST network. The game leverages blockchain technology to deliver fair and transparent gaming experience to its users.

April 10th - IOSTPlay launches on the IOST platform. IOSTPlay is a gaming platform that aims to deliver engaging and fair gaming experience to its users. The platform currently features 3 games; Dice, Limbo, and Ring.

Kingdoms Beyond

April 17th - The Kingdoms Beyond team explains how it will implement the token backing into their game. Effectively, Kingdoms Beyond players will be able to tokenize their in-game assets and sell them on trading platforms in order to make a profit.

April 13th - The Kingdoms Beyond team officially announced their upcoming role-playing game. In the game, players will be able to collect heroes, train them, fight monsters and interact with other players.

My Crypto Heroes

Kokushi, Business Development: "We did a meetup event in Singapore with Singapore Ethereum. Would love to join or co-host a meetup event again!"

April 19th - My Crypto Heroes add the following heroes to their game; Yamato Takeru, Robin Hood, Yang Duan He, Geronimo, and Lady Chacha. Players can buy these heroes via the My Crypto Heroes stock-linked Dutch auction method.

April 18th - My Crypto Heroes fix bugs related to the Arena mode. Users should now be able to experience the mode free of bugs.

April 17th - My Crypto Heroes add new rules to Hero and Origin Extension in order to prevent fraudulent activities. The new rules slow down trade processes that occur with the said features and improve the overall security of the game.

April 9th - My Crypto Heroes announce the beta version of the Arena mode. The mode will allow players to create or join tournaments and fight against other My Crypto Heroes players.

April 8th - My Crypto Heroes tweak some of their in-game features to make the game more balanced. The tweaking affects Art-edit skills as well as Replica extension skills.

Neon District

April 8th - Neon District announce their first-ever boss auction. The offered boss is the notorious Baus, which will grant its buyer numerous benefits, including a direct collaboration with the Neon District team.


April 13th - Scatter wallet releases its native marketplace. The marketplace will work multiple blockchains and will enable users to create their own branded stores. Users will also be able to trade, buy and sell crypto assets on the Scatter marketplace.

Steem Monsters

April 8th - Steam Monsters announce their partnership with one of TRON’s biggest block providers, SesameSeed. The two will launch a crowdfunding campaign that will allow users to invest in Steem Monsters with TRX and SEED tokens. Steem Monsters also announce that they intend to change their name to Splinterlands.

April 8th - Steem Monsters complete their first ever STO on the Steem blockchain. Steem Monsters will use the generated funds to expand their development team as well as to execute their set roadmap.

Unlimited Tower

April 19th - Unlimited Tower released the 0.2.2 alpha test development update. This update brings an improved homepage, PvP mode, monster fusion, and various bugfixes.

April 16th - Unlimited Tower released the 0.2.1 version of their game. The new update delivers various bugfixes and is aimed to improve Unlimited Tower’s in-game experience.

Tribal Gaming

Tribal Gaming Team: "After the successful announcement of Nestables the other week, we have  been busy listening to our community and getting feedback on the  announcement post.The community has already started to shape the  direction of the game and we have been really pleased with the turnout  in our Telegram.Substantial progress has been made working in  conjunction with Enjin to begin the process of integrating Enjin Coin  into the game with details on that to be announced this week."

April 10th - Tribal Gaming announce Nestables, a new crypto collectible game powered by Enjin. In Nestables, players will collect, breed and interact with 3D cubes, each of which will be unique and backed by Enjin coin.


April 17th - XAYA shares more information about its in-development decentralized MMO game, Taurion. In the article, XAYA also explains what are the benefits of blockchain gaming and how players will be able to make a profit while playing Taurion.


April 13th - ZED Run shares more information about a player that made a 1,600% return playing ZED. The mysterious player bought a ZED horse by the name of Christiano Ronaldo for 0.4 ETH and later sold it on the OpenSea for 7 ETH.



April 15th - DAO.Casino announces its native blockchain built specifically for blockchain gambling. The blockchain will be based on EOS.io and should feature high-speed, no-fees transactions.


Edvinas, Head of product: "We're the first smart-contract based casino in the world. Given that  we're fully transparent for the players and those who stake the  bankroll. For example we constantly give away jackpots which has it's  own blockchain wallet and everyone can verify that money is there. You  can always check what is the casino bankroll size, which is never seen  before. In general, provably fair games and transparency makes us unique  in a sence that we're perfectly honest in what we do. And I think  players like it. The fact that whole casino is sort of a game itself  also help us stand out of others and I think that is one of our  strongest points. We do not integrate 3rd party games which every  operator has, we create them. For example, if you play roulette in our  casino, you automatically play in the jackpot promotion, bacause we  allowed ourselves to create different type of roulette than everyone is  familiar with. And last but not least - we're small but bold and some  our moves is closely watched and sometimes copied by others. Basically,  we rock 🙂"

April 11th - Edgeless reveals more details about the 3rd cycle of their beta staking program. The article mentions key dates of the 3rd cycle and explains the benefits of the Edgeless beta staking program.

April 10th - Edgeless introduces record promotion bonuses to attract new players to the platform. All new users that join the platform and deposit EDG tokens can get up to 7 BTC and 777 free spins.

Endless Game

April 17th - Endless Game announce a partnership with Oasis, a platform that aims to bring DApps to people’s everyday lives. Through this partnership, Oasis will deliver Endless Game’s games to their platform.

April 10th - Endless Game announce the end of their ET mapping event. ET holders who merged their EOS and IOST accounts will be able to claim their Mapping Rewards through the Endless Game platform.


March 12th - EOSBet launches its Crypto Millionaire Maker Jackpot. This new feature allows EOSBet community members to wager EOS or BTC on any game and simultaneously win a jackpot by getting seven 7s.


April 18th - The FunFair team talks about their decision to develop FunFair’s native crypto wallet. The article explains what benefits will FunFair users enjoy once the wallet is officially released.

April 17th - FunFair release a product update for April 2019. The article discusses FunFair’s achieved and ongoing goals for April, and also touches on FunFair’s roadmap progression.

April 10th - FunFair adds a new gaming title, Hi Lo Max, to their CasinoFair. Hi Lo Max is the fourth game FunFair has added to their provably fair gaming platform this year.

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