Welcome to the DGaming digest for March 25th - April 7th.

In this edition, you will find data from EOS and Ethereum blockchains, as well as news from around the industry over the past few weeks.

To celebrate the opening of The DGaming Store, you'll also find comments from participants in the store. If you haven't seen the store announcement post, you can see it here.

If you would like to be included in future digests, please contact us with information about your project.

DGaming Industry Numbers

Below you will find data we have compiled for both Ethereum and EOS DGaming DApps for March 25th - April 7th.

Ethereum DApps

ETH Volume USD, Volume ETH, Active Users, Average Volume Per User & Average Volume Per Transaction - March 25th - April 7th.

Text Example

The below ETH - USD Exchange rates are calculated using the monthly closing value issued by Bitfinex.

Volume, USD Volume, ETH Unique Wallets AVPU AVPT
Gaming 515,631 2,919 11,200 $46 $9.09
Gambling 25,876,943 146,512 10,985 $2,355 $266


EOS Volume USD, Volume ETH, Active Users, Average Volume Per User & Average Volume Per Transaction - March 25th - April 7th.

Text Example

The below EOS - USD Exchange rates are calculated using the monthly closing value issued by Bitfinex.

Volume, USD Volume, EOS Unique Wallets AVPU AVPT
Gaming 21,943 4,004 43,411 $3.46 $0.51
Gambling 76,840,956 14,022,872 2,596,158 $502 $29.60

Industry Pulse

Discover  the news events in the DGaming industry over the past 14 days, and what  prominent figures from some of these projects had to say.

Animoca Brands

April 4th - Animoca Brands acquires the German sports entertainment platform and developer of Football-Stars, Stryking Entertainment. Effectively, Animoca brands will leverage the power of their blockchain and NFTs to deliver true asset ownership to Football-Stars players.

March 26th - Animoca Brands announces a partnership with F1. Through this partnership, Animoca Brands will develop and publish an official F1 blockchain racing game, F1® Delta Time.

Axie Infinity

Aleksander, COO: "We are very excited to share our gameplay roadmap. As you can see Axie Infinity is just getting started and we have many updates coming in the coming weeks and months."

April 7th - Axie Infinity release an updated gameplay roadmap for 2019 and the first half of 2020. The new roadmap sets the date for some of the most exciting upcoming Axie Infinity features, including Live Battles, Land items, Land gameplay, and the Lunacia SDK.

Blockchain Cuties

Vladimir Tomko, CEO: "The last 2 weeks were very busy for Blockchain Cuties Universe team.
We’ve released 16 new Tribute Cuties for players to find and collect, few very cool custom Cuties that were designed using players' sketches, a big inventory update and Cutie grouping – a feature our community was waiting for three months in a row. We also continued to write about crypto industry events and share our reaction to them. One of the unexpected launches of last two weeks was Kote’s, our mascot, sale with a separate landing page! Kote is very expensive but we’ll put 90% of his value into team scaling and 10% to charity.
We’re also starting to tease our players about the systems we plan to introduce later this year and soon we will roll out the big news update about them, so stay tuned.
And we’re very excited for DGaming launch event. We took a humble role in it’s preparation and we anticipate it to be huge, so stay tuned for that too! ;)

April 6th - Blockchain Cuties participated in the Blockchain Games Next event. At the event, Blockchain Cuties’ CEO Vladimir Tomko described the journey of Blockchain Cuties from the beginning to where it is now, and also shared some information about the potential future of the game.

April 4th - Blockchain Cuties announce a series of new tribute cuties. Players are now able to breed new tribute cuties of the following races: lizards, hedgehogs, foxes, and pigs.

April 3rd - Blockchain Cuties release an inventory update. The update features an advanced filtering system that will enable players to better manage their items.  

April 2nd - Blockchain Cuties announce the Grouping update. The update enables players to form and name groups of cuties, which they can either send to adventures or refresh with potions.

March 29th - Blockchain Cuties shed more light on the mysterious cyber-hedgehog. The new hedgehog will be delivered as a custom cutie, and only one of its kind will be added to the game.

March 28th - Blockchain Cuties unveil new custom cuties. Made in collaboration with the Blockchain Cuties community, the new custom cuties feature a unique alien-like appearance.

March 25th - Blockchain Cuties discuss what role will the mercenaries play in the Blockchain Cuties universe. The article talks about the price of mercenary’ services, players’ eligibility to hire mercenaries and the benefits of hiring them.


Rene Schmidt, Executive Partner, Qwellcode: "Chain Breaker, the last legendary weapon in the crowdsale, has been auctioned for over 38.000 MANA. We have also announced the end of the limited pet NFT event which will happen end of April."

April 3rd - The Chainbreakers team reminds their community members to acquire baby pets while they’re still available. Baby pets, which are limited-edition, ultra-rare NFTs, will only be acquirable until April 30th.

March 29th - Chainbreakers remind their players about the end of the active crowdsale phase and its implications. The new phase will bring Gen 2 smart contracts to Chainbreakers, devalue the offered NFTs and reduce honor rewards that players receive from purchasing the crowdsale items.

March 27th - Chainbreakers announce a special Rank event to celebrate the advent of OpenSea’s “NFT for NFT” technology. Players that acquire a rank by participating in the event will receive unique uncommon or rare items depending on the ranks they achieve.

March 26th - Chainbreakers announce that they’ll be auctioning one of the rarest and most powerful items in the game, the “Chain Breaker”. The item will be offered via the organized Dutch auction powered by OpenSea smart contract. It’s also worth noting that only level 30 units will be able to use this item.


March 30th - CryptoKitties publish a guide that helps users breed Glitter the Fancy Cat. The guide explains which tools the players need to acquire in order to breed this cat, and reminds the players that it often takes multiple attempts to breed a Fancy cat.

March 25th - CryptoKitties distributed new class of Knight Kitties to their community moderators. The CryptoKitties team also reminded users that they’re more than welcome to join their community and help further the gaming experience for existing and new collectors.


John, Crypto-Oink: "Gran Ton Rismo is sponsoring the  Diamond Cup, giving racers a chance to  win REAL Diamonds! Yep, you heard us right. Head over the track and  participate in the time trials this week!"

April 5th - Crypt-Oink announce that they’ll launch a brand new event on April 9. The new event named the Diamond Cup campaign will reward top participants with real diamonds and some in-game items.  

March 29th - Crypt-Oink release a new update for the game. The new update brings various features to the game, including a gas-free sign-in bonus and website improvements.

March 25th - Crypt-Oink rolled-out a brand new event, the ETH cup. Those who were eligible and participated in the event had a chance of earning a significant amount of ETH.


March 29th - The CryptoRome devs discuss future CryptoRome updates and features. Among the most notable additions is the upcoming grand-scale Roman Conquest mode, website updates, resource and item managers, and the new details page for better village management.  

Crypto Space Commander

April 6th - The Crypto Space Commander team shared some behind the scenes footage and info regarding the games’ development process. The team also said that they’d soon add more content and features to the game, including an improved mining system, new asteroid types, mysterious creatures, and farming.


March 28th - Decentraland announces the end of their Creator Contest. The Creator Contest saw more than 4,000 participants and 9,000 submitted scenes. Decentraland will announce the five finalists in the next couple of weeks.

March 28th - Decentraland released an improved version of the platform’s marketplace bids. Thanks to this update, all the bids users make are now made public. Also, users now have the option to archive their bids.

March 26th - Decentraland published inspirational scenes their community made through the Creator Contest. Decentraland also reminded their users that every quality scene will be rewarded with 100 MANA.

March 25th - Decentraland announced that it will, in collaboration with HTC, give away 2 EXODUS 1 phones through their Creator contest. To win the first native blockchain phone, users had to design a scene with the newly added EXODUS Builder models.


April 5th - Enjin co-founders Maxim Blagov and Witek Radomski participated in a Binance-hosted ask-me-anything (AMA) to answer questions for the Binance community. The two co-founders answered numerous questions, including those about the Enjin Multiverse, the Enjin Platform, Enjin’s SDK for Unity, and Enjin’s Wallet.


Yaron K, Product Manager: "Here's what happened in the last 14 days:
ExoPlanets have announced a new mobile game called ExoBattles, which will utilize the EXT (ERC20 ExoTokens)  and create a live tokens economy revolving around the Exo games. ExoBattles is the first mobile crypto Battle Royale game and incorporates civilizations that evolved on various planets from ExoPlanets and are fighting for survivale.
ExoBattles has also recruited testers to check the early demo and provide feedback. Testers are receiving EXT Airdrops so make sure to stay tuned if you'd like to get a chance as well!
Check out the gameplay teaser here: https://youtu.be/ENMmmkeTpi8"

ExoPlanets have announced a new mobile game called ExoBattles, which will utilize the EXT (ERC20 ExoTokens)  and create a live tokens economy revolving around the Exo games. ExoBattles is the first mobile crypto Battle Royale game and incorporates civilizations that evolved on various planets from ExoPlanets and are fighting for survivale.
ExoBattles are also looking for testers to check out the early Demo and provide feedback, and will pay 300EXT airdrop for testers!
Check out the gameplay teaser here: https://youtu.be/ENMmmkeTpi8
If you have an Android phone, sign up to be a tester here: https://forms.gle/Ewyhu1ypYt8E43bGA

April 1st - The ExoPlanets team announced their new BR blockchain game, ExoBattles. In the game, users will be able to fight players and bots, level up during combat and collect valuable ExoTokens.

Ether Kingdoms

Mopsik, CIO: "Hi! Our main achievement in past two weeks — Ether Kingdoms got listed on BitFinex! It took a lot of hard work to make it possible, but finally we did it! This is a small step for Ether Kingdoms, but a giant leap for crypto-gaming! Apart from it, we released Update 7.7. — it contains new personal bosses, new quests, small interface tweaks and Far Realm tutorial. We continue working on next update coming next week! Also, we’ve always tried to make onboarding easier for new players, unfamiliar with cryptocurrencies — we are glad to cooperate with DGaming to push in further with their store release!"

April 1st - Ether Kingdoms announce their partnership with the crypto exchange platform, BitFinex. Through this collaboration, Ether Kingdoms players are now able to trade IMP tokens on the BitFinex platform.

March 27th - Ether Kingdoms release the update 7.7. The new update brings new personal bosses, quests through which the players can defeat these bosses, improved interface and much more.

March 25th - The Ether Kingdoms team published a guide for their Far Realm mode. The guide should help players understand some key things about the Far Realm, which they can leverage to make their in-game actions more efficient and worthwhile.

Forest Knight

April 5th - Forest Knight announced the end of their Winter Presale. Effectively, the devs will distribute well-earned awards to the top 15 contributors, and will now focus their energy on the further development of the game.

Gods Unchained

March 29th - Gods Unchained released their in-depth end of quarter update. The update announced new things for 2019, including the launch of Open Beta, and an improved Trello-based roadmap. The team also said that players should now experience better performance when browsing through their inventories on the main site.

HyperDragons Go

March 29th - HyperDragons Go released a new game update. The new update features an increased prize pool for the Dragon Arena, themed battles, new dragon skins and the new reward for the Dragon Lucky Draw.  


April 4th - IOST announce that Mango Dice is now live on the IOST blockchain. Per this agreement, users are now able to interact with Mango Dice site and its content through the iWallet extension.

MLB Champions

March 29th - MLB champions unveil 2019 figure packs and season passes. Purchasing one or both of these items will be of great value to MLB Champions players and will net them short and long-term rewards with real-world value.

March 29th - MLB Champions publish a guide intended for those users who wish to join the game. The guide explains the process of acquiring Diamonds and purchasing packs and season passes.

March 28th - MLB Champions talked about the new rarity system for the season 2019. The team also unveiled new stances, as well as the new baseball bats and gloves.

March 27th - MLB Crypto Baseball becomes MLB Champions. The new brand should help MLB Champions attract more non-crypto baseball fans and collectors to their game.

My Crypto Heroes

Kokushi, Business Development: "Total uu hit to 40k since we launched on last November. Our next goal is 100 K UU and we have been trying to improve our UI in these few weeks. And I’m really excited to see DGaming team release their new platform; we’re happy to be a part of the store!!"

April 7th - My Crypto Heroes add three new heroes to the game; Charles Darwin, Sanada Yukimura, and Anastasia. Players may purchase these heroes through the My Crypto Heroes stock-linked Dutch auction method.

April 5th - My Crypto Heroes add better item descriptions to the game. The new descriptions improve a players ability to understand the nature of in-game items.

April 4th - My Crypto Heroes add a time-limited low-difficulty node PLUS. The node is available only for heroes with rare or lower rarity and should help new players progress faster through the game.

April 1st - My Crypto Heroes announce their next weekly cup, Red Dragon. The article also contains information regarding the cup’s rules and rewards.

April 1st - My Crypto Heroes disclose information about the problems concerning the Land Battle Season 1 profit. My Crypto Heroes has compensated the players with GUM and apologized to their community for the inconvenience.

March 31st - My Crypto Heroes explained the nature of Free agents and knight transfer fees. The team has stated that the content of this announcement is subject to change.


OpenSea team: "Here's our update. Neon District ran their presale (http://founders.neondistrict.io/) with us, which accounted for 25% of Ethereum's transactions the day it launched. Their press release just went out: https://www.nonpareilonline.com/blockade-games-announces-boss-auction-making-video-game-history/article_2bbd9ce3-f66e-5b0f-bfd8-cbf4cc26eda5.html. They're also auctioning off their first level's boss, and it's going pretty well, with a top bid of 9 ETH and one week remaining: https://opensea.io/assets/0x1276dce965ada590e42d62b3953ddc1ddceb0392/1

We also added USD payments with debit cards and bank accounts, along with email whitelisting for buying specific tokens and better commissions for game devs.
Season Zero: Baus - Neon District In-Game Item | currently 9.03 WE...
Season Zero: Baus is Neon District In-Game Item #1: The first boss in Neon District, and the most powerful Neon District token to date. The first and only tokenized game asset that grants the owner the ability to influence how ...

^ This auction, by the way, started at 1 ETH. It's an English Auction, so OpenSea pays the gas fees for the final trade when the item sells to the highest bidder. English Auctions have been a huge hit, primarily because sellers aren't relying on just one buyer's opinion for whether they priced an item correctly. They're just setting a low floor price, even 0 ETH in some cases, and watching buyers set the market price."

March 27th - The OpenSea team explains the process of creating a custom marketplace on the OpenSea platform. The team argues that users can seamlessly create a secure marketplace on their platform in no more than 3 minutes in order to improve the liquidity of their assets.

Reality Clash

April 1st - The Reality Clash devs talk about the game’s changes and performance in March 2019. The team has also announced that the game should soon launch in the UK.

Soccer Manager Elite

April 3rd - Soccer Manager Elite announced their new brand. Previously Soccer Manager Crypto, Soccer Manager Elite has also said that players may now apply for their closed beta.  

Steem Monsters

March 27th - The Steem Monsters team released a major update for their game. The new update brings an improved market, better UI, and an improved Collection tab. Also, the team added the Lore tab for each card, allowing players to better understand the nature and origin of their cards.  

Unlimited Tower

March 27th - Unlimited Tower announces its collaboration with IOST. Thanks to this partnership, Unlimited Tower players will soon be able to play their favorite game on the IOST blockchain.  

War Riders

March 25th - War Riders add better effects and visuals to the game. The War Riders team also published the results of their Logo contest, the winner being the “Crypto Gaming Pool” logo.


April 5th - XAYA unveiled four big updates to their community. The updates were; the launch of the Soccer Manager Elite beta sign up, updates made to Taurion, XAYA’s partnership with MMX, and XAYA’s membership in the Blockchain Gaming Alliance.  


April 1st - The ZED devs described their efforts to make a decentralized in-game economy. The devs pointed out that their partnership with OpenSea played an important role in creating and delivering a decentralized economy to ZED players.



Paul Bokay, Head of Community: "We are closer to the big  'dao-boom' than ever. Watch after our social activities and count days! I'm sure you would be surprised when we will throw our next announce. Team has worked extremely hard for that."

March 29th - DAO.Casino released a new dev update. The update discussed new channel optimization, and channel rendering, both of which should improve the gaming experience for DAO.Casino players. Additionally, the DAO.Casino team unveiled that they’d soon release a roadmap for the next 3 months.  


March 29th - Edgeless discussed the platform’s achievements and results for March 2019. The team also unveiled that they’d soon add the following features to their platform; Welcome packages, no deposit bonus, invite a friend bonus, and updated jackpots.

Endless Game

March 28th - The Endless Game team explains how ET holders may map their ET tokens to the IOST blockchain. Endless Game is reminding its users that they may map their ETs to IOST until April 10, after which they’ll no longer be able to complete the said process.


March 31st - FireLotto unveiled that they’ve burnt 58,962,974 FLOTs by sending them to an unused wallet address. The FireLotto team has said that this should increase the liquidity of their FLOT tokens on the crypto market.


April 5th - FunFair release an updated roadmap for Q2 2019. According to the new roadmap, FunFair will focus heavily on improving the UX, adding new functions to their platform, and implementing features that will bring more parties and players to the FunFair ecosystem.