Welcome to the DGaming digest for March 11th - 24th.

In this edition, you will find data from EOS and Ethereum blockchains, as well as news from around the industry over the past few weeks, with additional comments from leading figures in these projects.

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DGaming Industry Numbers

Below you will find data we have compiled for both Ethereum and EOS DGaming DApps for March 11th - 24th.

Ethereum DApps

ETH Volume USD, Volume ETH, Active Users, Average Volume Per User & Average Volume Per Transaction - March 11th - 24th.

Text Example

The below ETH - USD Exchange rates are calculated using the monthly closing value issued by Bitfinex. Percentages show decline/growth from period February 25th - March 10th

Volume, USD Volume, ETH Unique Wallets AVPU AVPT
Gaming 602,082 (-36.29%) 4,432 11,971 (-6.38%) $51 $8.98
Gambling 20,006,993 (+24.47%) 147,273 10,985 (-5.26%) $1,837 $186


EOS Volume USD, Volume ETH, Active Users, Average Volume Per User & Average Volume Per Transaction - March 11th - 24th.

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The below EOS - USD Exchange rates are calculated using the monthly closing value issued by Bitfinex. Percentages show decline/growth from period February 25th - March 10th

Volume, USD Volume, EOS Unique Wallets AVPU AVPT
Gaming 45,532 (-43.96%) 12,440 168,398 (+31.39%) $2.34 $0.27
Gambling 188,999,947 (+103.78%) 51,639,330 6,360,732 (+40.34%) $490 $30

Industry Pulse

Discover  the news events in the DGaming industry over the past 14 days, and what  prominent figures from some of these projects had to say.


March 19th - 0xGames share game optimization tips with 0xUniverse players. The tips will be particularly of use to those who play 0xUniverse on Windows 10 laptops with integrated Intel and dedicated NVIDIA graphics processors.

March 14th - 0xGames announce their official nomination for the EOS Block Producer candidacy. In their announcement, the 0xGames team explained why they believe in EOS and how 0xEOS can make the EOS Network more sustainable, advanced and scalable.


March 14th - Alto partners with Antler Interactive to bring Antler’s mobile AR racing mobile Krystal Kart on the blockchain. According to their agreement, Antler will migrate some of its in-game assets to the blockchain, making Krystal Kart the first mobile AR blockchain racing game.

Axie Infinity

Aleksander, COO: "We just announced our partnership with Japanese game studio Good Luck3 and the response was overwhelming. Their DAU increased by over 350%! We always want to provide value for our partners and players."

March 22nd - Axie Infinity announce their time-limited collaboration with Crypt-Oink. During the duration of this partnership, both Axie and Crypt-Oink players are able to claim rewards and participate in special game events to earn lucrative rewards.

Blockchain Cuties

March 22nd - Blockchain Cuties share amazing fan art with their entire community. The article showcases art inspired by one of the most stylish cuties, Baby Gator, as well as the first 3D representation of a cutie named Kote.

March 21st - A very rare and hidden attribute, the Mangelica attribute, is discovered in Blockchain Cuties. Aside from empowering the eligible cuties, the Mangelica attribute also makes cuties hairy and fluffy.

March 20th - Blockchain Cuties announce a new, ruleless game fighting adventure, the Tavern adventure. Only cuties that are level 10 or above can join this adventure, where they can earn special tokens and later exchange them for special armor, weapons, elixirs, accessories or bracelets.

March 20th - Two new custom cuties, Wild Boar and High Leaf Priest added to Blockchain Cuties. These cuties were inspired by the two Blockchain Cuties players, Furryframer (Wild Boar) and Bongman (High Leaf Priest).

March 18th - Blockchain Cuties share some information about the upcoming raid boss. The new raid boss, armed with a hat, pumpkin and a knife, is expected to be very scary and difficult to beat.

March 17th - The Blockchain Cuties team discuss changes made to the Trust Wallet. The team wanted to ensure that all Cutieneers that play the game via their mobiles understand all the benefits and features of the enhanced Trust Wallet.

March 14th - Blockchain Cuties discuss changes made to their ticket system. The team has, according to the community’s feedback, decided to change the ticket system in a way that suits the players. The team also announced they’d release new unique cuties at a much slower pace in order to preserve the value of the existing unique cuties.  

March 13th - The Blockchain Cuties team demonstrates how cuties come to life. The article emphasizes the work of artists, who take the idea of a cutie and turn it into an actual digital pet that players want to own and breed.

March 12th -  Blockchain Cuties unveil their partnership with Contentos. To celebrate, Blockchain Cuties is giving away 10 unique cuties with powerful Gen 1 characteristics.  

March 11th - Blockchain Cuties make significant improvements to their Wiki page. Now, users are able to learn about breeding, read the latest patch notes and find other valuable information about Blockchain Cuties via their Wiki page.


Rene Schmidt, Executive Partner, Qwellcode: "The deployment of our virtual reality market place has been a huge step forward. Lots of pieces that were developed behind the curtains finally came together. We are very glad that we can show this progress to our constantly growing community. You can also view the following link (http://bit.ly/free-chainbreakers-nft) which is our official give away that is still online till March 31st at 12:00PM and allows the free claim of a Chainbreakers NF."

March 21st - Chainbreakers release the VR version of their in-game marketplace. The new VR marketplace allows players to experience in-game items in a completely new way, browse weapons that are available during the crowdsale and observe newly added Chainbreakers animated pets.  


March 13th - Chainmonsters release an annual report filled with insightful data and statistics. The Chainmonsters team published this report for the sake of transparency, as well as to inform gamers and investors about the past and current financial state of the game.

March 11th - Chainmonsters release a trailer for their new MMO world. The new world should be visually more appealing than the current one, and should also introduce new modes to the game.

Coins & Steel

Denis, CEO: "Last 2 weeks we are preparing our Demo to be presented to everyone. Currently it is in closed testing by several people from our community. Worth noting that all coins and  exclusive skins will be usable in final release of the game! Come and play once demo is available."

March 11th - Coins & Steel announce that they’d release a demo version of their game in March 2019. The devs have also announced that players will be able to keep items they obtain during the demo phase and use them in the future stages of the game.  


March 16th - CryptoKitties publish a guide that helps users breed a new Fancy Kat, Clover. The guide explains which tools players must obtain in order to breed this new powerful kitty.


Leandro Bellone, CEO: "The CryptoMotors’ 3D modeling team has finished the first GEN1. This car  is the result of the first decentralized car design challenge 🚀.  We  have surface 3D modeled the design of the winner in-house, using  automotive standards and using Autodesk Alias software. Now the new Car is ready for Visualization, tokenization and even ready for physical prototyping. Here are some final images."

March 11th - CryptoMotors publish an article that explains how their digital race cars come to life. The article talks about sketching, designing, 3D modeling, rendering, and visualization.


Brian Burns, Co-Founder & CTO: "Over the last two weeks we have been focusing mainly on marketing and  business development efforts, including a presence at the SXSW Gaming  conference and a huge week-long Ides of March promotion. Tons of prizes  were given away and a new “traitor” battle game mechanic was introduced  in the form of daggers. We have also been working on a number of wallet  partnerships and integrations to extend our player reach; most notably,  we are happy to announce CryptoRome support in the Lumi Collect wallet!"

March 19th - CryptoRome celebrated the Ides of March week with unique in-game events and giveaways. During the week, CryptoRome players were able to earn Denari, participate in unique contests and earn limited in-game assets.


Matias Nisenson, CEO, Experimental [e11.io]: "Matias Nisenson (CEO) and Luciano Bertenasco (CTO) made an AMA Twitch stream. They talked about: *The experimental team expanding *New Features of the Game *Announced a User System that will launch soon *Announced new game art, and style improvements in the game *Mentioned new features launching such as: Defeneses, Alliances, and more. *Addressed the challenge of scaling in blockchain."

March 14th - CryptoWars announce a 50-player tournament with a prize pool of 2.5 ETH. Only 50 players were able to join the tournament by paying a 0.05 ETH entry fee. The tournament lasted for 3 days, after which the prize pool was distributed among the top 5 players.  

Crypto Idle Miner

March 21st - Crypto Idle Miner launch an official trailer for their game. The trailer perfectly caught the essence of Crypto Idle Miner and demonstrated why players should try this game.


March 21st - Decentraland announced that Bittrex joined their Creator Contest event. Bittrex will promote the Contest and allow users to join the competition via their platform. Also, the Bittrex CEO will award the author of the best scene with 100,000 MANA, 5 pieces of LAND and some Bittrex goods.  

March 18th - Decentraland announces the first public release of its drag-and-drop Builder. With the Builder, users are able to create unique content and participate in Decentraland’s Creator Contest.

March 11th - Decentraland publishes more information about the current developmental state of their Builder. The Decentraland team said that the Builder now features intuitive tooltips, tutorials, and fewer bugs.  


Gleb Skibitsky, CEO: "We are very excited to take the next step. After the initial token offering is over, we may start the development of the ecosystem around DGS. More exchanges and services will support DGS. We have to prepare everything before the launch of the Platform for game developers. We've been working on it for more than a year and now we are ready for the demo – going to show it next month."

March 11th - Dragonglass announce the end of their ICO. With the ICO reaching its end, the Dragonglass team will now focus on finishing the Dragonglass platform, which will allow game developers to merge their games with blockchain technology.


Ilija Rolovic, CMO: "GDC is insane! We are making incredible use of the space. Our early adopters are crushing it, it's so good to have such a massive team on the floor. We're having some really exciting conversations."

March 20th - Enjin & Changelly announce the launch of Changelly explorer, a custom version of the existing EnjinX explorer. With this new explorer, Changelly users may now quickly and securely browse and confirm their transactions. They may also browse for cryptocurrencies, tokens and other crypto assets via the Changelly browser.

March 14th - Enjin officially launch the Enjin Platform on the Ethereum testnet. Users are now able to use the platform in order to manage and build blockchain games without having any blockchain development experience.  

March 14th - Unity listed Enjin’s SDK for Unity developers on the front page of their Asset Store. As of now, developers can use Enjin’s blockchain SDK for Unity and create blockchain games with ease.  

March 11th - Enjin launch the SENS NFT Donation Store, a donation platform that uses ERC-1155 assets to fund medical research and kickstart a rejuvenation biotech industry. The platform allows users to make a positive change in the world by donating with BTC, ETH, and LTC. Users may also purchase SENS Collectibles to directly support SENS projects.

Ether Kingdoms

Mopsik, CIO: "Hi! Ether Kingdoms` development gained  huge momentum in March: we released two updates so far, and aren’t going  to slow down! These two updates added quite a lot to the game content:  two news item sets available for purchase and farming, new Far Realm  monsters and balance tweaks. We also realized new quest line: by  completing all quests, you can get a full item set! The last  addition, but certainly not the least, is an option to buy imps directly  via bank card. New players don’t need to bother with exchanges anymore,  onboarding is so much easier now!"

March 21st - Ether Kingdoms release update 7.6. The new update allows users to purchase IMPs with credit cards and allows casual gamers to easily join the game.

March 15th - Ether Kingdoms release version 7.5 of their game. This update brings 2 new skins, new monsters, some item changes, and an entirely new quest line.


March 13th - Forte announce a $100 million partnership with Ripple’s Xpring. According to this collaboration, Forte will leverage Ripples advanced technology in order to develop a platform that helps users develop blockchain games.  

Gods Unchained

March 20th - Gods Unchained announced that Etherbots are now added in the game. Users may collect Etherbot parts and assemble them into complete Etherbots to exchange them for unique card packs.  


March 22nd - HyperDragons announce that they’ve adjusted the way HyperDragons Go battles work. Now, each battle will act as a unique battle, allowing users to simultaneously have fun and profit from their in-game actions.

March 14th - HyperDragons unveil their partnership with 03 Labs. The 03 Labs team will now provide HyperDragons players with a simple and secure way of confirming their transactions and playing the game.


March 22nd - IOST announced that Endless Dice players spent over 700 million IOST within the first day of launch. The article explains the benefits of playing Endless Dice and why users should try it out themselves.


MCP Team: "MegaCryptoPolis 3D Microeconomy packs presale started this week, only 15000 packs with Generation A Citizens available; 2 Astronauts were revealed during first two days (super exclusive ultimate Citizens), only 10 will ever exist and can be acquired only during the presale event. Packs opening contract is among the top gas burners with 3-6% network consumption. MCP is back to the top position by volume in Ether games dApps category. Cooperation with Nitfy Gateway allows for purchasing presale events with credit cards, later players will be able to acquire any in-game asset including those offered on a secondary market as well with fiat."

March 11th - MegaCryptoPolis publish a guide for their Micro and Macro economy layers. The article clarifies the key differences between the two and explains how the Microeconomy layer is built on top of the Macro layer.

March 14th - MegaCryptoPolis discuss the content and pricing of their pre-order packages. During the presale, players are able to preorder 4 different packs. Anyone that buys at least one pack is also eligible for winning a Gen A citizen with perfect characteristics.

MLB Crypto Baseball

March 12th - MLB Crypto Baseball announces major gameplay and balance changes for the upcoming season. For 2019, MLB Crypto Baseball reworked game cards, rarity distribution system, gameplay, reworked and added new game events, changed post-game rewards and caps, and much more.

My Crypto Heroes

March 23rd - My Crypto Heroes explain what Flag Battles are how they will work. Played in a 5v5 setup, Flag Battles aim to add more competitiveness and glory to the game.  

March 20th - My Crypto Heroes unveil 3 new heroes for the upcoming Legendary Campaign 2; Charles the Great, Zhuge Liang, and Cleopatra. This campaign will also be followed up by the GUMGUM campaign, which refunds ETH paid for GUM to 1 in 34 users.

March 20th - My Crypto Heroes introduce a new novice hero, Raiden Tameemon. Users will be able to obtain this hero at a fixed price as of April 1st.  

March 18th - My Crypto Heroes announce the Baby Dragon “no same heroes” weekly cup. Per the tournament rules, participants won’t be able to use the same heroes in their teams while competing.  

March 15th - My Crypto Heroes talk more about the game’s stats, damage and healing systems. The article explains the logic behind the stats, explains how the game is calculating healing and damage, and also discusses the nature of different damage types.

March 14th - My Crypto Heroes publish and explain the rules for Knight battles. Knight battles, which allowed with the Land update, allow players to earn rank, fight for achievement points and defend their land.  

March 13th - My Crypto Heroes provide an in-depth guide to their Action Points, as well as active and passive skills. Aside from explaining how these in-game elements work, the article also recommends how the players can use each skill to their advantage while playing the game.

Mythical Games

March 18th - Mythical Games co-host the Blankos Block Party at this year’s SXSW. At the event, Mythical Games demoed Blankos Block Party, showcase gameplay, explain in-game features and so forth.


March 22nd - Ontology announces 50,000,000 TOP giveaway to celebrate the listing of TOP on the Huobi Prime. Ontology announced to give away this vast amount of tokens in two waves, between March 25th - 26th and March 17th - 30th.

March 13th - Ontology partners with multimedia industry leaders to help blockchain reach mainstream level. On the list of partners are KMPlayer, Pandora.tv and Prism Exchange, the companies behind MovieBloc.


March 16th - The Scatter team unveils what they’ve been working for over the last few weeks. The article mentions Scatter’s new Reputation and Identity Layer (RIDl), Scatter Mobile, Scatter Desktop and Scatter Marketplace.

Steem Monsters

March 18th - Steem Monsters introduce card delegation and pack tokens. Following this update, players are now able to delegate their cards to their friends and convert unopened Beta Booster packs into tokens, which will play an important role in the Steem ecosystem.

War Riders

March 18th - War Riders announce test driving and logo contest. Players are now able to test their driving and shooting skills in the Wasteland, collect hidden rewards and vote for the logo they think should be added to the game.  



Paul 'Unlimion' Bokay, Head of Community: "Going silent while doing hard research and development is always a hard thing for company investors and believers. But here is the inside view: our team is working hard to make you surprised and fully break the 'silence' with the big 'boom'. I do know that sounds a lot like every other project in the field during that 'deep development' phase, but you will soon know why we have decided to choose this tactic."

March 21st - DAO.Casino’s loyal community member, Yuma, talks about the potential benefits of game channels. Yuma also mentioned how users can use DAO.Casino’s protocol in various roles, be it player, bankroller, affiliate, game developer or casino operator.

March 15th - DAO.Casino provide an in-depth insight into social and online casinos. The article talks about the evolution of social casinos, distinctions between social and online casinos, problems of social casinos, and potential solutions to those problems.  

Endless Game

March 19th - Endless Game officially announced that their Dice game launched on IOST. The article provides users with step-by-step instructions for playing Endless Dice on IOST, and also discusses the benefits of earning and holding iETs.

March 13th - Endless Game launch the beta version of their new game, Poseidon’s Challenges. Players are encouraged to join the game’s testing phase to explore bugs, participate in a bounty program, and much more.


March 15th - FireLotto unveil a new concept for the FLOT token economy. Per the new concept, the FireLotto team aims to reduce the total FLOT supply by 75% in order to increase the token’s value.