Welcome to the DGaming digest for February 25th - March 10th.

In  this edition, you will find data from EOS and Ethereum blockchains, as well as news from around the industry over the past few weeks, with additional comments from leading figures in these projects.

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DGaming Industry Numbers

Below you will find data we have compiled for both Ethereum and EOS DGaming DApps for February 25th - March 10th.

Ethereum DApps

ETH Volume USD, Volume ETH, Active Users, Average Volume Per User & Average Volume Per Transaction - February 25th - March 10th.

Text Example

The below ETH - USD Exchange rates are calculated using the monthly closing value issued by Bitfinex. Percentages show decline/growth from period February 11th - February 24th

Volume, USD Volume, ETH Active Users AVPU AVPT
Gaming 945,143 (+120.5%) 6,957 12,788 (+11.88%) $74 $13
Gambling 16,073,332 (+38.35%) 118,317 11,596 (-38.34%) $1,386 $174


EOS Volume USD, Volume ETH, Active Users, Average Volume Per User & Average Volume Per Transaction - February 25th - March 10th.

Text Example

The below EOS - USD Exchange rates are calculated using the monthly closing value issued by Bitfinex. Percentages show decline/growth from period February 11th - February 24th

Volume, USD Volume, ETH Active Users AVPU AVPT
Gaming 81,253 (+95.71%) 29,228 128,165 (-34.17%) $5.06 $0.58
Gambling 92,746,325 (+24.52%) 33,361,987 4,532,317 (-7.56%) $320 $18.62

Industry Pulse

Discover  the news events in the DGaming industry over the past 14 days, and what  prominent figures from some of these projects had to say.

Age of Rust

February 26th - Age of Rust developers announce their decision to attend this year’s GDC.  At the event, the devs will share their views and tips on how to create a sustainable and balanced in-game economy and encouraged game developers to “embrace the change of a crypto game economy.”


March 1st - BLOCKLORDS published a step-by-step guide for their closed beta on the TRON testnet. The guide outlines all the steps players need to take should they join the testing, and also share insightful information about some current and upcoming in-game features.

Blockchain Cuties

Vladimir Tomko, CEO: "The last two weeks were full of tweaking and improving for Blockchain Cuties Universe. We did quite some UI improvements during those 14 days – some are already in the game, while lots are designed and waiting to be released. We've integrated with Abyss and Binance tokens and announced a major partnership with ContentOS. Also during these weeks our Wiki page has received more that 20 edits from our dear community members, which we are very proud of. We’ve removed the "Youth Potion" (one that lets you upgrade your Cuties to generation 0) from the drop, while Cutieneers have discovered some new Tribute Cuties. One of the big updates during these weeks is the total overhaul of our website – blockchaincuties.com. Now it’s a super-long-read page that covers everything Blockchain Cuties Universe has to over and you are welcome to check it out!"

March 9th - Blockchain Cuties share more information about the upcoming in-game features. The team mentioned Mass Sending and Mercenaries as the two most distinct upcoming features.

March 7th - A new tribute cutie by the name of Ted was discovered in Blockchain Cuties. The cutie is inspired by one of the main characters in the same named comedy.

March 6th - Blockchain Cuties announce the end of their Valentine’s Day event. Effectively, certain in-game items such as “Elixir of Youth” and “Chocolate” will disappear from the game.  

March 5th - Blockchain Cuties add more female cuties to honor the promise they’ve made to their community. The devs also unveiled the artwork for the Daenerys Targaryen-inspired cutie.

March 4th - Blockchain Cuties explain matchmaking changes that came with the v1.69 patch notes. The new matchmaking system should balance the game and allow players to create more versatile teams of cuties with different strategies in mind.

March 3rd - Blockchain Cuties share more information about tribute cuties and the nature of cutie relationships. The team also touched on a unique in-game event, where one cutie couple produced several different tribute cuties.

March 2nd - Blockchain Cuties add a unique cutie to their game; Cyborg Lika. Only 9 of these powerful female cuties were made, which makes them extremely scarce and valuable.

March 1st - Blockchain Cuties publish an in-depth article that describes all in-game changes that came with v1.64 - v1.69 update. The article talks about new races, balance changes, shop functionalities, tribute cuties, and other relevant changes.

February 28th - Blockchain Cuties published their roadmap and shared it with their community. The roadmap unveiled many exciting upcoming features and in-game elements that will add more depth and flexibility to the game.

February 27th - Bob tribute cutie, inspired by the main character in a movie named “A Street Cat Named Bob” discovered in Blockchain Cuties. Aside from being called “the most adorable tribute cutie”, Bob also features powerful tribute attributes that make it unique and powerful.

February 26th - Blockchain Cuties unveil their partnership with The ABYSS platform. The new partnership allows players to purchase and sell cuties with ABYSS token, a utility token and a native digital currency used on The ABYSS platform.

February 25th - Blockchain Cuties share information on what’s it like to launch a blockchain game. The team also mentioned the Blockchain Game Connects conference, where their CEO Vladimir Tomko participated in a discussion about creating a successful blockchain game.


Rene Schmidt, Executive Partner at Qwellcode: "After our presentation at the NFT conference in New York, we unveiled some of Chainbreakers’ progress. We also announced the next stage of the official crowdsale which again does not increase token supply but raises the value of NFTs that are purchased before April 2nd. We are very careful when it comes to token economics and always have our early community members in mind."

March 5th - Chainbreakers announce major item changes as their NFT crowdsale implements the Gen 2 smart contracts. The Gen 2 smart contract will bring visual changes to certain in-game items, and will also the affect armor bonus and Chainbreakers’ Honor Rewards system.

March 5th - Chainbreakers release a report for the current state of their game. The report touches on new 3D models, a new PvE mode, and the growth of the Chanbreakers community.  


March 9th - Chainmonsters publish an in-depth guide that explains all of their Beta game mechanics. The guide talks about Monsters’ distribution and rarity, Monster stats, IVs and EVs, and so on.  

February 25th - Chainmonsters update their website in preparations for the Beta launch. The new website comes with an improved UI, more intuitive marketplace, and also shows more details about the monsters, such as their level, IVs, EVs, and stats.


March 4th - CryptoFights announce their decision to run their on-chain battles on Bitcoin SV. The team believes that migrating their CryptoFights battles to Bitcoin SV will improve UX and battle performances.  


February 27th - CryptoFlowers launch an event that allows gamers to breed monochrome flowers. The first 100 players that breed these flowers will receive large decorations of their unique flowers.


March 8th - Crypt-Oink added Gym Memberships to the game. The Gym Memberships increase the players’ gym slots by 1 and allow them to perform different in-game actions simultaneously.

March 5th - Crypt-Oink launched an event in celebration of their new in-game shop. Users that purchase 20,000 - 50,000 Coinks will receive a unique limited-edition in-game item.

February 25th - Crypt-Oink release a new update for their game. The new update brings a Monthly Race Schedule, new in-game shop, as well as new in-game items.


March 2nd - CryptoKitties release a guide that helps players breed Ninja Kitties. The guide also talks about the importance of breeding in CryptoKitties, and how players must navigate through a maze of hidden genes in order to breed the kittie they want.

March 1st - CryptoKitties unveil the winner of their NFTme Sweepstakes contest. The winner by the name of CyberBerry will receive a very unique reward; the CryptoKitties team will create an NFT inspired by CyberBerry and add it to the Ethereum blockchain.


February 28th - CryptoWars announce that they’ll host a tournament at this year’s ETHCC in Paris. The winner will be announced on March 12 and will receive the prize in ETH or Experimental Tokens.


Decentraland team: "Decentraland announced a partnership with HTC on February 26th. The Decentraland Marketplace will be bundled with the EXODUS 1, HTC’s blockchain-enabled smartphone, giving EXODUS users the ability to buy, sell, and manage their Decentraland assets directly and securely on their mobile phone.

Beginning on March 18th, is Decentraland’s Creator Contest, a competition rewarding the most creative 3D scenes made with the Builder, Decentraland’s upcoming drag-and-drop scene editor. Win LAND and MANA from the 900K+ MANA prize pool. Anyone who signs up for the Creator Contest is also encouraged to participate in the referral program. Every referral made increases the chances of winning the 30K MANA lucky draw!"

March 6th - Decentraland shares valuable information about the history of virtual worlds. The article talks about the difference between virtual worlds and games, how to create a virtual world, and how Decentraland stands out from other similar projects.

March 4th - Decentraland shares tips for their soon-to-be-released Builder. The tips should help users understand the process of creating and composing an appealing 3D visual scene.  

February 28th - Decentraland publishes the latest report regarding their Builder progress. Aside from fixing bugs and adding new models to the builder, Decentraland has also added tooltips and object highlighting to their Builder.

February 27th - Decentraland adds a marketplace bidding feature to the platform. The bidding feature allows users to bid on LAND parcels or districts even if they aren’t for sale in order to make the market more dynamic.

February 26th - Decentraland announces its partnership with HTC. Thanks to this partnership, HTC Exodus 1 users will be able to seamlessly participate in Decentraland’s marketplace, and will also be able to store, manage and trade Decentraland’s assets on their blockchain-enabled Exodus 1 mobile phones.


Simon Kertonegoro, VPM: "It's been a great couple of weeks for Enjin on the development front. Adoption is imminent, the public launch of Enjin's Blockchain Development Platform on the 14th of March is going to make blockchain technology more accessible than ever and there is a long string of innovations this will open up for us and our adopters."

March 8th - Enjin release a major update for the Enjin Smart Wallet. The new update brings a Beam reveal code system, push notifications, and enhanced in-wallet token swap feature.

March 4th - Enjin announced that their blockchain SDK for Unity will soon appear on the front page of Unity Asset Store. Developers will be able to use Enjin’s blockchain SDK to seamlessly develop and integrate ERC-1155 blockchain assets into their games. The SDK will be available on the Unity Asset Store as of March 14.


March 7th - Etheremon announce a beta version of the new Etheremon World Map. The new world map will include Etheremon’s Battle Arena and Adventure Gate, both of which will make the game more immersive and should help new players find their way in the game.

March 5th - Etheremon release a new update that helps lower the entry barrier for new players. The new update brings significant improvements to the game’s UI, including an improved Etheremon Encyclopedia as well as the new Game Guide.

February 25th - Etheremon release a development update to inform their community about the current state of the game. The team has unveiled that they’re working on Ranking Competitions Rewards, Game Tutorial, and Off-Chain Etheremons.

Ether Kingdoms

Mopsik, CIO: "Hi guys! Ether Kingdoms team worked hard on implementing new features and fixing balance — we've been focusing hard on development throughout 2019. In recent updates we added lots of new gameplay elements, such as  item sets and random encounters in the Far Realm mode. Item sets - remember Diablo? - not only provide great characteristics bonuses, but also change the basic imp skin for a unique one! As for random encounters, they are one of the ways to get those new artifacts — PvE elements finally get the treatment they always deserved! Early in March we reached another important goal — our playerbase reached 20,000 players! We managed to do it in less than a year and we're very proud of it!"

March 4th - Ether Kingdoms announced that they’ve reached 20,000 players in less than half a year. This newly achieved milestone is a clear indicator that Ether Kingdoms is gaining momentum in the DGaming industry.

February 27th - Ether Kingdoms release Update 7.0. The new update introduces new content and brings balance changes to certain in-game features.


Yaron K, Product Manager: "ExoPlanets conducted the first photography contest where players competed for the best in-game screenshot for ether and tokens prizes. It might be the first ever photography contest in a crypto game as far as we know. We also partnered up with Lumi wallet - crypto collectibles wallet that focuses on erc721."

March 7th - ExoPlanents announce their collaboration with the Lumi Collect crypto wallet. The ExoPlanets team said that Lumi Wallet meets their high standards and should provide their community with everything they need.

Glitch Goons

February 28th - Glitch Goons launch their Glitch Goons Competition. The purpose of this contest is to encourage the existing Glitch Goons players to create game guides for those who never played Glitch Goons. The top 3 guides will receive rewards (in GameCoins) for their contribution.


March 1st - HyperSnakes announce their decision to join the TRON Arcade. Tron and MixMarvel will work together in order to deliver an immersive and truly free-to-play gaming experience to HyperSnakes players.


March 7th - IOST announce that they’ve burned 2,170,000,000 IOST, which amounts to roughly 20% of a total IOST supply. IOST also said that major exchanges, such as Binance and Huobi are also working with IOST to ensure that the Mainnet token-swapping process goes accordingly.

March 5th - IOST announce a series of partnerships with major mobile crypto wallets. IOST has partnered with the following wallets: TokenPocket, Cobo Wallet, Huobi Wallet, Secrypto, Trust Wallet, Monarch Wallet, and Magnum Wallet.

March 4th - IOST unveil a new bounty program for IOST developers. The new program should give developers an extra incentive to join the IOST Network and develop DApps and games with the tools provided by IOST.


March 5th - MegaCryptoPolis publish an article that explains the evolution of their 3D world. The article talks about the past, present and future MegaCryptoPolis 3D world.

February 26th - MegaCryptoPolis release a report in collaboration with Dapp Radar. The report gives an overview of the first 10 months of decentralized city operation results and clearly shows that MegaCryptoPolis is one of the fastest growing games on the Ethereum blockchain.

My Crypto Heroes

Kokushi, Business Development: “Both the Land presale and crowd sale have finished, and 10 Kings were chosen! (King is the player who owns more than 10% of a land) Kings started some promotions such as giveaways of their items or some ETH to attract newbies to MCH! We believe through the land function, the relationship between devs and players are getting closer and closer since we (devs and players)  have incentives to expand the entire ecosystem”

March 10th - My Crypto Heroes add Replica heroes to the game. Replica heroes are unique in many ways and can only be purchased with GUM.

March 8th - My Crypto Heroes add the following heroes to the game; Julius Caesar, Sun Jian, and Tokugawa Yoshinobu. The new heroes can be purchased via the My Crypto Heroes stock-linked Dutch auction method.

March 4th - My Crypto Heroes host a “No Int Damage” Blue Dragon weekly cup. The rules of this cup dictate that only ⅓ of the INT damage will be dealt upon or by Heroes.  

March 1st - My Crypto Heroes provide an in-depth guide for their Land grand opening. The guide talks about Land Nodes, King privileges, Land Lab, Land battles, and other Land-related features.

February 27th - My Crypto Heroes launch their “No-recovery” Baby Dragon weekly cup. During this cup, the heroes’ HP recovery ability will be ineffective, forcing the players to come up with new strategies for their battles.

February 26th - My Crypto Heroes announce that they’ll give away a novice hero to their players. Everyone that plays the game from February 26 to April 22 will receive Sun Shangxiang novice hero.  


March 5th - OpenSea publish an article that clarifies their affiliate program and bounties. The article explains how users can “exploit” the affiliate program in order to maximize their profit and grow their revenues.

Steem Monsters

February 26th - Steem Monsters release an update for their Tournaments. The update brings community-requested changes and should ensure a more balanced and fairer in-game competitive experience.

February 26th - Steem Monsters announced that the Tournament Creation function is now available to all Steem Monsters players. The newly added feature allows players to create their own tournaments for casual, promotional, and fundraising purposes.

Titan Flight Studios

February 26th - Titan Flight Studios announce their decision to attend this year’s GDC. During the event, Tian Flight Studios will be demoing their first title, Rebounce, as well as the Enjin Multiverse.

War Riders

February 28th - War Riders explain how the upcoming Ethereum update, Constantinople, will affect their game. In general, the War Riders team expects that the Constantinople update will bring performance improvements, cheaper transactions costs and faster transactions to War Riders players.


Andrew Colosimo, Founder: "Just recently we’ve released the first information about our in-house game Taurion. At XAYA we are focusing on building games that run completely on blockchain, not just for asset storage, whilst also making them fun and complex.
Taurion is a full on completely decentralised MMO with elements from Eve Online, Dune 2, CIV and Huntercoin (our first test project). You could also call it a cryptocurrency in which the players themselves “human mine” the cryptographically secure in game assets and currencies using skill and time as opposed to expensive mining hardware.
We are also working hard with Soccer Manager to release the beta for Soccer Manager Elite, a new evolution of soccer management games. We’ll hopefully have some news on this soon but it’s going to be nothing like any other sport management game ever made. We are really excited about this."

March 4th - XAYA unveil their new decentralized blockchain game, Taurion. Set in a futuristic environment, Taurion will take the players to far corners of the universe where they’ll have to gather resources, build structures and defeat their enemies in order to survive.



Paul Bokay, Head of Community: "Behind every gamer there is a possibility. And DAO.Casino ensures this possibility will become a reality and make each gaming session for each player profably fair and transparent by default. This is what we call 'Gambling 3.0' – an industry fully regulated by technology."

March 7th - DAO.Casino provided valuable information regarding their Sandbox project. The article talks about why the Sandbox project was a huge success, and how DAO.Casino benefited from hosting the project.  

February 28th - DAO.Casino published a report for February 2019. In it, they discuss wallet functionalities and the game stat saving system.


February 28th - Edgeless unveil their decision to run a new weekly jackpot on their platform. For 4 weeks in a row, Edgeless players will have a chance of earning up to 30,000 EDG tokens, which amounts to roughly 1 BTC.

Endless Game

February 26th - Endless Game announce that their platform has officially launched on the IOST Mainnet. Endless Game will play an important role in the IOST ecosystem, and will also be issuing IOST-based Endless tokens (iET) to attract new users on the IOST Network.