Welcome to the DGaming digest for February 11th - February 24th.

In  this edition, you will find data from EOS and Ethereum blockchains, as well as news from around the industry over the past few weeks, with additional comments from leading figures in these projects.

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DGaming Industry Numbers

Below you will find data we have compiled for both Ethereum and EOS DGaming DApps for February 11th - February 24th.

Ethereum DApps

ETH Volume USD, Volume ETH, Active Users & Average Volume Per User - February 11th - February 24th.

Text Example

The below ETH - USD Exchange rates are calculated using the monthly closing value issued by Bitfinex.

Volume, USD Volume, ETH Active Users AVPT AVPU
Gaming 428,588 3,155 11,430 $7 $37
Gambling 11,618,228 85,522 18,825 $157 $617


EOS Volume USD, Volume ETH, Active Users, Average Volume Per Transaction & Average Volume Per User - February 11th - February 24th.

Text Example

The below EOS - USD Exchange rates are calculated using the monthly closing value issued by Bitfinex.

Volume, USD Volume, EOS Active Users AVPT AVPU
Gaming 41,515 14,934 194,688 $0.19 $2.10
Gambling 74,480,643 26,791,598 4,213,735 $16 $288

Industry Pulse

Discover the biggest news events in the DGaming industry over the past 14 days, and see what prominent figures from some of these projects had to say.



Pavel Lebedev, CMO: "We have set a launch date for 0xUniverse:Corporations for 28/02/2019. In  addition, players will have an opportunity to register a Corporation  and sell its shares to other players, simulating the sale of securities.Also,  work is underway to start selling lightboxes in 0xWarriors for the  usual payment methods, for example via PayPal. We plan to release the  game in early March. And soon will announce the start of presale of  0xRacers on TRON and EOS!"

February 11th - 0xGames unveil their roadmap via Trello in order to allow players to keep track of the game’s progression. 0xGames have also announced that a long-awaited Corporations update would be released on February 28.

Axie Infinity

Aleksander, COO: "User engagement and developer activity is hard to gauge when looking at  DAU which is why we think it is important with regular community  updates."

February 19th - Axie Infinity publish a celebratory birthday-edition article that reflects on their 1st year in the DGaming industry. The article talks briefly about the Land sale, community growth, tournaments and much more.  

February 12th - Axie Infinity explain which secret classes exist in the game and how to breed them. The secret classes differ from others in color and stats, which makes them more appealing and valuable.


Kaikai, Overseas Operator: "During the past 2 weeks, BlaCat participated the NEO DevCon 2019 in  Seattle. It is not the first time that BlaCat was introduced to the  public, as the first game platform on NEO public blockchain, BlaCat will  bring the latest game and news to players, cryptocurrency holder, tech,  and blockchain."

February 18th - BlaCat’s founder Sean Chan attended this year’s NEO Seattle Dev Conference and presented the BlaCat platform to other devs and gamers. Chan also talked about the advantages of blockchain technology and how it can revolutionize the gaming industry.  

February 18th - BlaCat publish a weekly report that provides an overview of their weekly updates. The article mentions partner programs, ZoroChain interoperability, and the ZoroChain main network.

Blockchain Cuties

Vladimir Tomko, CEO: "The last 14 days started our journey towards improving the overall UX of the  game and communication between players and developers. We’ve launched  quite some initiatives lately including opening game Wiki editor access  to our players and organizing a special player committee that will help  us develop a better game. We also had 5 new Tributes discovered by the  players, which forces us to introduce new tribute content sooner that  we’ve expected. And we’ve also celebrated 10 000 Cuties on TRON  blockchain. Blockchain Cuties is developing fast!"

February 23rd - Blockchain Cuties make changes to their Creator’s pricing and Gen 0 cutie generations. These changes were made to improve and stabilize the market and prevent major price changes that could hurt both devs and players.

February 22nd - Blockchain Cuties announce the Blockchain Cuties Wiki page is now open for contributions. Blockchain Cuties is inviting all interested parties to share their knowledge of the game with other players and help them learn more about the game.  

February 21th - Blockchain Cuties talk about the tribute discovery streak. The Blockchain Cuties community managed to “hack” the genome of the following cuties: Lion King, Gena the Crocodile and Fatty the Cat.  

February 19th - Blockchain Cuties explain how to craft prizes on events. Specifically, the team explained how each in-game event features craftable prizes which users can create by acquiring enough resources. The team also noted that players can buy resources from the market at a reasonable price.

February 18th - Blockchain Cuties talk about the girliest of TRON’s cuties, which arrived on Valentine’s Day. The team also reminded players that they can bid on which custom cutie should be added in the game.

February 16th - The first Valentine’s Day custom cutie, the Lion King, is discovered in Blockchain Cuties. The cutie is inspired by Simba the lion cub, the protagonist in Disney’s adaptation of Hamlet, Simba The Lion King.

February 15th - Blockchain cuties unveil that the 10,000th cutie was bred on the TRON blockchain. The team also announced they’d draw special cuties to honor this significant milestone.

February 14th - Blockchain Cuties release their Valentine’s Day event. The event features a unique Land of Upendo adventure and enables users to collect chocolate, with which they can craft numerous items.

February 13th - Blockchain Cuties unveil some details about the upcoming Valentine’s Day event. The team also teased the community by saying that during this event players will be able to craft and buy time-limited unique cuties.

February 12th - A new tribute cutie inspired by the famous Instagram dog, Tuna, is discovered in Blockchain Cuties. The cutie was discovered on the ETH blockchain by the player named Behemoth.

February 11th - Blockchain Cuties talk about a new way of selling cuties. Specifically, the team touch on the process of selling unhatched cuties, which technically shouldn’t exist in the game.


February 12th - CryptoDungeons, announce their plan to port over the game’s content onto the TRON blockchain. This will not only help TRON grow their user base but will also grant CryptoDungeons players the ability to earn TRX by selling in-game items and participating in events.


Sergey, CMO: "We have achieved a lot during those two weeks, but the most essential among the rest are: the new referral system, based on the 10 levels and daily pay-outs; and more importantly, more and more players receive a gradual return on investment, while breeding and trading rare flowers. Furthermore, in next few days there will be an update allowing players to make requests to buy or breed any flower with its price. While the owners of flowers, who received a sentence, can bargain."

February 19th - CryptoFlowers announced that the 10,000th crypto flower has been bred in game. This is an important milestone for CryptoFlowers and a clear indicator that the game is on the right path.


February 17th - CryptoKitties publish an in-depth how-to-breed guide. The guide explains the process of breeding cryptokitties, with an emphasis on breeding “Alpacat Purrstige Traits.”

February 16th - CryptoKitties announced that they’d give out 45 exclusive cats once the community reaches the 1.5 million bred kitties. All the players who breed at least one kitty will earn a chance of receiving these exclusive kitties.

February 12th - The developers of CryptoKitties, Dapper Labs, discuss final results from their collaboration with Gods Unchained. Dapper Labs has said that their interoperability-emphasized collaboration was more than successful and greeted by both communities.


February 14th - Crypt-Oink mark the beginning of their DApps Market Cup. The participants who manage to accomplish excellent results during the qualifiers will receive a limited edition Crypton Stage.

February 13th - Crypt-Oink make changes to their Official Shop. The new shop will feature changed prices that better reflect the dynamic liquidity of the Ethereum cryptocurrency.

Crypto Space Commander

BitcoinLouie, Community Manager: "It's exciting sharing this alpha build w/ the new addition of NPC's with the community and flying around in our Etherverse alongside with them. We've started live broadcasting gameplay to let the players know we're here with them inside the game, but also for the new players who want to take a peek first before diving in. Facilitating community events and capturing quick video clips of important new features to allow sharing of content easier. Stay tuned for news on our Modules Sales coming soon!"

February 14th - Crypto Space Commander unveil a developer update. The piece talks about the game’s combat, damage and range systems, UI map update, NPCs, and much more.


Brian Burns, Co-founder/CTO: "Over the past two weeks, we released more exciting new features and UX improvements! Rewards have now all been automated to pay out daily. In the battle game, we introduced swordsmen and horses giving attacking armies new ways to inflict more damage and bring troops to the front lines faster. We also added ways to temporarily increase the size of armies by feeding them bread and fish. The battle menu bar was completely revamped, and our players love it! In March, we are planning a big marketing push and are preparing for big growth ahead!"

February 22nd - The CryptoRome team discuss the importance of building and maintaining a sustainable virtual game economy using blockchain. The team has said that CryptoRome will add more uses for in-game goods and services as the game grows in order to allow players to better monetize their efforts.

February 20th - CryptoRome release a new update. The update brings new features to the game, including the new battle menu bar, swordsman, new ways to use resources, and tweaked rewards systems.

February 11th -CryptoRome publish a list of players who earned prizes via the game’s recently added battlefields and prize systems. The team also said that they saw a significant influx of new players since the release of new battlefields and prizes.


February 18th - Decentraland publishes a report on the latest developments and changes for their Builder. The report touches on art, models, textures, project managing tools.

February 13th - Decentraland unveils a brief preview of their in-development drag-and-drop editor, the Builder. The preview shows how users will be able to create projects, navigate through the toolbar, and select models.  

February 12th - Decentraland publishes a report regarding the progression of their Builder. The report mentions James Dargie as a new addition to the panel of judges and touches on Builder’s new technical updates.

February 11th - Decentraland unveil a new homepage and visual identity. Decentraland said that the new visual identity better reflects their affection for creativity, simplicity, and decentralization.


Simon Kertonegoro, VPM: "It's been a great month for adoption with Beany Beani, Kriptomat, and now GDAC showing the retail market how  Ethereum-powered ERC-1155 collectibles can help bring in new customers  and engage their existing audience in exciting ways. We feel the wind on our backs and we strongly believe a tipping point for blockchain and  specifically Ethereum is coming soon. So happy to be part of this  movement and would like to thank each and every project that is pushing  forward to aggressively facilitate blockchain adoption in mass markets"

February 18th - Enjin partners with Global Asset and Currency (GDAC) exchange. This collaboration expands Enjin’s list of partners and enables the GDAC platform to use Enjin’s technology and bring the ERC-1155 token standard to its community.

February 15th - Enjin unveil their decision to attend this year’s GDC in San Francisco. Enjin will present their platform, witness the showcase of some of their Early Adopter games, and speak about the benefits of blockchain technology and the ERC-1155 token standard.

February 13th - Enjin reflect on their experience at the 2019 Korean Blockchain Game Show (KBGS). Aside from being the show’s major sponsor, Enjin has also showcased their achievements, vision, and technology to more than 1,000 attendees.


February 13th - Etheremon publish an article in which they provide a summary of the Lunar New Year event. The article also talks about Etheremon’s roadmap progress and Q1 2019 updates.

Ether Kingdoms

Mopsik, CIO: "Past few weeks were intense for the Ether  Kingdoms team as we continue to work hard on improving already existing  features and realizing new ones! We released the Far Realm mode in late  January - this is the new game mode intended for high-level PvP battles.  Now the team works on introducing new gameplay mechanics: for instance,  item sets and random encounters coming extremely soon!"

February 20th - Ether Kingdoms add yet another new boss to the game; Jinn Smith. The new boss is both agile and strong, which is why it’s best to fight him in a group of players in order to earn favorable rewards.

February 12th - Ether Kingdoms introduce a new boss to the players; Robodemon. Only the most powerful players can fight him solo, which is why the Ether Kingdoms team is advising players to fight Robodemon in groups.  


February 13th - The co-founder of Everdragons, discusses how game developers can merge their games with blockchain technology with the help of Decentralized Concepts. Decentralized Concepts is an NFT and API service provider for game developers who wish to put their assets on the blockchain.

Forest Knight

Behfar, Founder: "At Forest Knight our goal is mass Adoption and we think collaboration is an important aspect of it."

February 21st - Forest Knight unveil their partnership with Kriptomat and talk about the Top 10 Supporter program. The program will reward Top 10 Forest Knight supporters (those who buy the most Winter Chests) with a Badge of Honor, which will give players perpetual rewards and other exclusive in-game benefits.


Žiga P. Škraba, Kriptomat: "We haven't even scratched the surface of possible blockchain use-cases,  and the Kriptomat Multiverse will give you a glimpse of what's possible.  The recent developments in partnership with Enjin and various  blockchain game developers were exciting because there is a growing  section of the community that is  hungry for innovation. Because of  this, we believe that there is huge potential in the gamification sector  and we can't wait to reveal more."

February 19th - Kriptomat unveil their latest project, the Kriptomat Multiverse. The multiverse will act as a subsection within the Enjin multiverse, with whom Kriptomat signed a strategic partnership.


MCP Team: "MegaCryptoPolis 3D demo will be shown 5 March 2019, with the Microeconomy game assets presale coming soon after. Meanwhile a Macroeconomy Report is published in cooperation with DappRadar that reveals statistics and sales data for 10 months of MegaCryptoPolis operation. That is so far the most detailed dApp research ever published."

February 13th - MegaCryptoPolis reveal their 3D Roadmap. The new roadmap brings visual changes and a new economy layer to the game, which shoučd make MegaCryptoPolis gaming experience more immersive, sophisticated and entertaining.  

My Crypto Heroes

Kokushi, Business Development: "Thanks to all our supporters, 4 Pre-sale Lands were sold out(500ETH×4)!!  And Land Crowd sale has been started from 2/19.  You would be able to  get the land ownership with less than 1ETH now, don't miss it!"

February 24th - My Crypto Heroes add three new heroes to the game; Takeda Shingen, Pocahontas, and Xu Chu. The new heroes can be purchased via the My Crypto Heroes stock-linked Dutch auction method.

February 22nd - My Crypto Heroes publish an in-depth guide for the upcoming Land Pre-Open. The guide talks about node and extension usage, and what bonuses will these elements give to the players once the Land battles are introduced.

February 19th - My Crypto Heroes unveil the content of their Dragon Egg weekly cup. The team has said that players may only use uncommon or less rare extensions for the cup. Also, the top 200 participants will earn a limited-edition extension for their efforts.

February 18th - My Crypto Heroes publish a roadmap for February and March of 2019. The team plans on initiating several raids, weekly cups, and land battles within the said period.

February 15th - My Crypto Heroes publish an in-depth article about the upcoming Land crowdsale. The article explains how the land will work, what role will landowners and land members play, and how will the introduction of land shape the future of My Crypto Heroes.

February 15th - My Crypto Heroes discuss Land battles. The article explains how the Land battles will work, who’ll be able to participate in them, and what rewards await the participants.

February 12th - My Crypto Heroes announce the no-recovery Blue Dragon weekly cup. Unlike their previous cups, the no-recovery cup will feature no recovery battles, which emphasize fast-paced gameplay and a more dynamic battle system.

February 11th - My Crypto Heroes add the following heroes to their game; Yue Fei, Valentinus, Sun Tzu, Franz Kafka, and Mitsunari Ishida. Users will be able to purchase these heroes via the My Crypto Heroes stock-linked Dutch auction method.


February 12th - Ontology announce their partnership with ParityGame. ParityGame will utilize Ontology’s open source technology to create a gaming platform. Ontology will also help ParityGame with capital, marketing, and other operations.

February 11th - Ontology publish a summary of their ask-me-anything (AMA) project. The article provides an in-depth analysis of the Ontology Network and their plans for this and future years.  


February 22nd - OpenSea partners with imToken to deliver a seamless mobile NFT experience to imToken users. imToken users will now be able to view, manage and trade their ERC-20 tokens in a secure and convenient manner.

February 15th - OpenSea partner with Ember Sword in order to enhance their marketplace for in-game assets. Together, the two will create a custom version of the OpenSea SDK and marketplace for Ember Sword to allow Ember Sword players to trade premium in-game cosmetic items.

February 13th - OpenSea partner with Opera to enable Opera browser-integrated wallet users to seamlessly view and manage their crypto assets. OpenSea will also use its technology to allow Opera wallet users to view, send and receive their ERC-20 tokens.


February 21st - RealityClash announce that their game is now available for download & in following countries; Australia, New Zealand, Russa, Denmark, Spain, and Italy. The team also said that they’ve added new content to the game, including maps, improved AI bots, and weapon accessories.  


February 20th - Scatter introduce a brand new NFT-compatible marketplace to their community. The marketplace is well-optimized and user-friendly and allows users to bid on items they’d like to buy.

February 17th - Scatter discuss their decision to help game developers port their games to the EOS blockchain. Scatter is offering 3 methods to game developers, which differ in licensing rights, monetization, profit-sharing and much more.

Zombie Battleground

February 20th - Zombie Battleground release an early-access version of their in-game marketplace. The new marketplace will allow Zombie Battleground players to seamlessly trade, buy and sell their cards without leaving the secure environment of the Zombie Battleground game.



Evgeny Rovinsky, Head of QA: "We use Computer Vision as it is an innovative method of testing. For now, it is the only technology, which is able to carry out such hard tests. Moreover, the development of our Wallet solution is a vital part of our platform ecosystem."

February 21st - DAO.Casino explain the benefits of using Computer Vision to improve DAO.Casino applications. The team explained that DAO.Casino will continue to use the best available technology in order to meet their community’s high standards.

February 14th - DAO.Casino provide an in-depth analysis of their decision to develop their native crypto wallet and integrate it with the platform. The team explained that the addition of wallet greatly improves user experience as well as the security on the DAO.Casino platform. continually improve their wallet’s UI.

Endless Game

February 19th - Endless Game talk about their upcoming launch on the IOST Mainnet. The team has also announced that they’d soon release a new game, Poseidon’s Challenges, on their platform.


Frej, EOSBet: "The release of native BTC acceptance is a  tremendous milestone for the project, as it brings us one step further  towards mainstream adoption. We've been doing more EOSBet BTC token  transactions than the entire Bitcoin network! In the coming weeks we're  excited to release a new game and rollout our player rewards program."

February 16th - EOSBet announce their Bitcoin (BTC) acceptance promotion to celebrate the platform’s Bitcoin integration. The promotion will reward those players who bet with BTC; the higher the bet, the bigger the reward.  

February 13th - EOSBet unveil that they’re now officially accepting BTC payments on their platform. From this point forward, users may bet with BTC and earn dividends from having BTCs on their EOSBet accounts.  

FunFair Technologies

Stefan Kovach, CEO: "The  last six months has seen considerable work going into ensuring our  internal development processes are as efficient as they can be. This has  allowed for the recent rollout of our extensive roadmap for the first  half of 2019. It's going to be a busy few  months, but we're confident that the delivery of a new onboarding  process and improved platform UI/UX, alongside a number of brand new  internal and third-party game launches will greatly improve the player  experience. Most significantly, we are well  set to go live with our first white label partner in the coming months.  We're excited to leverage the player bases that Rake the Rake, and  others after, will bring to FunFair-powered casinos and we're sure  they'll be won over by the premium nature of our blockchain casino  experience."

February 20th - FunFair unveil an updated roadmap for the first half of 2019. The new roadmap announces new games, white label partners, CRM tools, and an improved UI/UX.

February 14th - FunFair went live with their first 3rd-party game, Ocean Blaster 2. This blockchain game is developed by Spike Games, with whom FunFair partnered to deliver quality games to their platform.  


Liudmyla Kryvko, CMO: "ICE Expo is the best place and time to meet game  providers and see how everyone could benefit from blockchain  integration. TruePlay presented its latest innovation T3 Module based on  blockchain and designed specifically to offer fair games. Most  importantly, our platform is very easy to integrate and operate,  basically it is a ready-to-go solution."