Welcome to the DGaming digest for January 28th - February 10th.

In  this edition, you will find data from EOS and Ethereum blockchains, as well as news from around the industry over the past few weeks, with additional comments from leading figures in these projects.

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DGaming Industry Numbers

Below you will find data we have compiled for both Ethereum and EOS DGaming DApps for January 28th - February 10th.

Ethereum DApps

ETH Volume USD, Volume ETH, Active Users & Average Volume Per User - January 28th - February 10th.

Text Example

The below ETH - USD Exchange rates are calculated using the monthly closing value issued by Bitfinex. Percentages show decline/growth from period January 14th - January 27th.

Volume, USD Volume, ETH Active Users AVPU
Gaming 449,060 (-34.38%) 3,723 53,342 (+7.15%) $8.42
Gambling 11,692,439 (+10.76%) 96,936 25,469 (+33.66%) $459


EOS Volume USD, Volume ETH, Active Users, Average Volume Per Transaction & Average Volume Per User - January 28th - February 10th.

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The below EOS - USD Exchange rates are calculated using the monthly closing value issued by Bitfinex. Percentages show decline/growth from period January 14th - January 27th.

Volume, USD Volume, EOS Active Users AVPT AVPU
Gaming 105,208 (-17.61%) 37,845 285,153 (-8.54%) $0.34 $11.17
Gambling 135,440,588 (-36.86%) 48,719,636 5,568,811 (-27.07%) $22.13 $1,442

Industry Pulse

Discover  the news events in the DGaming industry over the past 14 days, and what  prominent figures from some of these projects had to say.



Pavel Lebedev, CMO: "We hope that our partnership with Lumi Collect will see more players joining our friendly community and help our veteran space explorers to enjoy their planets even on mobile devices."

January 31st - 0xUniverse announce their partnership with Ethereum-based crypto wallet; Lumi Collect. To celebrate their new partnership, they’ve arranged a collaborative giveaway, rewarding one lucky winner with a legendary planet in 0xUniverse.


February 2nd - AlterVerse launch an item giveaway to AlterVerse supporters. The giveaway items are backed by Enjin coins and can be used across all 23 Enjin and AlterVerse games.

Blockchain Cuties

Vladimir Tomko, CEO: "These 14 days were very intense for us. We managed to launch 2 events – Chinese New Year and St. Valentine’s Day, a new species – Pigs, and item batching – all of them being big updates. Beside that, we’ve officially became a platform – one of our players has built a service on top of Blockchain Cuties and started to earn money with it. Wonderful times!
Now in the months to come we want to primarily focus on improving UI and UX of the game, so stay tuned for new updates!"

February 10th - Blockchain Cuties mod maker VeRychard developed a mod that allows players to seamlessly send an army of cuties on their adventures. This mod is only available with the Dark Mode browser extension, which provides players with a more enjoyable and convenient gaming experience.

February 8th - Blockchain Cuties add a new custom cutie to Cutieland, Dante the Demon Hunter Cat. The new cutie is inspired by Dante, a fictional character and a central protagonist of the Devil May Cry game franchise.

February 7th - Blockchain Cuties talk more about their 7th race, the piglets. The article discusses colors, attributes and other features that came with this new race.

February 6th - Blockchain Cuties release an article that helps Cutieneers earn items from their adventures. The article also announced a new Blockchain Cuties weekly podcast, during which the Cutieneers may ask questions and learn more about the game and its mechanisms.

February 5th - Blockchain Cuties end the race for cutie 50,000. This is an important milestone for Blockchain Cuties and a clear indication that the game and its community are growing each day.  

February 4th - Blockchain Cuties add a new race to their game, the Piglets. The new race is inspired by this year’s Chinese New Year, the Year of the Pig.

January 29th - Blockchain Cuties add item batching to their game. Thanks to this update, the players can sell and buy items in bulk, enabling them to save time and money while trading.


Maximilian Weber, CEO: "Our second and last multiplayer test event was a great success. We feel well prepared to launch ChainMonsters into Beta very soon."

February 4th - ChainMonsters announce their second public test event. The event is set to launch on January 10th and will focus on a reworkable battle system and multiplayer Championship mode.

January 31st - ChainMonsters remind their players that the Alpha phase is nearing its end. The team also shared some info about the upcoming Beta, which should feature both the singleplayer and multiplayer adventures and modes.  

Chibi Fighters

Garry, COO: "We introduced our first steps into crafting. Of course, one  player found a clever exploit to receive infinite supplies, day 1.  Fixed, patched, next please."

February 4th - The Chibi Fighters core developer shared insightful information about Chibi Fighters in his interview for Tron Weekly Journal. The interview also touches on the current state of the DGaming industry, and the challenges most blockchain game developers encounter while developing their games.


February 9th - CryptoDungeons, a grand-scale RPG strategy game expresses its desire to join TRON Arcade. The devs plan to port over the game’s contents and create a game on the TRON blockchain, allowing its users to play the game and earn TRX.


John, Overseas Marketing Manager: "We've pushed a large scale update to Gran Ton Rismo, our latest 3D Racing feature. Practice Mode, In-game Chat, are new features. Plus Crypton can now pass on "Legacy" to their children making your Crypton more fun and valuable in the marketplace!"

February 4th - Crypt-Oink release a long-awaited Beta 2.0 update. The new update brings a tweaked aging system, improved League system, and adds various new content to the game, including game modes and race tracks.


February 5th - CryptoKitties shed a light on their smart contracts. The new smart contracts feature an improved auto birth function, should also deliver better network performance, and allow a smoother gaming experience.

January 29th - CryptoKitties explain how users can breed custom kitties. The team advises players to download CKBox, a Google Chrome extension that identifies kitties’ genes and makes the breeding process less random and more rational.


Leandro Bellone, CEO: "The CryptoMotors modeling team has started to transform the design by @joonyoung_koo into a 3D shape usign Alias Autodesk software. Over the next few weeks, together with the winning designer CryptoMotors is creating the next car in the line up! Showing you the complete process step by step. Stay tuned!⁣"

January 28th - CryptoMotors announce the end of their design challenge. The winning design will be transformed into a 3D model by the CryptoMotors team, and eventually added to the game.


Bill Rooney, Co-Founder: "This is an exciting time for us and CryptoPioneers. Over the last two weeks we finalized the initial build of our Iron Age release. Iron Age is packed full of new features and content including the introduction of the powerful artifacts left behind by the Titans. On top of that we’ll also be releasing Primitive Age, a new experience for players to get introduced to CryptoPioneers offering a free way to try out the game. And in celebration of the Lunar New Year, we’re holding a raffle where the winner will receive a free island! The next two weeks will be just as important as we’ll be play testing Iron Age, getting ready for it’s release at the end of the month!"

February 6th - CryptoPioneers start a Lunar New Year raffle to celebrate the Chinese New Year. Players may enter the raffle as many times as they like to increase their chances of winning the Hiltrim Island.


Brian Burns, Co-founder / CTO: "It was another busy 2 weeks for the CryptoRome team, and we have seen a big increase in new players coming into the game! We launched a 3rd battlefield arena and ranking system to balance out the arenas and level-set opponents (we increased prizes as a result). We also released a fun new Raids feature for random daily rewards. In our continued mission to improve the player experience, we re-skinned the player dashboard for a more intuitive UI. It is getting a lot of praise from our community, so we will proceed with similar UX improvements throughout the game. We were also excited to release a new referral program for players, which will now reward them with a village for every 3 friends they can bring in!"

February 1st - CryptoRome release a new developer update. The update features a new rankings system, new battlegrounds, battle game updates, and much more. This update also prevents gamers from playing the game on multiple accounts.


February 6th - Decentraland publishes an in-depth article regarding their Creator contest. The article is written in Q&A form and should help all interested parties learn more about the contest, its rules, and rewards.  

January 30th - Decentraland delivers updates to its LANDRegistry and EstateRegistry contracts. This technical update, aside from bringing minor bug fixes, strengthens the platform’s security and functionality

January 28th - Decentraland announce their content creation and Landscaping competition; the Creator Contest. Participants will use Decentraland’s Builder to deliver scenery, earn MANA and compete for the top spot. The best works will also be featured within Decentraland’s Genesis City.


February 6th - Enjin partners with game development studio Nimbus Interactive. Nimbus Interactive will utilize Enjin’s platform and implement ERC-1155 token standard into their Steam-available early access game; Containment Corps.

January 30th - Enjin release a new update for the Enjin wallet. The new update allows Enjin wallet users to seamlessly swap and trade tokens without leaving the wallet’s secure environment. The token-swapping function is possible thanks to Enjin’s interoperability with Kyber Network, Changelly, and Bancor.

Ether Kingdoms

February 7th - Ether Kingdoms release update 6.3. The update brings changes to the Far Realm game mode, both in terms of balance and UI.

February 6th - Ether Kingdoms introduce Blitz leaderboards to make the game more competitive and exciting. The team also shared some information about the upcoming updates, one of which would add the highly-anticipated PvE elements to the game.

February 1st - Ether Kingdoms release update 6.2. The new update delivers minor bug fixes, enables battle logs for the Far Realm mode, and also brings minor graphical changes to the game.

January 29th - Ether Kingdoms publish an article that explains how the new item rarity system works. The piece aims to help new and old players understand the new item rarity system, enabling them to profit from their in-game actions.

Forest Knight

Behfar Iranmanesh, Founder: "Forest Knight released an Lunar new Year update to the existing Winter Sale and is currently reaching the second milestone of the sale which grants all shooters the Community reward the  "Ice Sword"."

February 6th - Forest Knight release their Chinese New Year update. The new update adds 5 new items to the game. Users can obtain these items by purchasing the Forest Knight Winter Chests.

Gods Unchained

February 5th - Gods Unchained release update 0.9. The update brings many new things to GU gamers, including new cards, features and performance improvements. The team also said that they’re switching to a shorter development cycle in order to release updates more frequently.

February 4th - Gods Unchained publish an article that depicts the evolution of Gods Unchained artwork. In this article, Christiaan Gerritse, the Art Director at Gods Unchained, explains how artists and designers create artwork and ensure that all artwork compliments the game’s lore, as well as the overall game design.  

My Crypto Heroes

Kokushi Hattori, Head of Overseas Marketing: “We are very excited about upcoming Land sale. For that have a look at the article written by DGaming!”

February 9th - My Crypto Heroes add a new event to their Singularity raid mode. The new event requires players to attack Deep Yoshka Cioccolato. The more damage players do, the more chests and rewards this new boss will drop.

February 8th - My Crypto Heroes announce their very first Land presale. The presale, which is set to launch on February 13th, will offer four land types to the players at the price of 500 ETH per land.

February 8th - My Crypto Heroes explain how the addition of Land will fundamentally change the way MCH is played. The team explains that with land come new roles, modes, battles, features, and functions, which will drastically change the game and take the MCH gaming experience to another level.  

February 4th - My Crypto Heroes introduce three new heroes to their game, Zhao Yun, Blaise Pascal, and Diao Cha. The new heroes vary in strength and rarity and can be purchased via the MCH stock-linked Dutch auction method.

February 1st - My Crypto Heroes release v1.2 system update. The new update brings some performance improvements and an improved game node, together with some minor tweaks and adjustments.

January 30 - My Crypto Heroes announce their Chinese New Year campaign in celebration of the Chinese New Year. The campaign rewards all users who played MCH between Jan 31st and Feb 28th with one Novice hero, and also gives players a 3% chance of getting their ETH back when they purchase GUM.

January 28th - My Crypto Heroes add two new heroes to their game, Tomoe Gozen and Huang Zhong. Players can purchase these heroes starting Jan 29th via the stock-linked Dutch auction method.


February 10th - OpenSea introduce English Auctions to its users. The new function allows sellers to offer their items without a deep understanding of the item’s market value. It also allows buyers to bid for items and determine the items’ value based on their own criteria.


CEO, SteemMonsters: "The airdrop was extremely successful.  We were able to deliver thousands of cards to hundreds of players.  We're looking forward to automated tournaments starting in the month of February and making it easier than ever for players to earn crypto while playing a fun game!"

February 1st - SteemMonsters remind their players to purchase Beta Booster packs in order to participate in the arranged airdrop. Everyone who buys at least one Booster pack earns a chance of receiving the new legendary summoners.

Wild Block

Wild Block team: "We believe blockchain can offer a lot more beyond trading, ICOs and speculations. Wild Block stands for a practical implementation of decentralized ecosystems, building entertaining applications with logic designed from scratch to utilize core advantages of distributed ledger technology."

February 5th - Wild Block discuss what they aim to produce with their $450k seed round. They have launched a bounty campaign for their game Imperial Rush: Rising Heroes.



February 9th - BingoBet add two new games to their gaming platform, Ramses Treasure and Lucky Christmas. In addition to these new slot games, BingoBet also made some minor changes regarding performance and UI.


February 2nd - BetDice publish an article in which they share details about the upcoming platform changes and features. Soon, players will be able to better customize their accounts, enjoy daily DICE jackpot, purchase virtual gifts with DICE, play new games, and much more.


Michael Oznobkin, CTO: "We have issued our dev update where you can find common info about the most important developments we had so far since the New Year start. In that dev update we discuss the wallet and why we made it, and how it could make the players life easier. We also discuss how our development management improved thanks to the new Agile methodology we started practicing."

January 31st - DAO.Casino publish their first Dev update for 2019. The piece talks about the upcoming DC wallet, dice game tests and many other things that should deliver an improved on-platform experience to users.  


February 2nd - EOSBet launch their Chinese New Year promotion during which gamers will have a chance of earning generous rewards while playing Crash and Dice game. EOSBet also shared data regarding their ambassador program, and have announced that the process of Bitcoin acceptance is nearly complete.


Lloyd Purser, SVP Business Development: "Last week saw FunFair exhibit at the world's largest gambling trade show, ICE, where we hosted our biggest stand to date and showcased our white label offer to the igaming market. We don't want to sit back and wait for the market to come to us so we offered to license and manage selected white label partner's blockchain casino's at no cost of operation and no set up fees, with the partner keeping 100% of the net revenue for the first 12 months. There was lots of interest and we now have a long list of really encouraging leads to process."

January 31st - FunFair announce that they’ll offer their white labels to a limited number of users at the ICE Totally gaming event. FunFair will offer the white labels for free, and will also allow their partners to keep 100% NGR for the first year.  


Liudmyla Kryvko, CMO: "Over the past year our team was working on the T3 module – a blockchain solution that is designed specifically to make online gambling totally transparent and increase trust and loyalty. Our tool collects and verifies statistics and publishes it on the blockchain to guarantee immutability for all parties involved. At ICE, T3 module will be presented to our current and upcoming partners. ICE London is a great opportunity to showcase new products and services to the widest audience, it is expected to bring over 30 thousand people from all over the world."