Welcome to the DGaming digest for January 14th - January 27th.

In this edition, you will find data from EOS and Ethereum blockchains, as well as news from around the industry over the past few weeks, with additional comments from leading figures in these projects.

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DGaming Industry Numbers

Below you will find data we have compiled for both Ethereum and EOS DGaming DApps for January 14th - January 27th.

Ethereum DApps

ETH Volume USD, Volume ETH, Active Users & Average Volume Per User - January 14th - January 27th.

Text Example

The below ETH - USD Exchange rates are calculated using the monthly closing value issued by Bitfinex.

Volume, USD Volume, ETH Active Users AVPU
$11,139,952 95,213 68,834 $161.83


EOS Volume USD, Volume ETH, Active Users & Average Volume Per User - January 14th - January 27th.

Text Example

The below EOS - USD Exchange rates are calculated using the monthly closing value issued by Bitfinex.

Volume, USD Volume, EOS Active Users AVPU
$214,650,182 84,841,969 7,947,846 $27.00

Industry Pulse

Discover the news events in the DGaming industry over the past 14 days, and what prominent figures from some of these projects had to say.



Pavel Lebedev, CMO: "The last two weeks we were connecting to the TRX Blockchain and preparing for the pre-sale. We also have updates in line for 0xUniverse: Corporate wars. Moreover, we are going to launch 0xRacers soon."

January 24th - 0xWarriors launch TRON presale. The pre-sale is live from January 24th - February 14.

Axie Infinity

Aleksander Leonard Larsen, COO:  "It's been five days since we started the sale and so far we have sold land for over $250,000 to ~430 different wallet holders. The Land in the Savannah region sold out after three days.   A lot of the buyers are existing holders of Axies, and this confirms a theory we had before the sale. Even when the players can leave they choose to stay because they believe in the game and our vision."

January 22nd - Axie Infinity announce their partnership with CoinGecko. To celebrate their partnership, they have arranged a collaborative giveaway for their communities, allowing them to earn limited-edition Gecko items.

January 21st - Axie Infinity present a detailed plan for their upcoming land sale. The article talks about sale phases, land value, land usability, and other sale-related factors.

January 17th - Axie Infinity give their community a brief introduction to the upcoming land gameplay. The team touch on future PvE battles, resource gathering, structures, and other land gameplay features.


January 16th - BlaCat announce their new partnership with Imperial Throne. Aside from giving the BlaCat blockchain platform another boost, the partnership allows Imperial Throne players to hold their crypto with the BlaCat wallet.

Blockchain Cuties

Vladimir Tomko, CEO: "As usual Blockchain Cuties released a lot of news and game updates. Right now we’re polishing our TRON integration and developing additional solutions for EOS version of the game. We’ve finally released TRON item market, which is an important update that our community has been waiting for – it introduces additional TRX revenue sources for players. Same functionality will soon be available on EOS. Captain Ripple, last member of the Hero Squad was introduced to the game. It’s a very powerful collector's edition Cutie that will later receive his own special achievement. This week whole team is mainly focused on finishing the updates for the upcoming event – Chinese New Year and St. Valentines day, so stay tuned for new cool content. We’re also preparing something very, very big, but I cannot disclose what it is, yet."

January 26nd - Blockchain Cuties announce that the TRON Item’s Market is up and running. Cutieneers can now trade their cuties and items and sell them for TRX.

January 22nd - Blockchain Cuties release the 1.6 patch notes. The patch notes contain data from all the updates between 1.59 to 1.6, and briefly explain all the core features that came with them.

January 21st - Blockchain Cuties talk about the genetics of tribute cuties on TRON. According to the Blockchain Cuties data, TRON players have a harder time finding and unveiling tribute cuties and their genetics compared to Ethereum players.

January 20th - Blockchain Cuties introduced a new creator pricing mechanism. The new mechanism will enable more flexible prices and should give more market power to the players, particularly to the Gen 0 owners.  

January 19th - A new cutie by the name of Captain Ripple is added to the Blockchain Cuties Hero Squad. The new cutie is inspired by the classic superhero Captain America and features the golden HeroSquad ability, which gives it a significant advantage over many other cuties.

January 16th - An unofficial “Fight Club” added in Blockchain Cuties. The club was developed by the community and allows players to privately invite other Cutieneers into battles and journeys.

January 15th - Blockchain Cuties add a new adventure to their game. The new adventure (Wasteland) features tough enemies and scarce resources and is as such suited only for powerful cuties.

January 14th - Blockchain Cuties create a unique achievement reward. This achievement reward can only be claimed with a cutie named Mr. Bearish.  


Tobias Thiele, Lead Developer: "The last two weeks have been important for us. We released the next "big" feature for Chainbreakers: Units. Units connect lots of things we released in the past. We also moved to upgradeable smart contracts using ZeppelinOS. This allows us the deployment of contracts while still being able to extend them with new features. I'm really proud to be a part of Chainbreakers and its growing community."

January 23rd - Chainbreakers briefly remind the users about the origin, nature and core features of their game. In the article, the team describes various in-game content and features, including sound and artwork, PvP gameplay, and MANA.

January 22nd - Chainbrakers announce the advent of in-game units. To celebrate, they are giving away 300 pristine units to their community.

ChainMonsters (Netherstorm)

Maximilian Weber, CEO of Netherstorm: "Last weekend we successfully stress tested our ChainMonsters multiplayer game mode. The feedback from the community was so great that we are determined to further combine state of the art Blockchain technology with reliable and fast scaling servers to provide the best possible game experience for our players. Now we will analyze our data, optimize the game and prepare for full launch in two weeks!”

January 19th - ChainMonsters announce that they’ll be holding a public beta test for the upcoming ChainMonsters multiplayer servers. ChainMonsters will also award participants with rewards, Gold and raid passes.

Chibi Fighters

Garry, COO: "After releasing our online multiplayer module Chibi fans burst with excitement. We had a blast seeing all exploits players could find, but at the same time were proud of the achievement that real-time online multiplayer with real Ether rewards is possible, while by far not easy."

January 17th - Chibi Fighters release a new trailer for their TRON blockchain integration. The TRON item presale has already started, allowing users to become early adopters and get an edge over other players. According to Chibi Fighters, the game is coming to TRON in March 2019 at the latest.

Crypt Oink

January 16th - Crypt Oink unveil their partnership with GO!Wallet. The two are launching a collaborative event (GO!Wallet Cup), which will reward users who successfully complete the event tasks.


Rob Dixon, CEO, PlayStakes LLC: "We've been working hard building the first version of the CryptoBeasties game. We still have a ways to go, but there's been great progress. Our artists recently completed the 3D models and animations for all 54 characters in our first series. We've also started designing 20 new characters for Series 2, which will be released when the game is ready for alpha. We've also gotten many of the 3D models loaded and animating in the new Decentraland 5.0 SDK, which was released a few weeks ago, and they look great. We're pushing for a playable alpha by the end of February, but we really want the game to be spectacular so we will extend that date if needed, to keep the quality high."

January 21st - CryptoBeasties release their latest development update and talk about the current state of the game. The article discusses 3D models, new card designs, and Decentraland operability. The team also reminds the players that CryptoBeasties cards can be purchased on the OpenSea platform.


Adam Kling, CEO: "We are making excellent progress in our development roadmap. We are developing an ERC1155 trading site, building V2 of our custom sidechain, starting closed beta testing, new website, and a new game trailer. We are very excited about the future of CryptoFights and blockchain gaming!"

January 23rd - CryptoFights release a new Exchange Program that allows users to trade common items for exclusive special weapons. The new program allows users to efficiently trade their accumulated common items for more powerful, special items.


January 21st - CryptoFlowers start their new event, the Breeding Fever. Participants that complete the set tasks will receive 1 cryptoflower. The top 30 participants will also receive a unique cryptoflower for their efforts.


Leandro Bellone, CEO: “We believe in the power of the community, that’s why we launched the first #CryptoMotorsChallenge where designers had a space to create awesome vehicles without any limitations and all the people had a real voice in the process by voting their favorite designs. This was the first of many challenges to come, a new way to create the next CryptoMotors NFTs cars that will live for ever in the blockchain.”

January 21st - CryptoMotors announce the final stage of their Design Challenge. Voters can choose up to 3 designs; the winning design will be 3D modeled by the CryptoMotors design team and eventually added in the game.


Brian Burns, Co-Founder:  "The last 14 days have been exciting for CryptoRome. We are continually improving the player experience. Over the past 14 days, we launched a new backend architecture that dramatically increased the performance and prepares us to scale our multiplayer v. multiplayer arenas to thousands of simultaneous connections. With this change, we were able to launch another arena called the Training Ground for beginner players (with more to come!).  We also released a brand new game guide that explains all aspects of how to build both your military and economy in CryptoRome."

January 21st - CryptoRome announce new features for their upcoming update. The new update will feature Centurion training functions, as well as the new Wagon Train feature. Additionally, the update will bring back the role of walls in battles, which was taken away in previous updates.


January 23rd - Decentraland releases the second part of their animations & motions tutorial. The tutorial describes numerous processes and explains how to add extra animations, create timers, manage and modify certain systems with their new SDK 5.0.

January 18th - Decentraland updates the community on Decentraland’s district progress, transfer statuses and MANA refunds for inactive districts. The article also discusses the fate of all inactive districts and mentions that the contributors of those districts have already been refunded.

January 16th - Decentraland releases the motions & animations tutorial for their SDK 5.0. The tutorial explains how users can use SDK 5.0 to implement various features in their games such as models, animations, movements.

January 15th - Decentraland unveils project details for 2019. The article discusses the virtual world economy, Decentraland’s governance, and future Decentraland projects.


Simon Kertonegoro, VPM: "It's a very exciting time for Enjin, our momentum is building and we are creating bigger opportunities every day. Something that is especially exciting are the new ideas being explored by apps, retailers, and advertisers around how they can use blockchain gamification to increase customer loyalty and create effective viral loops that lead to parabolic customer acquisition. It's clear to me that blockchain gaming can slide right into nearly any customer-facing business's marketing plan quite easily, it's going be very interesting to see where this goes."

January 14th - Enjin publish their Q4 Quarterly Report. In it, Enjin’s CMO Ilija Rolović discusses Enjin’s goals and unveils plans for Q1 and Q2 2019. The CMO reminds users that Enjin’s primary goal is to bring blockchain technology to billions of users worldwide.


January 25th - Etheremon announce the Birth of Pig promotion in celebration of the Chinese New Year. This promotion will introduce two new monsters to the game, Pigperus, and Piggicius. These are limited-time monsters and can only be acquired during the promotion.

January 23rd - Etheremon compiled and published a list of the most powerful and valuable Mons. The most expensive Mon, Zedakazm, was sold for 13 ETH at the time of its purchase. The article also explains how the price of a Mon is determined by their power, rarity, and popularity.  

January 18th - Etheremon launches a new event that allows users to recall powerful monsters Ruffskies and Barkindles. To summon these monsters, users will have to collect Calciumie, a special resource that can be found in 6 Etheremon maps.

January 18th - Etheremon starts the “Meet Legend, Earn Emont” event. To win Emont, players must take a screenshot of them battling versus a player that has at least one legendary Mon.


Yaron K, Product Manager: "Since our successful launch of the first ever fully playable 3D multiplayer browser game at the beginning of January, we have given away 9 Eth and multiple exoplanets as prizes in mining contests and in giveaways.  On the 20th of January we have listed our ERC20 ExoTokens in an exchange to allow players to trade their hard earned mined tokens, and have also announced another epic mining contest while collaborating with a blockchain project called Rya coin - which will sponsor the contest and give the winner a massive 50K Rya coins airdrop!"

January 22nd - ExoPlanets announce a collaborative mining contest with Rya Coin. The contest will consist of 3 rounds, and the player that collects the most resources will be declared a winner and receive 50,000 Rya Coins.

Gods Unchained

January 21st - Gods Unchained released an article with the most common questions posed by their community. The article is set in a Q&A format and educates the users on Gods Unchained core elements and features.


January 25th - HyperDragons launch a fully upgraded exploration mode. The update also brings new content to the game, including honor points, prestige, and treasure chests.

MegaCryptoPolis / MoonCryptoPolis

MCP Team: "MegaCryptoPolis had recently faced Ethereum network limits with its Ether collection feature that requires complicated calculations to be made on-chain. Having this issue finally solved, team had announced a new milestone for the project development. The new microecenomy layer will be introduced in the upcoming 3D version of the game. On top of significant visual improvements, buildings will start producing resources required for others to operate, citizens will receive salaries in Ether, natural disasters will release massive insurance funds."

January 27th - MegaCryptoPolis discuss the microeconomy of the game. The article touches on building functions, building value, production chain, citizens’ role in the game, and many other things.

January 21st - MoonCryptoPolis publish an article that explains how users can build a moon base. The article covers basic and advanced functions and necessities required for base building, thus helping new users build their first moon base.

My Crypto Heroes

Kokushi Hattori, Head of Overseas Marketing: "In the last two weeks there are two big pieces of news. One is Raid boss which had been supposed to be finished in 4 days was defeated within 21 hours due to the high loyalty of players. For the second, we disclosed the price of the land which would start from in February. Its going to be 500 ETH for each country at the pre-sale (up to 4). But you have a chance to  buy a unit from 1 ETH at crowdsale."

January 25th - My Crypto Heroes release an updated roadmap for February and March 2019. MCH plans on adding new content to the game during that period, including new heroes, events, and features.

January 23rd - My Crypto Heroes unveil the details for the upcoming Blue Dragon Cup. The article explains which heroes are eligible for the tournament, and the rewards await the participants.

January 21st - My Crypto Heroes introduce a new raid mode, the Singularity. The mode brings a mighty new mighty boss to the game. Players who enter the mode and attack the boss have a chance of earning chests and trophies.

January 20th - My Crypto Heroes discuss problems with the Baby Dragon weekly cup. All participants that experienced these issues problems will be compensated accordingly.

January 15th - My Crypto Heroes announce a new Baby Dragon weekly cup. The participants may join the tournament and win prizes by using only rare items and extensions.

January 15th - My Crypto Heroes start the “APP” campaign to celebrate their partnership with TokenPocket. The campaign will reward the first 10,000 users that download the MCH app with 0.01 ETH.

January 14th - My Crypto Heroes add two new heroes to the game, Calamity Jane and Xuanzang. The two heroes are extremely powerful and can be obtained via an arranged dutch auction.

Reality Clash

January 18th - Reality Clash integrate geolocation into their game, allowing users to defend their real-world towns on time. Reality Clash is currently available in New Zealand, Australia, and Denmark, on both Android and iOS mobile phones.


CEO, SteemMonsters: "Steemmonsters.com is neck deep in building automated tournaments that will allow players to battle for a prize purse.  We're very close to releasing this, which unlocks a whole new competitive and financially rewarding game experience for players.  We're also releasing a lineup of legendary summoners from our 2018 Kickstarter campaign.  There's a lot going on in "the Splinterlands" in February!"

January 14th - SteemMonsters announce that they’re recruiting new marketers and advertisers. This is an excellent opportunity for all SteemMonsters users to monetize their knowledge of the game while helping SteemMonsters in their goal to reach more users.


Paul Collins, CEO: "We are looking to bring blockchain to gamers not gamers to blockchain. We are experimenting to see what blockchain can do for our 3 million monthly active users. Jan 18th – We launch the first ever Crypto bats – digital cricket bats you can own and play with in a Cricket game. Jan 20th – First “golden” premium bat ever sold. And already hitting sixes. Jan 21st – Stick Sports team talk at Blockchaingamer connect London about the impact of Blockchain on the $140B games industry. Jan 24th – Project launch to bring Crypto bats to 300,000 daily active users."

January 18th - StickSports publish an article in which they discuss the importance of true asset ownership. The team sees blockchain technology as one which allows owners to control their assets, set their value and trade them as they see fit.



January 22nd - BetConstruct announce that they’ll unveil AJNA at the ICE Totally Gaming conference in London. AJNA is BetConstruct’s new data gathering tool which should enrich the sports betting experience by collecting data a human eye often misses. The gathered data will allow BetConstruct to better understand their users and offer them better solutions.


January 25th - EOSBet publishes their 10th weekly update. In this update, the EOSBet team discusses Bitcoin acceptance, leaderboards, rewards program, and much more.  

January 16th - EOSBet unveils a brand new EOSBet logo. This is one in series of moves EOSBet has made over the past couple of months in order to reach the mass-market adoption.


January 25th - Edgeless is strengthening their partnership with Changelly, one of the largest cryptocurrency exchange platforms in the world. This move should bring new users to Edgeless, and allows Edgeless players to directly deposit numerous cryptocurrencies via Changelly.

Endless Game

January 24th - Endless Game announce a 5 million IOST airdrop campaign. Participants will receive an amount of IOST that depends on how much ET they stake during the event.

January 23rd - Endless Game reveal a new game engine in their latest team update. The new engine (EBGE) will allow all interested parties to develop provably fair, smooth and CPU-free games. The team also unveiled their latest game, Jacks-or-Better, which is set to launch on January 25th.

January 15th - Endless Game publish a guide which explains how users can vote for Endless on the IOST voting portal. Voters will receive various rewards and benefits for their efforts, including the Early Bird voting rewards and voting dividends.