Welcome to the DGaming digest for December 31st - January 13th.

In this edition, you will find data from EOS and Ethereum blockchains, as well as news from around the industry over the past few weeks.

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DGaming Industry Numbers

Below you will find data we have compiled for both Ethereum and EOS DGaming DApps for December 31st - January 13th.

Ethereum DApps

ETH Volume USD, Volume ETH, Total Transactions & Average Volume Per Transaction - December 31st - January 13th

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The below ETH - USD Exchange rates are calculated using the monthly closing value issued by Bitfinex.

Volume, USD Volume, ETH Total Users
9,704,144 74,647 70643
Source: Ethereum Blockchain
Source: Ethereum Blockchain
Source: Ethereum Blockchain
Source: Ethereum Blockchain
Source: Ethereum Blockchain
Source: Ethereum Blockchain


EOS Volume USD, Volume ETH, Total Transactions & Average Volume Per Transaction - December 31st - January 13th

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The below EOS - USD Exchange rates are calculated using the monthly closing value issued by Bitfinex.

Volume, USD Volume, EOS Number of Transactions
274,000,000 108,336,684 10,049,720
Source: EOS Blockchain
Source: EOS Blockchain
Source: EOS Blockchain
Source: EOS Blockchain
Source: EOS Blockchain
Source: EOS Blockchain

Industry Pulse

Discover the news events in the DGaming industry over the past 14 days.


Age of Rust

January 10th - Age of Rust launch their new gameplay trailer. The trailer demonstrates action-packed and immersive gameplay, beautiful graphics, and puzzle-solving.


January 7th - AlterVerse unveil Limited Edition Game Servers (LEGS). Users will be able to purchase, customize and monetize these pre-made servers as they see fit. The servers are tokens themselves, meaning that the users will be able to trade them as any other digital asset.

Blockchain Cuties

Vladimir Tomko, CEO: "The important news for the past 14 days is our patchnotes and other announcements. In December 2018, we launched our TRON game, which is the first TRON game so far. We are supported by Justin San via some of his tweets. The second point are the changes we make based on our players suggestions  and requests. We take a note of every such comment and respond to them in public."

January 13th - Blockchain Cuties development team reminds players to prepare their assets for TRON market. They’ve announced that TRON Item marketplace will soon be added to the game.

January 10th - New rare water attribute discovered in Blockchain Cuties. The Blockchain Cuties team explain how users can discover new attributes, and why is it beneficial to do so.

January 8th - A new custom cutie inspired by Dragon Slayer Ornstein (Dark Souls I) joins Blockchain Cuties. The DragonSlayer cutie was bred by the player named PhadeOut.

January 8th - Blockchain Cuties community modder VeRychard adds auto-sending feature to the Dark Cuties mod. The feature enables players to quickly and easily send 50 cuties on adventure, saving the users a lot of time.

January 7th - Blockchain Cuties announce a new raid boss. The newly announced boss is expected to be the most powerful one thus far.

January 6th - Umka, the first ever TRON tribute cutie is discovered in Blockchain Cuties. The tribute cutie was inspired by Umka, a character from an old an old Soviet Cartoon.

January 5th - Kaspars, one of the Blockchain Cutie coders, shed some light on the Elixir of Life background lore. Kaspars revealed that Elixirs of Life are called “Viagra” in code.

January 4th - Blockchain Cuties add a new full set for the Alien cutie. Though the devs didn’t reveal the set’s stats, it’s fair to say that the set looks both mighty and scary.

January 3rd - Blockchain Cuties give a brief insight into the Blockchain Cuties background lore. The article talks about Creators; the creatures that bring cuties’ to life.

January 2nd - Blockchain Cuties team discuss their new year’s resolution. The team will aim for more transparency, better player experience, TRON integration and adding new in-game content.


January 7th - Chainbreakers update the official Chainbreakers market. The update was delivered according to community feedback.


January 8th - ChainMonsters announce 0.4 version of the game. The 0.4 version will be more interactive, and will feature ranked mode, private battles, as well as the new marketplace.


January 11th - CryptoFights present the presale top 10 leaderboard by loot box purchase. The 10 top supporters to purchase loot boxes during the presale will be rewarded for their support.


December 31st - CryptoKitties designed two kitties based on two crypto-influencers; ChangPeng “CZ” and Jeremy Allaire. The sales from these 2 influencers would go to charities chosen by the influencers themselves.

December 31st - CryptoKitties announce a very special contest. The CryptoKitties team will create a one-of-a-kind NFT to honor the winner, meaning that the winner will have its own unique token and live live forever on the blockchain.

Crypto Motors

January 4th - Crypto Motors announce the next stage of their Design Challenge. The team calls upon its community to vote for the best design, and explains how the voting process works.


Brian Burns - Co-Founder:  "The last 14 days have been exciting for CryptoRome. We are continually improving the player experience. Over the past 14 days, we launched a new backend architecture that dramatically increased the performance and prepares us to scale our multiplayer v. multiplayer arenas to thousands of simultaneous connections. With this change, we were able to launch another arena called the Training Ground for beginner players (with more to come!).  We also released a brand new game guide that explains all aspects of how to build both your military and economy in CryptoRome."

January 8th - CryptoRome announce the return of the Battle for Sicily. The article also talks about the updates made to the game, as well as some future updates.


January 11th - Decentraland publishes a guide on how the users can migrate to the new Decentraland SDK. The guide is very informative and explains in-detail how the migration will work.

January 10th - Decentraland publishes a tutorial for their new SDK. The tutorial touches on basic SDK functions, such as adding entities, material addition and the addition of custom components.

January 9th - Decentraland unveils v5.0 of their new SDK. The new SDK enables users to improve the quality of their content, and also improves the experience for developers on Decentraland.


Nedrick Ngo, Co-founder: “At Etheremon, what we find key to user growth is building high-quality features, making the game really fun to play, and at the same time, constantly reducing the UX friction. Over the last 2 weeks, many changes have been deployed to improve user experience, across many parts of Etheremon including Registration, Battle, Quest and Leaderboard. We are about to release a series of events for Lunar New Year occasion, followed by a brand new game mode, “Challenge”, which will in turn make Etheremon battle a lot more fun and dynamic.”

January 8th - Etheremon release a new update, which improves the sign-in process, addes new quests, and improves ranked battles. The article also touches on upcoming updates, like the Lunar New Year event as well as the new Challenge Mode.


January 12th - Jacqueline, the Co-founder of Everdragons, talks more about the Everdragons expansion to TRON. The article contains valuable data and talks about DApps, the DAapp market, and explains why Everdragons bridged to Tron.  

January 1st - Everdragons team talk about their achievements in 2018. The article also discusses the team’s main goals for 2019. These include developing more games, implementing the achievement system with dividends for loyal players, new campaign, and so forth.

Forest Knight

Behfar, CEO: "We have launched our Winter Sale successfully and looking forward to work on the Game and finish it for release simintaniously. The community support is great and we are almost reaching out first Milestone already"

January 10th - Forest Knight team explains in-detail how their Winter Sale will work. The article talks about user participation, giveaways and the general sale process.

December 31st - Forest Knight announce their very first Winter Sale. The sale will also feature milestones, which, once achieved, will reward all sale participants with additional loot.

Gods Unchained

January 11th - Gods Unchained partner up with CryptoKitties. The partnership will be mutually beneficial and should further improve the interoperability between the two games.

Hero of Cryptoworld

January 9th - Hero of Cryptoworld announce the 2nd round of their character presale. Hero of Cryptoworld is a mobile RPG game developed by VX Network and Neogyon. The 2nd round of presale is scheduled for January 14th.


January 8th - HyperDragons release their new game tutorial. The tutorial explains how dragon-breeding works, and discusses basic dragon attributes and battle skills.

MLB Crypto Baseball

January 11th - The MLB Crypto Baseball team reflect on the success they had in 2018. The team announces improved visuals and game mechanics for 2019.


January 4th - MoonCryptoPolis is unveiled by the MegaCryptoPolis developers. MoonCryptoPolis is a Moon-colonization strategy game that will allow players to claim plots on the Moon, build bases and excavate minerals, for which they’ll be rewarded in Ether.

My Crypto Heroes

Kokushi, My Crypto Heroes: "So far the total number of users is more than 15,000, and in-game DAU is 5000! Our new campaign will help us to grow up and up."

January 11th - My Crypto Heroes announce the termination of certain in-game functions due to the Ethereum Constantinople update. The GUM shop, Daily Bonus, as well as transfers to Ethereum Network and Crypto World will be unavailable until further notice.

January 11th - My Crypto Heroes launch a collaborative event with Etheremon. The game also added the new referral code, and now features an updated Daily Bonus function as a measure against bots.

January 7th - My Crypto Heroes add 2 new heroes to the game; Basho Matsuo and Kamehameha I. The sale will start on January 8th and end on January 15th, and will feature a Dutch auction method.

January 6th - My Crypto Heroes share more details on the intermediate node, the Bandit. The article advises uses on which strategy they can use to beat this challenging enemy.

December 31st - My Crypto Heroes share more details on the upcoming Red Dragon Cup. The article explains which heroes the players will be able to use for the Red Dragon Cup, and explains the reward system the competition will use.


January 6th - Everdragons talk about Territory, their new game added on the TRON blockchain. Territory is a PVP, turn-based game with elements of strategy, patience and skill.


January 6th - EtherGoo announce they’re developing TronGoo, the TRONArcade version of their popular Ethereum DApp. The news of EtherGoo switching to TRONArcade caused TRX to go up by 10%.

War of Crypto

January 12th - War of Crypto announce the end of their 60-day long Early Access sale. During the sale, War of Crypto recorded that more than 7,500 crystals were sold. The War of Crypto team also announced the next phase for their game.



January 8th - BetDice revise the process of mining Dices. The article talks about the reasons behind this revision, and explains how the updated pot distribution system will work.

January 4th - BetDice announce future updates and additions to their platform. The article touches on the 2 new games; Roulette and Texas Holdem Poker. It also discusses account name bidding, 3rd-party games, and mobile wallets.

January 4th - BetDice featured on the front page of DAppRadar. For the past couple of months, BetDice recorded the highest volume of all EOS DApps, which was recognized and greeted by the DApp Radar platform.


January 4th - DAO.Casino provide an in-depth analysis of the DGaming industry. The article touches on the factors behind the success of this growing industry, and marks the key events that occured in 2018.


Tomas Draksas, Cofounder: “Edgeless goal for this year is to acquire users as fast as possible.”

January 10th - Edvins, the Head of Product at Edgeless, talks about the Edgeless platform. Evins touches on Edgeless goals for January and February 2019, and explains the key factors behind the success of Edgeless. Evins announced Edgeless Roulette, Jackpot improvements and the implementation of bonus and promotion systems.


January 11th - EOSBet release their new weekly update. The update features the newly added Bounty Program, and announces the upcoming Ambassador Program. EOSBet also touches on their exchange listing progress and announces expansion to Philippines.

January 4th - EOSBet launches the new account system. The new system is smoother and more user-friendlier, and should help EOSBet on its way to mainstream adoption.

December 31st - EOSBet launches the New Year Promotion for the Crash game. The article explains the how the New Year Promotion will work, and what rewards await the potential winners.


January 3rd - FireLotto announce their expansion to TRON.network. FireLotto unveil their 1st game on TRON Arcade; Gear of Fortune. FireLotto discuss their partnership with the TRON Arcade, and announce future projects.


January 11th - Stefan Kovach, the CCO of FunFair, discusses FunFair achievements and future updates with FunFair Discord community. Stefan answers questions about FunFair’s desire to improve the onboarding journey, community engagement and gamblers’ psychology.

December 31st -Stefan Kovach talks about FunFair in 2018 and announces future updates. Stefan mentions that FunFair’s main goal is to become a commercially hungry enterprise.