Welcome to the DGaming digest for May 20th - 2nd June.

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Industry Pulse

Discover  the news events in the DGaming industry over the past 14 days.

Animoca Brands

May 29th - Animoca Brands announced that the first official F1 NFT, the “1-1-1”, sold for 415.9 ETH. 1-1-1 is the first official F1 NFT minted for the blockchain game Delta Time, which is currently being developed by Animoca Brands.

May 24th - Animoca Brands starts the auction for the first F1 Delta Time NFT, the 1-1-1. This special NFT is the first of its kind, featuring beautiful design and unparalleled performance.

Axie Infinity

May 23rd - Axie Infinity officially launches the Land assets marketplace. The marketplace enables users to buy, sell, and gift Land parcels and items, all without paying gas fees.

Battle Racers

May 28th - Battle Racers published more data about the first week of their item presale. In just one week, the game sold 479 ETH worth of item crates and recorded 195 unique users and over 4,000 transactions. The team was also proud to say that they’ve fixed the bug that prevented users from opening their crates.

May 22nd - Battle Racers unveiled data about the first day of their item presale. The team also transparently shared info about the bugs that occurred during the first day of the presale. Battle Racers promised to resolve the issues and make amends with the players.

May 21st - Battle Racers release a “How-to” guide for their item presale. The guide is a must-read for users who need help with setting up their wallets and accounts.

May 20th - Battle Racers gave a sneak peek into their Legendary cars. Legendary cars are the most valuable assets in Battle Racers, featuring best designs and top attributes.

Blockchain Cuties Universe

May 31st - Blockchain Cuties Universe unveiled two new Custom cuties, Soul Reaver and Guyver. The two new Custom cuties feature futuristic appeal and animations and were brought to life thanks to the collaboration between the BCU team and Cutieneer Gzlee.

May 30th - Blockchain Cuties Universe drops the prices of on-TRON lottery transaction fees. The team hopes that this move will encourage the community to partake in TRON lottery more often now that the transaction costs are significantly lower.

May 29th - Blockchain Cuties Universe resolved the visual bug that caused cuties with Mutant ability to be invisible in the game. Effectively, users can now enjoy cuties with Mutant attribute like all other cuties.

May 27th - Blockchain Cuties Universe explains how users can claim the Cat Bob cutie. All users that were affected by the bug related to the group sending update are eligible for this free gift.

May 24th - Blockchain Cuties Universe unveils new rewards following the Raid Boss 2.0 update. New rewards include special items, sets, and wearables, all of which are obtainable through the new Raid Boss leaderboard system.

May 23rd - Blockchain Cuties Universe delivers it’s long-awaited Raid Bosses 2.0 update. This new update brings mightier bosses to Cutieland, but also new and more lucrative rewards, which the players can obtain by defeating Raid Bosses.

May 22nd - Blockchain Cuties Universe presents Porky and Petunia as its new Pig Tribute cuties. Porky and Petunia cuties are inspired by characters that appear in Warner Bros cartoons (Looney Tunes and Merrie Melodies).

May 21st - The BCU team happily announce that Cutieland now counts more than 100,000 cuties. Interestingly, the team also mentioned that only 3% of these cuties are listed on the market, suggesting that most players are hodling cuties.

May 20th - Blockchain Cuties Universe introduces item recycling. This new feature will allow Cutieneers to make better use of items they never intend to use.


May 31st - The Blocklords team announces that the Blocklords NEO Beta is now open to all players. The purpose of this testing is to prepare the game for the official launch on the NEO mainnet.


May 29th - Chainbreakers reveal their partnership with Matic Network. Chainbreakers will leverage Matic’s Layer 2 solutions to solve scalability issues and offer more security to its users.

May 21st - Chainbreakers start their final crowdsale giveaway marathon. Through this event, Chainbreakers will reward the top 10 participants with special Chainbreakers items.


May 21st - Cryptantcrab adds three new Legendary Crab sets to its auction. The newly added Legendary Crab Sets are among the most powerful sets in the game, and will undoubtedly give their owners a significant edge in the CryptantCrab Arena.


May 30th - Crypt-Oink releases a new update that brings better UI and some hotfixes to its players. The update also adds minor changes to the Home page, as well as some visual changes to specific Crypt-Oink items.

May 28th - Crypt-Oink reveals the winner of its 3rd “ETH Cup Mini” event. Six participants with their Cryptons managed to get to the finals, but only one managed to snag the winning title; Payb with his winning crypton, Piggy.

May 23rd - Crypt-Oink released a new game update. The new update added new game items to the Crypt-Oink in-game store, and put use limit to specific items in order to ensure balanced gaming experience.

May 21st - Crypto-Oink celebrates its first birthday with a bang. From May 21 to June 13, the Crypt-Oink team will host events, mint and offer unique Cryptons, run wagering campaigns, and more.


May 25th - The CryptoKitties team published a guide that helps users breed Whisper. The team also said that this special Ninja Fancy Cat will only be breedable until May 31st, 11:59 PM PTD.

Crypto Space Commander

May 29th - The CSC team provides its community with in-depth information about refining and crafting. The guide is extremely technical and detailed, perfect for those who want to maximize their production and profits.

May 24th - Crypto Space Commander makes changes to its website and unveils new Bounty Referral system. The new website if more fluid, secure and intuitive, featuring new functions that give users more options and improve UX.

Crypto Sword & Magic

May 31st - The Crypto Sword & Magic team share valuable data about the new in-game marketplace. Via this marketplace, Crypto Sword & Magic players will be able to trade, buy and sell various assets to make a profit and better progress through the game.

May 24th - Crypto Sword & Magic release further information about in-game items. The article discusses the importance of Crypto Sword & Magic items, which will improve heroes’ abilities, defense, power attacks, spell attacks and status effects.


May 24th - Dragonlass unveil their plans for the Dragonglass Platform. The Dragonglass Platform will act as a bridge between traditional devs and blockchain, helping them merge blockchain technology with traditional gaming.


May 27th - The Dynopoly team unveil that the game will launch in the Enjin Multiverse in Q3 2019. Until then, players can purchase assets through the Dynopoly presale.

May 21st - The Dynopoly team presents Dynopoly blockchain game to the public. Dynopoly is a Monopoly-like blockchain game where players will earn crypto while trying to bankrupt their opponents.

Ether Kingdoms

May 25th - Ether Kingdoms celebrate their first birthday with update 8.0. The new update adds better visuals and sounds to the game, together with a new boss and reworked in-game shop.

Experimental (Crypto Wars)

May 23rd - Experimental unveils its partnership with MakerDAO. Through this partnership, Experimental will integrate Maker’s stablecoin (DAI) and allow users to purchase Crypto Wars’ assets with it.

May 30th - The Experimental team explains how the new experience points system will work. Essentially, the new experience system will be more rewarding towards the most active Crypto Wars players, as well as more scalable, featuring both short-term and long-term rewards.

Gods Unchained

May 31st - Gods Unchained release the update v1.04. This new update brings major changes to the game, including new cards, new client & interface, and a new progression system.


May 31st - IOST unveils its partnership with Crypto War. Crypto War is a simulation game on the blockchain and will launch on the IOST network in June this year.

May 28th - IOST adds Explosive Bomb to its pool of crypto games. Explosive Bomb is a pinball blockchain game that runs on the IOST blockchain. The game is said to be fast-paced, action-packed and extremely fun to play.

May 25th - IOST officially opens the IOSTLAND auction. IOSTLAND is a project built by IOST and NeoWorld, with a goal of building a new MMO virtual world on the blockchain.

May 22nd - IOST unveils its partnership with XPET. Through this partnership, XPET, a blockchain pet strategy game, will run on the IOST blockchain starting this year’s June.

Kingdoms Beyond

May 31st - Kingdoms Beyond publishes its first tech snapshot. The team says that they’ll publish snapshots more frequently in order to keep their community in the loop.

May 22nd - The Kingdoms Beyond team published Developer update 0.1, in which they discussed the game’s latest changes. The team spoke of the new website, major world updates, and Mochi, Kingdoms Beyond’s pets.


May 24th - MegaCryptoPolis celebrates their first birthday with a unique article. In it, MegaCryptoPolis takes readers down the memory lane and reminds them of the game’s biggest events and milestones.

My Crypto Heroes

May 31st - My Crypto Heroes add William Shakespeare and Takasugi Shinsaku to their hero pool. The sale for these heroes will start on June 4, but only Prime members will be able to purchase William Shakespeare during the first week of the sale.

May 29th - My Crypto Heroes release the 1.4 system update. The main purpose of this patch is to prepare the game for mass adoption, which (MCH team thinks) is coming in 2019 and 2020.

May 29th - My Crypto Heroes update their Prime Campaign. Effectively, MCH Prime members will now enjoy larger daily bonuses and discounts for specific heroes.

May 29th - My Crypto Heroes make an in-depth introduction to the 1.4 Node version. This new node brings major changes to the game, including systemic changes, new items, GUM cost changes, and more.

May 28th - My Crypto Heroes explain the ins and outs of the new “Quad Dragons” Duel Cup. This new Supercup is a combination of 4 different Dragon Duel cups. Only MCH Prime members can join Red and Blue Dragon cups.

May 24th - My Crypto Heroes posted rules and schedules for the Land Battle Season 4. The MCH team also made changes to the Hero rarity cost and reminded their players to not exceed the set values when preparing for Land Battles.

May 23rd - My Crypto Heroes share more information about the “Singularity-Monsoon Yoshka” raid. The event, which will start on May 28, now has one new rule; if the players defeat Monsoon Yoshka, they’ll get 1.5X more rewards.

May 22nd - My Crypto Heroes inform the public on how it may use MCH images. Anyone that uses MCH images, for commercial or non-commercial purposes, is invited to read the guidelines and respect My Crypto Heroes’ copyrights.

May 20th - My Crypto Heroes inform their players about the Gas price hike. The team said that the hike was caused by the ongoing bull run in the cryptocurrency market.


May 27th - NeoWorld releases its most recent weekly activities. In the report, NeoWorld goes through its marketing efforts, product developments, business development, as well as team-related and community-related updates.

May 25th - NeoWorld invites its community to participate in the IOSTLAND auction. The top contributors will receive Alchemy Factory, a crypto asset with which users can produce and earn IOST.

May 22nd - NeoWorld explains its Ecosystem Contribution division. The guide explains the most important elements of the system, including ratings, division rankings, and monthly bonuses.


May 31st - Splinterlands explain how users can redeem their SeedGerminator tokens. Effectively, all users who participated in the SeedGerminator campaign can swap their tokens for beta pack tokens, promo card tokens, and max set tokens.

May 24th - Splinterlands announce that they’ve awarded over $25,000 through their Tournaments. Splinterlands introduced Tournaments just 3 months ago, and the feature has already gained a lot of attention and momentum within the Splinterlands community.

Unlimited Tower

May 20th - The Unlimited Tower team publishes an in-depth gameplay tutorial for their game. This step-by-step tutorial goes from account setup to Gacha, covering all the important elements of Unlimited Tower.

War of Crypto

May 29th - War of Crypto announces its collaboration with PokeFind. Effectively, PokeFind players can now complete the War of Crypto-themed quest and earn Wildwings, War of Crypto heroes.

War Riders

May 28th - War Riders announced a launcher update and multiplayer testing. The team also rolled out new visual effects for the game and gave a sneak peek into their future plans and updates.


May 31st - ZED Run shares valuable information about in-game breeding and coat colors. The article explores various aspects of breeding and aims to help users maximize their coat color outcomes while breeding ZED horses.

May 23rd - The ZED team released a development update. The article walks the Zed community through the game’s recent updates. The team also noted that they’re investing most of their energy into delivering quality UX and improving core game features.



May 24th - EOSBet updated its community about the platform’s recent changes and updates. The team spoke of the marketing funnel update, altcoin acceptance update, and their attempts to bring in more users to the platform.


May 23rd - The FunFair team informed their community about the platform’s latest efforts and achieved milestones. The betting platform also talked about new games, KYC solution, MVP affiliate system, and more.

May 22nd - FunFair introduced a new game to its platform; Electrobet. The game is designed for blockchain gamers and crypto-gamblers, offering them instant payouts, 3D graphics, and several in-game mini modes.


May 23rd - TrueFlip announced that it would soon bring back its famous game, Flip’s Star. This new version of the game should feature a progressive jackpot, fairer algorithms, and faster payouts.