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Industry Pulse

Discover  the news events in the DGaming industry over the past 14 days, and what  prominent figures from some of these projects had to say.

Battle Racers

Luna Javier, Creative Director: "We had a crazy idea to let players play a demo of Battle Racers so they  could try the game before our item pre-sale. Over 100 people signed up  for our Closed Multiplayer Beta, and it was a huge success! Players  raced with each other in real time, hung out with us on Discord, and  created great content about the event. Our community has been incredibly  supportive and now they are even more engaged with the game. It was a big win for everyone"

May 17th - Battle Racers update their community about the game’s current status and development process. The article discusses Closed Multiplayer Beta, item presale, cross-game promotions, and customization.

May 16th - Battle Racers gave a sneak peek into car logos. The team said that each Battle Racers car will have a unique logo aligned with that car’s brand.

May 14th - Battle Racers released the results of their Closed Multiplayer Beta testing. The team happily revealed that the testing was successful and that Battle Racers was positively perceived by the community.

May 13th - Battle Racers postpone item presale by six days in order to ensure optimal functionality and smooth UX. Effectively, the presale is now set for May 21. During its duration, early buyers will be able to purchase limited-edition item crates.

May 7th - Battle Racers release their first developer diary in which they discuss UX. The article discusses the process of making Battle Racers and explains how the devs are bringing the game to life.


May 10th - Blocklords release update 1.1.0. The new update adds new features to the game, including a new map, cooldown timer, NPC flags, and real-time map changes.

May 10th - The Blocklords team releases a guide for an in-game feature, the Bandits. The guide explains the role of Bandits and how users can leverage them in order to earn EXP.

Blockchain Cuties Universe

Tehnfy, Blockchain Cuties Community Manager: "We've been focusing on  player feedback, patching the game and working on future updates. One  that's about to be released is Raids, then interesting new stuff that is  super secret for now. More info on lands to be released. Working  towards a better, stronger game that everyone expects us to build."

May 17th - Blockchain Cuties Universe shared more data about the upcoming raid boss update. The team said that the new bosses will be stronger and more dynamic, but also more rewarding.

May 16th - Blockchain Cuties Universe noted that the Easter event is soon coming to an end. The team also reminded their players to check the contribution pages and claim the rewards.

May 15th - Blockchain Cuties Universe adds a new cutie to their pool of Custom cuties; Yakuza Panda. Aside from frightening looks, Yakuza Panda features a golden attribute that gives it great power and strength.

May 14th - The Blockchain Cuties Universe team introduce their idea of cutie maturity. The system of maturity should arrive with the BCU Lands update and will allow Cutineers to make better use of their unneeded cuties.

May 13th - Blockchain Cuties Universe introduced the fiat-for-CUTE coins payment method. The BCU team also unveiled their Dapper wallet integration, which allows Cutieneers to play the game with Dapper.

May 10th - One of the most popular Cuties on TRON, Kote, sold for 2,000,000 TRX. This also marked the first Land purchase in Blockchain Cuties Universe; Kote was sold together with one of the most lucrative pieces of Land in BCU.

May 9th - New unique cutie added to Blockchain Cuties Universe; King Slayer. This cutie was inspired by a famous Game of Thrones character, and it features powerful initial stats. The BCU team said that only 10 King Slayer cuties will be minted.

May 9th - Blockchain Cuties Universe announces new Fox achievements. The team said that they’d publish more details about these achievements and their prerequisites in the next patch notes.

May 8th - The Blockchain Cuties Universe team unveils a new Raid boss system. The new system will resolve many of the problems Cutieeners had with the bosses.

May 7th - The Blockchain Cuties Universe community came up with a new way to promote the game. Specifically, a player named Aurora designed BCU-themed mugs and T-shirts, allowing users to bring the Cuties’ cuteness into the real world.


May 17th - Crypt-Oink announces that it will celebrate its 1st anniversary in Tokyo, Osaka, and Fukuoka. At the events, Crypt-Oink will interact with its community members and discuss the future of the game.

May 16th - Crypt-Oink releases a new update that introduces changes and new features to the game. The new update brings a new Stat Ceiling system, updated in-game Shop, new items, and updated Wager Center.

May 9th - Crypt-Oink launches Meat Lover’s Cup. All users that have baby cryptons can join the cup and win Japanese style Yakiniku pork sets.


May 16th - CryptoKitties unveil their time-limited collaboration with MegaCryptoPolis (MCP). Effectively, players can now transform their kitties into MCP pets and have them as valuable assets in the upcoming 3D version of MCP.

May 11th - CryptoKitties release a guide that helps users breed a Cheeze Wizard fancy cat. The guide explains what genes and tools the players need to combine in order to breed the Cheeze Wizard cat.

May 11th - The CryptoKitties team invites its community to start using Dapper crypto wallet. The wallet is in many ways more advanced than those currently available on the market, featuring gas-free transactions, token transfer tool, neatly designed UI, and more.

May 9th - CryptoKitties announce Leaderboard tournaments for early Dapper users. All users who participate in these tournaments will have a chance of earning exclusive, special-edition kitties.

Crypto Space Commander

May 11th - The Crypto Space Commander (CSC) team announces that their game is coming to Steam. This move will enable CSC to reach a wider audience and allow for faster deployments and iterations of CSC builds. Also, players will be able to earn Steam achievements from playing CSC on Steam.

Crypto Sword & Magic

Mr. Lee, CEO: "Currently, most of the blockchain games that are popular among users are related to gambling. However, it seems that people limit themselves to only gambling when using blockchain technology to build the games. Thus, I want to change this perspective and create a game that can be widely adopted. By doing this, I believe the blockchain can become mainstream."

May 15th - Crypto Sword & Magic explains how users can access the presale via mobile devices. Players will be able to access the presale through their mobile web browsers and mobile wallets and need to have a registered EOS account in order to complete their transactions.

May 15th - Crypto Sword & Magic publishes a guide that explains how users can participate in the presale with their PCs. For that, users will need to have a registered EOS account paired with the Scatter wallet.

May 13th - Crypto Sword & Magic shares more information about the upcoming presale. The presale will also be followed up by the Crypto Sword & Magic airdrop event, which will reward all registered users with one item chest.


May 8th - The Chainbreakers team reminded the community that the Chaibreakers presale is nearing its end. During the presale, players can purchase limited-edition items at a market price, for which they also receive Honor points and other potential prizes.


May 16th - Decentraland discussed the benefits of its collaboration with the Matic Network. Decentraland also mentioned how Matic’s Proof of Stake (PoS) mechanism is improving Decentraland’s security and paving the way for scaling transactions and better UX.

May 14th - Decentraland unveiled more information about Avatars and Passports. The article, written in FAQ format, informs Decentraland users about the usability and limitations of Avatars and Passports.

May 9th - Decentraland announces that it now supports Dapper, a crypto wallet developed by Dapper Labs. Moreover, users are now able to deploy 2D picture frames of CryptoKitties on their scenes by using the Builder’s latest tool, Picture Frames.

May 6th - Decentraland published the SDK 6.0 Beta migration guide. The guide helps all Decentraland SDK users migrate scenes built with SDK 5.0 to the more advanced, 6.0 SDK beta version.


May 18th - Enjin unveils Minecraft plugin and severs, as well as Enjin’s open-source Java SDK. Developers can now use the Java SDK to create and deploy crypto assets on their platforms using Java programming language.

May 15th - Enjin presents Enjin Spark, their second Early Adopter program. Through this program, Enjin will allow developers to build DGames with Enjin’s technology and help them built communities and products.

May 12th - Enjin releases an update for its crypto wallet. The wallet now comes with a DApp browser and enables users to access and interact with virtually any blockchain-integrated website.


May 19th - Etheremon unveils Tournament 1.0 features. This new feature enables players to seamlessly register for beginner and rookie tournaments and win rewards.

May 13th - Etheremon announces Dapper wallet integration. Effectively, players can now enjoy playing Etheremon with Dapper and complete their transactions with no gas fees.

Ether Kingdoms

Mopsik, CIO, Ether Kingdoms: "Hi! Ether Kingdoms' team was extremely busy during the last two weeks: we were working on the next update, which will bring a new global boss and lots of small fixes and improvements! You can already see a part of this update: the offer for evil but cute Hell's Pug is up! You can also try to get him via the giveaway, just check out our Twitter. Follow the news, the update release is closer than it may seem!"

May 7th - The Ether Kingdoms team talks about their experience at Crypto Games Conference. At the conference, the team showcased their game and spoke about user acquisition and marketing within the DGaming industry.


Yaron K, Product Manager: "ExoPlanets announced a partnership with Thundercore - a super fast EVM based blockchain, and will deploy the ExoPlanets game on it alongside the Ethereum version.
A new planets presale, mining contests and a lot of action will be announced soon so make sure to follow ExoPlanets twitter, telegram or discord!"

May 15th - ExoPlanets announce their partnership with ThunderCore. Through this partnership, the ExoPlanets team will make their game available on the ThunderCore blockchain and leverage its beneficial features to improve UX and gaming experience.

Gods Unchained

May 6th - Gods Unchained unveils Collection Draft, a new game mode available to private beta players. The mode adds an element of randomness to the game and forces the players to make the best of the cards they receive.


May 10th - HyperDragons Go announces MIXMARVEL airdrop event. Players that are eligible for the airdrop will receive free MIX, MIXMARVEL’s native tokenized currency.


Lawrence Lim, Head of Business Development: "Now is an incredible time to be launching Dapps on IOST! Gaming Dapps have proven to be highly popular with our global community and new games are launching every week. IOST developers are enjoying high visibility and strong user growth from our numerous partnerships with Dapp platforms as DappRadar, Dapp.com, DappReview and many more. We also provide a range of incentives and benefits for developers who join the IOST ecosystem. If you are a Dapp developer, join us! We would love to work with you."

May 16th - IOST unveils its partnership with BlockGame. Through this partnership, BlockGame and IOST will deliver two blockchain mobile games to the IOST community; IOST Legend and Expedition II.

May 15th - IOST announces that LiarGame will soon join their blockchain network. The game was inspired by Japanese manga series and explores the nature of human psychology by allowing players to trust, deceive and betray other players.

MLB Champions (MLBC)

May 16th - MLB Champions share more information about their Inheritance system. The article talks about the importance of the Inheritance system and explains its technical role in MLB Champions.

May 9th - MLB Champions introduced MLBC Rose packs. Players that purchased these packs were able to receive limited-edition rose MLBC assets, including figures, and gloves bats.

My Crypto Heroes (MCH)

Kokushi, Business Development: “We have announced the partnership with HTC. Hope these news bring more players into this industry”

May 17th - My Crypto Heroes add Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart, Mary Read, and Akechi Mitsuhide to their hero pool. While all users may purchase Akechi Mitsuhide during the sale, only Prime users can purchase Mozart and Mary Read during the first week of the sale.

May 15th - My Crypto Heroes make changes to Flag battles. Effectively, the schedule for Flag battles will now be randomly determined during the grouping of Knight battles.

May 14th - My Crypto Heroes announce the Double Dragons duel cup. This is a special event held by MCH since it combines Blue Dragon and Baby Dragon cups into one. Also, only MCH prime players can participate in the Blue Dragon cup.

May 8th - My Crypto Heroes update their Prime membership program. The MCH Prime system now provides its members with even more benefits and grants them access to limited edition sales, exclusive heroes and daily rewards.

May 7th - My Crypto Heroes add a new, prime-only and high difficulty node to their game. The new node (Troy) features lucrative awards and is recommended for lvl 60 or above players.


May 14th - The NeoWorld team provides its community with a comprehensive guide to NeoWorld. The guide contains links to various text, image and video guides designed for novice and experienced players, all with a purpose of improving their gameplay.

May 9th - NeoWorld unveils that it’s closing its latest private round of funding after successfully receiving financial support from several major institutions. NeoWorld will use the funds to further develop its infrastructure in order to deliver top gaming experience to its players.

May 8th - NeoWorld officially launched OntLAND. The opening of OntLAND was also followed by a special event, the Candy War, which allowed its participants to earn various resources and materials.


May 10th - Nestables provides its supporters with a detailed overview of its gameplay. The article talks about important gameplay elements, including resource gathering, researching and Cube happiness.


May 14th - OpenSea unveils its partnership with Ethereum Name Service. Effectively, users can now list, sell and purchase NFT-backed ENS names on the OpenSea platform in order to claim ownership of the desired name for their project.

May 9th - OpenSea signs a new partnership deal with Nifty Footballs. Users are now able to list, sell and purchase Nifty Footballers through the OpenSea platform.

Reality Clash

May 11th - Reality Clash releases its developer diary for April 2019. The diary touches on many things Reality Clash experienced in April, including the work on the new Trading Platform, the launch of Reality Clash in new countries, and retokenization of Reality Clash assets to an ERC-721 token standard. The team has also announced that Reality Clash items will soon be available on the OpenSea platform.


May 19th - Sprinterlands introduces Dark Energy Crystals (DEC). DEC will act as Splinterlands’ new in-game currency and will enable the players to convert their unused cards into DEC.

Unlimited Tower

May 15th - Unlimited Tower’s game director, Tom Yeong, spoke at HeyBlockchain 2019 event. At the conference, Yeong spoke about the importance of blockchain gaming and encouraged Korean developers to join the blockchain gaming hype train.

May 14th - To celebrate the launch of Unlimited Tower Early Access on EOS Mainnet, the Unlimited Tower team will reward each registered user with 1,000 UTG and one rare monster. The event will last until May 31 and will award all new users with the said rewards.

May 9th - The Early Access version of Unlimited Tower officially launches on the EOS Mainnet. Effectively, anyone with a registered EOS account and Scatter wallet can now play the game on the EOS blockchain to have fun and earn a profit.


May 18th - ZED run unveils more info about ZED Racing. The article goes into the details of making ZED Racing and discusses the implementation of VR/AR technology, 3D modeling, fairness, and transparency.

May 16th - ZED Run releases its first community update. In this article, the ZED Run community manager explains how ZED Run works, what the benefits are of playing the game, and what new things will soon be made available to all ZED Run players.

May 15th - ZED Run provided the information about a bug discovered in the game’s smart contract. Specifically, the bug that allowed for the duplication of some Zed horses has been removed. The team also said that all duplicate horses will be destroyed.



Paul Borkay, Head of Community: "We have decided to bring a lot of content upon our audience, starting from infographics and developing details at a deeper level, and following with the guides and stuff you would like for sure. Don't forget to ask questions and engage with the team. We are ready to answer and help you!"

May 13th - DAO.Casino announces that it will implement an on-chain random beacon technology to its platform. The technology will be developed by DAO.Casino and MixBytes and should generate random values in order to provide players with fairer and smoother gaming experience.

May 6th - DAO.Casino unveils the source code of its first consensus algorithm, RANDPA. The RANDPA algorithm performs actions at a rapid pace and offers superior scalability compared to the previous consensus algorithms.


May 10th - EOSBet updates its community about the team’s latest efforts to reach more users. The team also informed the public that April was EOSBet’s best month since last December, signaling that their most recent efforts and hard work brought them excellent results.


May 9th - FunFair adds Cyber Hunter 2080 to its portfolio of games. Cyber Hunter 2080 is a sci-fi, dystopian themed slot game that offers users unique game modes, exciting gameplay, and numerous in-game features.