Welcome to the DGaming digest for April 22nd - May 5th.

In this edition, you will find data from EOS and Ethereum blockchains, as well as news from around the industry over the past few weeks.

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DGaming Industry Numbers

Below you will find data we have compiled for both Ethereum and EOS DGaming DApps for April 22nd - May 5th.

Ethereum DApps

ETH Volume USD, Volume ETH, Active Users, Average Volume Per User & Average Volume Per Transaction - April 22nd - May 5th.

Text Example

The below ETH - USD Exchange rates are calculated using the monthly closing value issued by Bitfinex.

Volume, USD Volume, ETH Unique Wallets AVPU AVPT
Gaming $303 418 1 856 ETH 9 771 $31 $5.55
Gambling $35 996 226 220 228 ETH 11 157 $3 226 $401.20
ETH Games, Apr 22 - May 5, 2019
ETH Gambling, Apr 22 - May 5, 2019


EOS Volume USD, Volume ETH, Active Users, Average Volume Per User & Average Volume Per Transaction - April 22nd - May 5th.

Volume, USD Volume, EOS Unique Wallets AVPU AVPT
Gaming $39 228 8 006 EOS 47 056 $4.25 $0.83
Gambling $99 544 371 20 315 178 EOS 4 430 069 $308.88 $22.47
EOS Games, Apr 22 - May 5, 2019
EOS Gambling, Apr 22 - May 5, 2019

Industry Pulse

Discover  the news events in the DGaming industry over the past 14 days, and what  prominent figures from some of these projects had to say.

Animoca Brands

April 29th - Animoca Brands invests in Experimental, the gaming studio behind CryptoWars. The two will collaborate on many projects and promote each others’ platforms and technologies. Animoca Brands will also act as Experimental’s advisor for Asian markets.

Battle Racers

May 3rd - Battle Racers partner with Axie Infinity. Through this partnership, Battle Racers will mint limited edition Axie Infinity cars. Users will be able to obtain these vehicles by purchasing Battle Racers Axie Infinity crates during the Battle Racers presale.

April 30th - Battle Racers invite players to join their closed multiplayer beta. The closed beta will last for a limited time only, during which the players are able to experience the game in a multiplayer environment and race versus other players.

April 26th - Battle Racers update their community about the changes made to the presale crates. The tweaked low-tier crates now have fewer car parts, and all crates have less chance of dropping legendary parts. Also, the Battle Racers presale will start a few hours earlier at the benefit of EU users.

April 22nd - Battle Racers share more data about the current development status of the game. The article discusses UI improvements, presale details, and announces the closed beta phase.

Blockchain Cuties Universe

Vladimir Tomko, CEO: "The past two weeks have passed by the significant name of CUTE. This is an extremely important step forward towards a new era of DGaming in general. Let me explain, at the end of April 2019 our own gaming token, CUTE, was officially unveiled on HitBTC, a leading European exchange. DGame-related tokens are quite a new phenomenon to the exchange field, but major exchanges have already begun making room for them due to their value as an entertaining product. CUTE token is backed by the game Blockchain Cuites Universe, which makes it a really strong competitor among other tokens, not from the DGaming industry.
Observing the rule of cuteness, I want to share with you some exciting news about Darta-Nyan. It’s the first digital pet that was sold in support of an education online platform, TeenGuru, where kids and teens can start their own IT or blockchain-related projects. Blockchain Cuties Universe together with Auctionity organized a live auction where exactly 61 bids were made. As a result, an absolutely unique Cutie with a French name was sold for 8.1 ETH (€1,105.73). All the funds raised will go towards making a positive impact on the education of the next generation.
We, Blockchain Cuties Universe, also participated in Crypto Games Conference in Minsk, Belarus. So let's talk numbers and dive deeper in the section below:"

May 3rd - A new rare attribute, the Mainecoon, is discovered in Blockchain Cuties Universe. The attribute is inspired by the Maine Coon cat breed and is very powerful and difficult to breed in BCU.

May 1st - The Blockchain Cuties Universe team discussed the current state of the game’s native currency, CUTE coins. The team announced great plans for the coins and said that CUTE coins will play an important role once the LAND update launches.

April 30th - Baba Yaga (John Wick) is a new custom cutie added to the game. Baba Yaga is a representative of the Bear race and is the first cutie to carry a firearm.

April 29th - Blockchain Cuties Universe releases a new and updated roadmap. The roadmap contains more data about the upcoming features, including the mercenary system, new raid system, news system, and Gen 0 boosting.

April 27th - Blockchain Cuties Universe announces that players can now trade CUTE coins on the HitBTC exchange. On HitBTC, players can swap CUTE for BTC, EOS, ETH, and USDT.

April 26th - Blockchain Cuties Universe shares the good news about their collaboration with Auctionity. Through their collaboration, BCU managed to collect €1,105.73 by selling their limited edition Darta-Nyan cutie on Auctionity. BCU will donate the money to TeenGuru, a school in Belarus.

April 25th - imToken featured Blockchain Cuties Universe on their wallet. The BCU team was delighted to share the news with their community and encouraged them to use imToken if they are in need of a secure and feature-rich crypto wallet.

April 24th - Blockchain Cuties Universe releases an update for their chests and loot boxes. Thanks to this update, users now have greater chances of dropping rarer items.

April 23rd - Blockchain Cuties Universe announces that users will soon be able to trade CUTE coins on HitBTC. This partnership will enable Cutieneers to put their CUTE coins to better use, and will also allow them to make a profit from trading CUTEs on the exchange.


April 24th - Blocklords officially launch on TRON mainnet. Players are now able to create heroes, fight for strongholds, collect Gen 0 items and earn TRX from Blocklords coffer payouts.

Coins & Steel

May 4th - Coins & Steel initiate their exclusive cosmetic items campaign. During the duration of the campaign, each player can collect one copy of each type of skin. Players will also be able to trade these valuable assets on the Ethereum network once the game hits full release.


April 23rd - CryptantCrab unveils its new battle system. The new system allows players to participate in the Arena battles and consistently win valuable rewards.


May 1st - The CryptoFights team explained how Bitcoin SV is enhancing their game. The team also discussed the disruptive potential behind Bitcoin SV, and how it could forever change gaming and eSports.


John, Crypt-Oink: "We had our first ever (and maybe the world’s first) “Meat Up” during GoldenWeek here in Japan. Fans of Crypt-Oink met up and got a chance to try.. well “Crypton” meat. It was pretty good actually 😋"

May 1st - The Crypt-Oink team revealed the results of the Crypt-Oink ETH Cup. The winner of the cup was the player named DEVIL HORNS, who won the race with his diamond Crypton named DIAMON.

April 30th - The Crypt-Oink team releases a new update for the game. The new update brings personal present boxes, new items, owner levels, and also marks the beginning of the Wager Center opening campaign.

April 25th - The Crypt-Oink team adds a betting system to their crypto collectible racing game. Now, players are not only able to collect and race cryptons, but also have the option to bet on races with Wager Coins in order to have fun and make a profit.


May 1st - The CryptoKitties team provides its users with a guide that helps them breed RoboKitty purrstige traits. The RoboKitty traits are special since they are interoperable and unlock new awesome features on other DApps.

April 29th - The CryptoKitties team explains how users can breed the Krakitten Fancy cat. The article talks about what genes, tools and methods players must use should they breed this new Fancy cat.


April 25th - The CryptoMotors team talked about their experience on this year's Crypto Games conference in Minsk. At the conference, the team demonstrated their web 2.0 beta platform, as well as the full VR visualized experience of CryptoMotors’ latest car models.


April 25th - CryptoPioneers celebrated this year’s Easter by holding a special edition raffle. The raffle was closed on April 26, after which the unknown winner received a valuable Gateway Island.

Crypto Sword & Magic

May 3rd - Crypto Sword & Magic provides its players with more data about the game’s items. The article discusses item types, item rarity, item leveling, and also announces the Crypto Sword & Magic item presale.

April 29th - Crypto Sword & Magic introduced to the DGaming community. Crypto Sword & Magic is a blockchain version of the famous Sword & Magic game. The game will run on the EOS blockchain and seeks to deliver the benefits of the blockchain technology to the fans of this RPG battler.


April 26th - Chainbreakers talk more about their special, limited-edition NFTs; the Chainbreakers Baby Pets. These pets are obtainable via the Chainbreakers presale only, and will later be tradable on an open market.

April 23rd - Chainbreakers provide users with a detailed overview of their game. The article discusses the game’s current and future plans, RPG gameplay, VR experience, NFTs, and so on.


May 1st - Decentraland reminds users to prepare for the upcoming Battle Racers presale. Battle Racers will run on Decentraland’s platform and will deliver multiplayer, VR immersive gaming experience to its players.

April 29th - Decentraland releases SDK 6.0 Beta. The new version of Decentraland’s free-to-use SDK provides users with enhanced tools and features, which should help them create, develop and deploy advanced Decentraland scenes.

April 24th - Decentraland adds the Download/Upload tool to its Builder. With this new tool, users are able to seamlessly download and upload Decentraland scenes and thus easily share them with other members of the community.

April 23rd - Decentraland presented Decentraland avatars to the public. Decentraland avatars will allow users to create a digital representation of themselves and experience Decentraland’s content in an entirely new way.

Experimental (CryptoWars)

April 29th - Experimental raised $500,000 in their latest round of funding. The team said they’d use the funds to expand their existing team and develop better infrastructure for their current game, CryptoWars.


May 2nd - Enjin release an update for the Enjin wallet. The newest edition of the Enjin wallet allows users to add, monitor and manage an infinite number of Binance Chain addresses. Also, the Enjin wallet users will soon be able to trade on Binance’s decentralized exchange, all without leaving the safe environment of the Enjin wallet.

April 22nd - Enjin release their latest quarterly report. The report touches on many important milestones that occurred in Q1 2019, including Enjin’s Platform latest developments, Enjin’s blockchain SDK for Unity, the wallet’s swap feature, and Enjin’s Beam reveal codes.

Ether Kingdoms

Mopsik, CIO: "Hi! We were quite busy last two weeks: Ether Kingdoms participated in Crypto Games Conference in Minsk! We had a great time, met lots of people, including our colleagues from DGaming!
Besides, new Ether Kingdoms update was rolled out introducing new content and balance fixes. The work is going on, keep up with the news!"

April 24th - Ether Kingdoms release a new game update. The update brings a new Far Realms map, balance changes, and several other minor tweaks and improvements.


May 3rd - IOST reveal their collaboration with HorseSaga, a crypto horse racing & breeding game. HorseSaga should launch on the IOST mainnet in mid-May.

May 2nd - IOST partner with FishChain, one of the world’s biggest crypto asset exchange and gaming platforms. Users will soon be able to play FishChain’s built-in games through the IOST platform and earn IOST tokens from playing and trading.

April 29th - IOST unveil their partnership with NeoWorld. Through this collaboration, IOST will be able to deliver IOST Land to its users and create a more advanced decentralized ecosystem for users and DApp developers.

April 28th - IOST partner with OnBlock to provide their users and gamers with a simpler way of experiencing the IOST ecosystem. Through OnBlock’s homepage, users will be able to engage with IOST DApps by using their phone numbers only.

April 26th - IOST unveil their partnership with BetHash, a multi-blockchain gaming platform. To celebrate this partnership, BetHash will be giving away 1 million IOST to the IOST community members.

Kingdoms Beyond

May 2nd - The Kingdoms Beyond team shares more information about Kingdoms Beyond heroes. The article talks about hero classes, sub-classes, abilities, appearances, equipment, rarity, and battles.


May 1st - MegaCryptoPolis release their latest development report. The report discusses in-games drive mode, camera functionalities, advertising, and diverse building options.

April 23rd - The MegaCryptoPolis team explained some features that will arrive with the upcoming 3D Microeconomy layer. The team mentioned and explained the following features: drive mode, public transportation, avatars, advertisement, building types, and new chains.

MLB Champions

May 4th - MLB Champions announce Energy packs as their latest feature for the game. Players will be able to purchase the packs starting May 4, 11 AM PST, and from them receive special, limited edition MLB Champions assets.

April 27th - MLB Champions publish an in-depth guide for the MLB Champions 2019 gameplay. In the new season, MLB Champions players will experience many new things, including the new season reward system, new cards, bull & pen feature, Player Rarity Index (PRI), and post-game rewards.

My Crypto Heroes

Kokushi, Business Development: "I was in Belarus on 25th and 26th to attend Crypto Gamers Conference. That was excited to meet up with crypto game guys."

May 2nd - My Crypto Heroes add Claude Monet and Kintaro to their hero pool. While all users may purchase Kintaro, only MCH Prime users are able to purchase Claude Monet. Also, Claude Monet will be purchasable for 1 week only.

May 1st - My Crypto Heroes officially launch their Quad Dragons duel cup tournaments. The published article also discusses tournaments’ rules and rewards for the best performers.

May 30th - The My Crypto Heroes team made minor system changes and provided their thoughts on the recent raid events. Specifically, the team touched on the excessive asset lending related to one of the game’s raids and promised to tweak their system in order to prevent similar things in the future.

May 26th - My Crypto Heroes announce the “Singularity - Heisei Yoshka” raid event. During the event, all participants will join forces in order to beat Hesei Yoshka and drop items for each attack they made.

May 23rd - My Crypto Heroes provide more information about the DragonEgg Duel Cup event. The article discusses the cup’s rules, hero and extension usage, and also explains the prize pool distribution.


April 25th - The Nestables developers talk more about their collaboration with Enjin and how it will affect the future of their game. Through this partnership, Tribal Gaming will make Nestables free to play, with all of their assets being backed by Enjin Coins.


May 5th - The NextColony team unveiled that they’ve raised 100,000 STEEM in only 2 weeks. The team also said that the game’s prize pool is now worth 30,000 STEEM, which players can win by completing specific in-game tasks.

May 3rd - NextColony reveals 10 facts about the game’s Battle mode. The article provides fun and interesting facts about the highly-anticipated Battle mode, which should be released on June 8th.

April 22nd - The NextColony team shares the good news about the game’s recent launch. The team said that they’ve had more than a successful launch: the shop was sold out, roughly 600 players joined the game, and the players made roughly 29,000 transactions on the Steem blockchain.


April 23rd - OpenSea unveils their collaboration with MegaCryptoPolis. Thanks to this collaboration, MegaCryptoPolis players are able to trade their assets individually or in bundles on the OpenSea platform. Most importantly, they can do so without paying gas fees.

Splinterlands (Steem Monsters)

May 1st - Splinterlands hold their second Game Jam worth $1100. The Splinterlands team is encouraging developers to create Splinterlands-themed mini-games and potentially win a share of the generous prize pool.

April 28th - The Splinterlands team reminds their players that the SEEDGerminator Crowdfund campaign is soon coming to an end. Users are encouraged to join the campaign by purchasing Splinterlands Beta booster packs with TRX or SEED tokens.

Unlimited Tower

April 23rd - Unlimited Tower releases the 0.2.3 version of the game. The latest update includes many bugfixes and also marks the beginning of the public AlphaTest phase. During this phase, the selected players are able to join the testing phase and help the devs further improve their game.

War Riders

April 30th - War Riders reveal data about the upcoming War Riders features. The article also discusses the Wanderer competition results and reminds the users that the premium vehicle presale will end once the items are made purchasable with BZN (War Riders in-game currency).


Andrew Colosimo, Founder: "Taurion, a fully decentralised game world that runs unstoppable and autonomous on the Xaya blockchain is progressing rapidily.
Developed completely in house by the company Autonomous Worlds Ltd whom are behind the Xaya project."

April 23rd - XAYA talks about Taurion’s maps, landscapes, and resources. The article also mentions that some areas of Taurion’s environment will not be walkable and that the players will have to carefully navigate through the game’s vast environment in order to gather resources and survive.



April 30th - DAO.Casino partners with MixBytes to develop its own, native blockchain. The MixBytes team will assist DAO.Casino in developing their blockchain and help them solve a lot of problems that are currently present in the decentralized gambling industry.

April 26th - DAO.Casino releases development updates for April 2019. The report talks about the casino performance improvements, wallet integration, and stress-testing.

Endless Game

April 25th - The Endless Game team explains what benefits will their players have from IOST’s partnership with OnBlock. Through OnBlock, Endless Game players will be able to seamlessly access the Endless Game platform and play the games without extra transaction fees.


April 30th - FunFair delivers KYC version 2.0 to its users. With KYC V2, users are now able to easily and securely access the FunFair powered casino. The KYC V2 is enhanced with Trulioo, an identity verification service that makes FunFair’s KYC onboarding process simpler and smoother.

April 25th - FunFair launches a new scratchcard title to their platform; Fate of Thrones. Fate of Thrones is now available on CasinoFair and features diverse game modes that users can play to have fun and earn a profit.


April 22nd - The TruePlay team announced that the TruePlay blockchain platform is fully integrated into FairPlay.io. This integration should benefit both parties and their respective communities, and bring more profit to both the developers and the players behind these two DGaming projects.