Welcome to the DGaming industry news digest. We have compiled news from around the industry between November 20th - December 4th.

Industry figures are absent this time as we’re redesigning our format. We will provide improved data in the next edition due on December 18th.

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Industry Pulse

In this section, you’ll find a list of news events in the DGaming industry over the past 14 days.

Gaming Industry

Blockchain Cuties

November 28th - Blockchain Cuties announce that they are integrating with TRON. This means they will now run on three blockchains.

November 29th - Blockchain Cuties release their 1.53 Patch Notes. These changes relate particularly to their support for the EOS blockchain.

November 30th - Blockchain Cuties announce a collaboration with Sirin Labs. Buyers of the new Finney phone will be gifted with two special cuties.


November 21st - Chainbreakers unveil details of their PVP mode. They have been working on ways to create a great PVP experience that focuses on the social aspects of Decentraland.


November 30th - The CryptoWars team unveil their first tournament. The tournament is to celebrate their release and has cash prizes totaling $2,500.


November 29th - Cubego unveil their Cubegon building tool. This new building feature is available in their open beta.

November 24th - The Cubego team announce the opening of their presale. The presale will run until December 31st. Players can acquire rare Cubegoes from the official store.


December 3rd - Decentraland announce a partnership with Binance. This will make BNB one of the few additional tokens accepted in the upcoming LAND auction. Users will also be able to participate in the auction using Binance’s Trust Wallet DApp browser.

December 4th - Decentraland announce a partnership with MakerDAO. This partnership means that both MKR and DAI are supported in the upcoming land auction.


November 21st - Enjin announce ‘Enjin Beam’. They claim that Enjin Beam is the fastest way to receive cryptocurrencies and blockchain items. It is the world’s first QR Airdrop System.


December 1st - The Everdragons team announce TRON expansion. They believe this will improve transaction speed as well as allow devs to create complex smart contracts.

Gods Unchained

November 26th - The Gods Unchained closed beta is launched. Invites have been sent out to a small group of community members who will stress test the game and provide feedback.

Lordmancer II

December 5th - Lordmancer II announce they’re ceasing game development. Reasons given include a drop in the crypto market and difficulties with publishers refraining from launching a game that uses cryptocurrency.


November 24th - RiotCats Beta is now live. The beta takes place on the Kovan testing network, and players can test the essential features of the game.

Titan Flight Studios

December 3rd - Titan Flight announce the launch of ReBounce. ReBounce is a casual arcade-style game that will be one of the first blockchain-powered games in the Apple Appstore.


November 29th - TRON announce $100 million game fund. Over the next 3 years, the project will seek to build the foundation for a robust blockchain game ecosystem.

War of Crypto

November 22nd - War of Crypto detail their stretch goals. New targets have been set, and rewards will be given to those that help them achieve their targets.

November 30th - War of Crypto announce release of a new early access hero. The hero, Nix, will be available in their early access sale.

Gambling Industry


November 26th - BetDice announce DBET partnership. Both parties believe EOS will achieve good long term development. DBET tokens will be added to the BetDice platform, and DICE tokens added to the DBET platform.

November 28th - BetDice give three major updates. The first is the release of their new game; SicBo.  The second that they will be listed on BitForex. Lastly, they have postponed the launch of BlackJack in order to optimize the user experience.


November 22nd - DAO.Casino announce the results of major new research. They believe this will create the next generation of gambling - they have termed it ‘gambling 3.0.’

December 3rd - Inside the DAO.Casino ecosystem article. This article discusses the benefits of a licensed pseudo-random number generator.

December 4th - DAO.Casino dev update. The update discusses the changes to their platform, SDK and lottery.


December 4th - Edgeless announce that staking is now live. Their announcement includes a roadmap and an explanation of how staking works.


November 23rd - Endless announce the launch of Endless Crash. Endless Crash is a multiplayer betting game with an in-built chat feature.

November 26th - Endless announce updates to Endless Crash. These improvements include the addition of bet history and game system improvements.

December 3rd - Endless provide weekly update. The update includes changes to Endless Crash and Endless Dice. It also details future plans for a new game titled World War Endless.


November 28th - Trueplay announce Best ICO 2018 award. They won this award at the Malta Gaming Awards, and fought off competition from GanaEight and BX.