The Chainbreakers presale is ending in 10 days. During that 10 day period, Chainbreakers will, in collaboration with Matic Network, be hosting a 10-day giveaway event to celebrate the end of the presale. The event will last from May 21 to May 30, during which you'll be able to claim Chainbreakers items.

What Can You Get?

The event will be carried out in cycles, with each day having its own cycle. So for instance, if you purchase an item on May 24, you'll participate in a giveaway on that specific date. When the day ends, the cycle ends with it, and the new cycle begins on the following day.

The greater the support, the bigger the reward!

The image above demonstrates how rewards are distributed based on purchase value. If you are the one to show the biggest support on a specific day, you'll receive the best reward, which is, in this case, Epic Armor. If you and someone else spend the exact amount of MANA during that day, the person who made the purchase faster will also claim a higher position.

How To Claim Your Reward?

Anyone that ends in the top 10 positions will be able to claim a reward. You also need to connect your Chainbreakers account with Discord in order to receive a reward. Here's how you can do that:

  1. Sign in to your Chainbreakers account and go to Settings
  2. At the Discord Connection section, you'll see an option to connect your Chainbreakers account with Discord
  3. To do so, send a private message with the displayed characters to Chainbreakers' bot

In the Discord channel, you can type “!marathonList” to see your current standings. This command will get activated on May 21, at 12 PM GMT.

Matic's $1,000 Giveaway

To show their support to this project, Matic will give away Matic tokens to 20 random participants (each participant will receive $50 worth of Matic tokens).

Matic is supporting this event with $1,000 worth of Matic tokens

You don't have to do anything special to join this giveaway because the system will automatically enroll all registered users who purchased an item during this event.

The End of the Presale

The official Chainbreakers presale ends on May 31. So, you still have 10 days to participate in the presale and secure for yourself limited-edition Chainbreakers assets at a market price. Once the presale ends you'll no longer be able to purchase these items through the Chainbreakers marketplace.

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